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1 American Style Cream and Onion

I love eating AMERICAN LAYS... Its awesome!
I don't like to share it with anyone... I always buy American lays... I love this flavor a lot... Can't live without American lays...

Whenever I travell it's my first and last preference its satisfy my hunger and also gives a yummy taste

The best flavour... I just can't share my pack of lays American style cream n onion with anyone even with my own bro... love it... its yummy and my brand of wafers... love onion and cream association innit...

Its addicting to me

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2 Magic Masala

Awesome flavour! Very spicy. Try it today. Having it in snacks tastes more good. It's my favourite flavour.

It's very spicy. This flavour is really very authentic and rather "chatpata". I am an Indian and the flavour addicted to this magic masala flavour is exactly the same how the Indians cook. I would suggest every one to at least taste one bite nor he/she will surely be missing this flavour

Its awesome and tastes better than others it's better than American style cream and onion anyway and always

Speechless!, just so yummy. Thinking about it makes my mouth full of water

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3 Caribbean Hot and Sweet Chilli

BECAUSE IT IS VERY GOOD FLAVOR. Enjoy the sugar 'n'spice of life as it happens in LAYS Caribbean hot&sweet chili be a little dilogical.

It's the best flava actually but unfortunately isn't available.. I have no idea why the company discontinued it.. Its all my friend's favourite too..

It's d most awesomest flavor d sweet and spicy taste always works for me... Surely number 1 can eat just one but it isn't available in d bigger packet variant :(

It's fantastic mouthwatering how is the American style cream and onion in the top "what the hell"

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4 Tomato Tango

The Blast of flavors in one's mouth. Just can't stop with 1.

It deserves to be number 1 as it is sooo tangy and juicy and it just melts in your mouth! MH... !

The way it pulls the mouth jaws when you just put it on your tounge... Tanggy! MH!

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5 Classic Salted

The undistracted flavour of a good potato chip with the right amount of salt and almost no greasiness. I can hog on it as a midnight snack, as soon as I get up and basically just anytime of the day.

Take a pause and enjoy the simple pleasures of life with the classically irresistible taste of the lays classic salted.

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6 Mexican Cream

I'm loving has a great taste

7 Mastana Mango
8 India Lime and Masala

LOVE to have india lime and masala.
just so spicy and crispy..
ays rock...
becoz you can't what just one...
lagi bet..?

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9 West Indies' Hot 'n' Sweet Chilli V 2 Comments
10 Chat Chaska V 1 Comment

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11 French Salt & Cracked Pepper

Good for anytime with a nice crunch

12 Chile Limón

Man has anybody tasted this or not it's the best

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13 Maxx Macho Chilli
14 Maxx Sizzling Barbeque
15 South Indian Spicy
16 Piri Piri
17 Salt and Vinegar V 1 Comment
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