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1 Halo

Am I glad to see this on top of the list. Halo takes the crown. It's so unique and diverse, and the storytelling is amazing and exhilarating. Combat Evolved was the one which allowed me to explore the beauty of Halo, 3 was the one who allowed me to finish the fight in the most thrilling way ever with those amazing voice acting and quotes said by the arbiter or Johnson, even the marines! 4 took another step. With the opening of the reclaimer saga, it introduced a new cast of characters, the infinity and the most amazing villain the Didact. But as unique halo is, 4 was THE unique halo. It is actually a love story, unfolding the companionship of Cortana and chief and transforming it into a lifelong friendship. Cortana, the machine, the teaches the chief to be not like a machine, that was a blast. This game set my heart apart especially the parts where Cortana screams and chief protects her. And also who could forget the end Cortana chief cutscenes. These were the best games in the ...more

Call of Duty has one of the best campaigns beating a lot of games in terms of story, such as Battlefield and the lot. BUT HALO is even better in terms of every story telling technique and plot. It's like comparing a grenade (Call of Duty) to a thermonuclear bomb (HALO) in terms of explosions. Its an insult to even compare Call of Duty to the likes of HALO as it is an insult to a thermonuclear bomb to compare it to a grenade.

A compact story with amazing gameplay (referring to Pre-Guardians) and exhilarating music during epic battles and sometimes awe striking moments makes for a spectacular iconic series. It is also one of the older large fps series releasing back in 2001. Older than both Battlefield and Call of Duty.

RIP Halo 2001 to 2014. Halo 5 sucked in my opinion. Halo: MCC is not a dead gae. I can find pretty decent matches fairly quickly. As far as the bugs and crashes go, I haven't really seen much. However, once in awhile a game will crash. Anyway, I personally enjoyed Halo 4. had a terrific story, and the multiplayer was fun in my opinion, even though it lacked skill like Halo 3, it was still enjoyable and fun. Halo 5 was just the absolute worst game to ever be released. The story was F- Multiplayer was a solid C. Multiplayer was was OK, but I personally couldn't get into it that much. Menu layouts and armory = F-. So confusing and unorganized. Also out of like 150 armory pieces, only 10 look cool to wear. No split screen. Gameplay = C. Weapon design = C. Halo 5 was pretty much a below average/poor Halo game.

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2 Call of Duty

Call of Duty should beat Battlefield easily, because Battlefield is only for quality and multiplayer, but Call of Duty also great in those aspects, and the single player campaigns make this game completely ruins Battlefield, as the sp campaign of Battlefield is really bad (not for Bad Company 2)

"Call of Duty is a great game franchise, and I hope it stays at the top of its game."

Who put this here? - noo7na7

People who legitimately love the franchise. Yeah, they're still out there, and chances are, they're not going to stop liking the games that come out year after year. So let people like what they like and GET OVER IT.

Call of Duty is 100000000x better than halo, Halo is crap

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3 Battlefield

I just started playing Battlefield and I already enjoy it because it is actually different from most fps games with controllable vehicles and it requires actual skill, but you don't have to tryhard to have fun on the game."

Call of Duty prides itself on infantry warfare yet battlefield does infantry better (more skilled, more recoil more headshot multipler, there is even a negative multiplier for stomach and below) with so much more versatility. CSGO gets boring yet in battlefield there is always a new thing to try and master.

Battlefield=best gaming franchise in the world

Pretty good series! - MaxAttack333

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4 Half-Life

Why wasn't this here? - noo7na7

This isn't an FPS. It's an experience. - Dominicmgm

Give me HALF-LIFE 3 Valve!

5 Counter Strike

Hard to learn, absolutely impossible to master. This game requires so much skill to play, and there also is an extremely competitive rank system.

6 Far Cry

Weird stories though. - EliHbk

Man, Far Cry is simply the best! There's no match for it. I have completed all Far Cry games and have been waiting for more...😎😎😎

7 Medal of Honor
8 Borderlands
9 Crysis

Best Shooting Game And Has The BEST graphics.

10 BioShock

Best shooter ever. Nice Weapon handling and best story. There is no shooter that has a story only half as good as BioShock

You know its on here the first was good the second was meh and infinite was awesome.

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11 Killzone

Killzone has the potential to be the best with good graphics since killzone 2 was released it was ahead of its time in both single player and multiplayer and continued it formula with 3 and 4... Too bad its one of the most underrated fps

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12 Team Fortress

My boy mikey loves this game

13 Left 4 Dead
14 Resistance
15 TimeSplitters

Great games especially the second in the series. - htoutlaws2012

16 Unreal

Still one of the mot breathtaking Gaming experiences for me.
You need to play this If you haven't. Yes it's 2015 but so what. Make your self a favour. You know nothing If you don't.

17 Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein 3D broke the entire ground that FPS stands on... And it wasn't just a ground-breaker in that mind-set. It featured bosses that were extremely evil and sadistic, from the maniacal and diabolical Doctor Schabbs, who experimented on humans and created deadly mutated fighting machines out of them... To the menacingly demonic Hitler, who wore a battle suit and fought with brutal precision with dual chainguns and rapid fire. The game was not just a breakthrough for FPS games, a definitive game for bosses, a controversial title for the Nazi enemies, and adding a tremendous amount of levels and secrets, it was also the most powerful title that fed into the mainstream for decades to follow. Wolfenstein 3D is the legend of all FPS games, hands down.

18 Fallout
19 Metroid Prime

OK, so Metroid doesn't have as much popularity as other Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon, but it still holds up incredibly well.

20 Combat Arms

Extremely fun!

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