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1 Bubbles

I am getting a new fish and bubbles was the name I wanted to call it

Bubbles is a cute name for a fish. - funnyuser

I had a fish named bubbles because he lisend when I said blow bubble

2 Nemo
3 Gil
4 Fin
5 Willy
6 Flipper

I like flipper I named my fish that could he flipped his fins a lot

7 Speedy

I had Like 30 fish named speedy! - squire

My fish is so fast its

8 Jaws

I think that jaws would be the perfect name for a fish that got caught in the filter and still survived

9 Squirt
10 Dory

This is the best fish name ever so yeah!

The Contenders

11 Caitlin

I have a fish called this, its loves to play with her bubble

This is a sexy fish

12 Cliff
13 Frederick Jones
14 Sparky
15 Mr. Limpet
16 Ace Balverzard
17 Bluey
18 Coconut V 1 Comment
19 Sebastian Mendez
20 Garfield
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