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21 Be On You

This song is one of the best songs from Flo rida - Schulm3

Awesome song my favorite on should be in the top 5
awesome muzik just listen to it I wanna be on you amazing perfect
superb mind blowing can't describe it

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22 Sugar

Super Catchy...1 of the best songs I've ever heard

The great song that I have ever listened... This is 1 of my best song... It gives me the great feelin' of love..

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23 All My Life
24 Gotta Eat
25 Here It Is
26 In My Mind

Awesome song of Florida

27 Run V 1 Comment

How does this not have any votes? Its 8 on billboard

Love it it should be #1 very catchy

It's awesome going down for real

#2 easy

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29 Let It Roll

The video on YouTube is very funny

Great lyrics.. Great music.. Great rap.. Let it roll..

My all time favorite of Florida

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30 Sweat
31 Move Shake Drop
32 21
33 Boom Boom Pow (Remix)
34 Tonight Belongs to U!
35 I Don't Like It, I Love It

How the hell is this song on #29 it should be higher. Good song

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36 Turn Around (Part II)
37 How I Feel V 1 Comment
38 Hello Friday

Keep kalm and dab

Great song

39 Run To You
40 We Found Love (Remix)
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