Best Flo Rida Songs

The Top Ten Best Flo Rida Songs

1 Club Can't Handle Me

The rating for this song is all wrong...
No. 3 = Incorrect
No. 1 = Correct

Best song by FloRida..

This song just makes you wanna dance! (:

This song is awesome... When I listen to it my body just starts dancing... It should be on the 1st rank
It is better than right round...

It rocks! 1 of my favourite songs, this is! Even right round is good though.. Low deserves to be second.

2 Right Round

Right round is truly the best song in the world. I memorized the entire rap. IT nevet gets old.

This has amazing sound and music, love it! make you move all around

it's the best song ever heard. completly amazing. this should be at number 1 on any cost


3 Low

I think this song is very delicious to listen! I always play this song every day! Love ya, Flo Rida! You're the best of the best rapper for me

Just Awesome!
Low low low low!
Flo Rida ROCKS!
"Shawty had them apple bottom jeans (jeans), boots with the fur (the fur) and the whole club was looking' at her, she hit the floor she hit the floor, next thing you know Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low"

This song is awesome "Shawty had them apple bottom jeans (jeans), boots with the fur (the fur) and the whole club was looking' at her, she hit the floor she hit the floor, next thing you know Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low" lyrics from Low it ROCKS

This song was featured in Tropic Thunder, need I say no further explanation. - LesGrossman

4 Good Feeling

If your head not banging, better check your pulse. The upbeat really great

This song is actually really REALLY GOOD! The woman singing in this song is pretty annoying but Flo Rida's upbeat singing the beat really are the main events of this song. Also who doesn't love the Dubstep bit around the middle of the song. - decorulez97

Your on a top ten flo rida songs list and you refer to him as the black guy as if you don't know who he is - Thicc_Neeson

Nice song by flo-rida! The beat is awesome! Just hear it once Florida is awesome! This song is actually really REALLY GOOD!

The featuring singer in this song, most of you probably will be surprized to know the name of the artist and must have listened a few songs of her. The artist name is Sia Furler. I don't know why her name is not written as a guest artist in Flo Rida's single - good feeling and her name is not shown in wikipedia too for this song which surprises me a lot cause wikipedia always gives the correct information. And this makes me angry why they have(Flo Rida and wikipedia) hidden this information from the public. Sad story for those who loves music.

5 Wild Ones

Amazing song started to listen to florida after listening 2 this song sia also awesome

Mind refrshing song.. :) when I hear it, it just makes me feel better and I just wanna dance on this track.

This song is one of the best song of florida. It is very clear that flo-rida is king of rap. The featuring of Sia in this song makes this song catchy. Plus this song is also official song of wrestlemania 28 which makes it more popular. - dashingshubham

Great rap lyrics with greatest rhyme schemes

6 Whistle

Superb song!
this song is really superb!
must listen 2 dis song...!
it's amazing... I can't stop myself from listening to it!
... Wow...

Come on we all know that Club Can't Handle me is the best but this one is Easily one of the best Songs of 2012 till Date... He is rising to be the next mega rapper of the 21st century

Superb and best song of Florida... Best best best

Must listen 2 dis song...!
It's amazing... I can't stop myself from listening to it!

Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
Let me know
Girl I'm gonna show you how to do it
And we start real slow
You just put your lips together
And you come real close
Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
Here we go

I love this song-whistle and I listen everyday this song. I can't stop myself from listening to it. This song is amazing. Florida boss you r such a good singer.

7 I Cry

MAn...! What an awesome song... This song makes me crazy. Flo Rida is stunning...!

Best Flo Rida song ever. I don't even like this guy that much and I adore this song! It's so great! I just get excited every single time it comes on the radio! In my opinion, the best there is.

Cool song he's fast at rapping and the song makes you go crazy for flo rida

This song is Flo Rida's best in lyrical content, and he has amazing flow on the track.

8 My House

Uninvited guests are not welcome.

I love this song! I also like the song GDFR.

I think this is one of his only truly good songs, but that's entirely subjective. One man's trash...

Wow. A Flo Rida song that is about partying that has a good melody and production that isn't soiled by awful lyrics (well there was Low but that song barely exists anymore)? WHAT MIRACLE IS THIS? - WonkeyDude98

9 Where Them Girls At

Beats by david guetta and rap from flo rida what could be better?!
He is the best
He rocked the song thank you flo rida

I can bet this is Flo-Rida's coolest song EVER!
Groovy beat, WOW vocals, Foot-tapping lyrics..
We love

This song is awesome!
Totally cool! 111
Flo rida like hell.. Oh man you gotta check this out

Still listening to this in 2014

10 R.O.O.T.S.

Catchy and has more meaningful lyrics than a lot of his songs. Good beat and flow or rhythm. Not a song filled with punch lines or senseless lyrics. - thewaffler

The Newcomers


With Sage The Gemini adding additional vocals/rapping, this song has got to crack the top ten soon enough (came out in October 2014). The beat and the "trumpet" noises top off a beautiful hit.

