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61 It's Going Down for Real (G.D.F.R.)
62 Touch Me
63 Drop That
64 Higher
65 Bad Boys
66 I Know You Got a Man

Flo rida's rap is excellent in this song. Luda is good as well.

67 Ms. Hangover
68 That's What I Like

I love this song to death and I love everything about it. ALWAYS SINGING! In fact, that's what makes me annoying. LOL

69 Wobble
70 Game Time

This song is so catchy and I also love basketball so much and I play it as well

71 Puzzle

Ohh yeah. Very good song. Is an electro house and hip house song by him, and even if not successful, I think this is one of his best. Listen it on youtube - tuccio1997muso

72 Shone
73 On and On
74 I Gotta Get Ya
75 Running Back
76 iYiYi
77 Next 2 You
78 Guarantee

Number 1 song of flo rida.. I love this song

Best song deserve to be in top 10

79 Available

The song have a Good music...
Akon Makes it Better...
Flo rida Speedy Rap Also Good - wiggle

80 Cake
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