Best Fleet Foxes Songs


The Top Ten

1 White Winter Hymnal
2 Mykonos

Sometimes you need that song

3 Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
4 Blue Ridge Mountains
5 Battery Kinzie
6 He Doesn't Know Why
7 Helplessness Blues

If there's ever a statement song for today's age this is it.. perfection

8 Montezuma
9 Your Protector
10 English House

The Contenders

11 Sun Giant
12 Heard Them Stirring
13 Ragged Wood

Am I tripping here or something? How is this song not on the list, nevermind number 1?
This is one of my favourite songs ever. Its beautiful. I love the way the tune completely changed towards the end. Perfect.

14 Drops In the River
15 Grown Ocean
16 Blue Spotted Tail
17 Lorelai
18 Kept Woman
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