Listen to the instrumental version of Going' Down Fo' Real. Then imagine the worst things happening in real life. It's like a music video montage of disasters happening as the world collapses. FLO RIDA may notice that there's nothing humanity can do to fix their own problems. Nothing!

How does this not have any votes? Its 8 on billboard

Going down for real should be higher best song ever

The Contenders

11 Who Dat Girl

Flo rida and Akon makes the song wonderful...

This Is the best Song Bebeh

Nice beats... Catchy lyrics

It is a very good song

12 Hangover

This should probably be in the top 3! Amazing song! Gets you jumping! I have to say this is one of flo rida's best! Keep it going Florida!

No doubt that it should be in the place of right around. Cause this songs just reflects persons like Florida, taio cruz. It's simply awesome.

Awesome song...awesome rap by florida

13 In the Ayer

This song gets me movin. How is this not up there.

Cool rap!
Awesome lyrics!
This should be not the top 5


14 How I Feel

Very underrated

15 Birthday
16 Let It Roll

The video on YouTube is very funny

Come on let it roll!

My all time favorite of Florida

Deserves position in top 10

17 All My Life
18 Gotta Eat
19 In My Mind

Awesome song of Florida

20 Hello Friday

Keep kalm and dab

Great song

21 American Superstar

This is his best song ever
Definitely blows all the sellout pop songs he has made
He is still the best rapper though and this song proves it

Easily the best track on Mail on Sunday
It features Flo Rida's gangsta rap edge with Lil Wayne's cool bravado and you got yourself on the best rap collaboration you have ever heard
"I got guns for the snitches
Roses for the bitches
Paparazzi taking pictures"
This song is so damn addictive and catchy
This deserves the top spot with Low and Good Feeling

22 Turn Around

A truly epic song that has the catchiest chorus on the planet. You immediately feel like dancing to this song, and those who hate dancing are forced to tap their feet. Definitely deserves a top 10 spot. It will be an insult to Flo Rida's music if it continues to languish here.

Cool song. Must be in the top 10's. One of his best.

Just started to get in the Flo (pun intended? ) and guess what made me dance? This song is truly amazing and this SO TOTALLY NEEDS TO BE RIGHT UP THE TOP.

I don't know why is this at 16! Maybe its not listened by many people but I tell you this: This is awesome!

23 Jump
24 Elevator

Nice Music... amazing song.. just listen to it.
You'll know.. 'i'm just stuck.. oh yeah.. on an elevator.. ah huh... '

Just addictive :)
LovE iT!

Hi my name is Desmond holtze

25 Greenlight
26 Be On You

This song is one of the best songs from Flo rida - Schulm3

Awesome song my favorite on should be in the top 5
awesome muzik just listen to it I wanna be on you amazing perfect
superb mind blowing can't describe it

All tym favorite song.. Florida is GREAT.. & Ne yo is to gudd...

27 Rewind
28 Sugar

Super Catchy...1 of the best songs I've ever heard

The great song that I have ever listened... This is 1 of my best song... It gives me the great feelin' of love..

Best song in the world...

I love this song

29 Here It Is
30 Run
31 Troublemaker

The melody always pops in my head, really love it.

I love this! Its always in the radio! I thought it would be in the top 3!

Tremendous songs

32 You Make the Rain Fall

Kevin Rudolf rocks. In this song so does Flo Rida. A really nice song, good beat and pleasant instrumentals.

33 Ms. Hangover
34 21
35 You Know You Want Me
36 Tonight Belongs to U!
37 Move Shake Drop
38 I Don't Like It, I Love It

How the hell is this song on #29 it should be higher. Good song

Good beat plus words

I don't like it, I HATE IT!

I think so to

39 Boom Boom Pow (Remix)
40 Run To You

OhH yeaH... This will be the next single of flo rida from is album "Only One Rida (Part 2). It features LMFAO and T-Pain. I Think this one will have a very good success. Super Hook. And also the third verse of LMFAO is great. - tuccio1997muso

41 Turn Around (Part II)
42 We Found Love (Remix)
43 Can't Believe It

Way better than club can't handle me...

Seriously? 31? Deserves to be in top 10!


Should be at at least 5th

44 Respirator

Should be in top 5

45 Hey Jasmin

This should be on the fist song amazing party music fantastic florida voice mizing and the magic wit charm make this exciting to hear freakishly addictive

Its awesome... Shame its on number 30...

Just listen the last 1.30 minutes

Best party song... A must in top 10

46 Roll
47 Club Rocker
48 Sweat
49 Come with Me
50 Say You're Just a Friend

I really like this song with Austin Mahone. The song is perfect for them. Flo Rida often sing something with new artists to help them to get famous (for example: iYiYi with Cody Simpson or Turn Around with Conor Maynard. And he also did a song with Justin Bieber: Next 2 You) and now he did it with Austin.

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