Best Flogging Molly Songs


The Top Ten

1 Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon
2 Drunken Lullabies

Has to be #1

3 Cruel Mistress
4 Queen Anne's Revenge
5 Within a Mile of Home
6 Selfish Man
7 What's Left of the Flag
8 The Rare Ould Times
9 Screaming at the Wailing Wall
10 Every Dog Has It's Day

The Newcomers

? With a Wonder
? The Spoken Wheel

The Contenders

11 Black Friday Rule

Everything that I think of in terms of both FM and Irish Rock in general. The Rock & Reel, the personal lyrics, and the anger at life without surrendering. Not only their best song, but in the pantheon of the best Celtic Punk period.

This Needs to Be higher. I never see it high on a top 10 list, if at all. It needs to be number one, because it is obviously the best. Seriously, listen to the solo and the outro. They're fantastic along with a incredibly catchy chorus.

12 If I Ever Leave This World Alive
13 Laura

This song should definitely be higher. - Feirceraven

I love this song. - Feirceraven

14 May the Living Be Dead (In Our Wake)
15 Tobacco Island
16 The Seven Deadly Sins
17 Devil's Dance Floor

They have some great songs and are my second favourite Irish rock group after Dropkick murphys, this has to be top 3 easily if not number 1

18 The Kilburn High Road
19 Rebels of the Sacred Heart
20 Float
21 Life in a Tenement Square
22 Oliver Boy

How is this not even on the list? Easily my favorite Flogging Molly song!

23 Speed of Darkness
24 This Present State of Grace
25 Far Away Boys
26 Requiem for a Dying Song
27 Us of Lesser Gods
28 Death Valley Queen
29 Salty Dog
30 The Worst Day Since Yesterday
31 The Ol' Beggars Bush
32 The Likes of You Again
33 Grace of God Go I
34 These Exiled Years
35 Sentimental Johnny
36 Factory Girls
37 Whistles the Wind
38 To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh)
39 Light of a Fading Star
40 The Wrong Company
41 Wanderlust
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