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41 Sweet Nothing

Awesome, This surely deserves number 1. Calvin Harris, you rule

This isn't Florence + The Machine,
This is Florence without The Machine!
It's a good song, but it shouldn't be on here

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42 Stand by Me

Fantastic. She faced a challenge in recording this iconic song...and won! Move over Ben E King.

43 Falling Falling

The "I'll dance myself up drunk myself down. Find people to love, love people too drunk" part is just so heavenly

Love this song - if this is only 36th then the other ones I've not listened to yet must be REALLY good

This song is absolutely fantastic in every way. It definitely should not be 44th.

44 Remain Nameless Remain Nameless

So haunting. I love the lyrics to this. Listening to the song is like going to a different world.

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45 Which Witch

This feels like catharsis, vindication and rapture all rolled up in one glorious track. Florence's vocals soar, the drums are pounding, and the brass section drives it home. Brilliant.

This song feels like catharsis, vindication and rapture all rolled up in one glorious track. The brass section brings it home. Brilliant.

I'm surprised that this song isn't in the top ten! I am so in love with the vocals, for it's very powerful and kind of swoons me at the same time. The brass, drums, and vocals are all beautifully twined together... definitely makes me (internally) scream with excitement.

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46 Third Eye

When you listen songs like No light, No light, what the water gave me, cosmic love, spectrum, never let me go, rabbit heart, shake it out, only if for a night, bedroom hymns, dog days are over, seven devils, strangeness and charm, hurricane drunk, girl with one eye-all these masterpieces-then the third eye is a dissapointment, I'm sorry but it is the truth...

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47 Try a Little Tenderness Try a Little Tenderness
48 My Best Dress
49 Are You Hurting the One You Love? Are You Hurting the One You Love?

This is an absolutely amazing song. The tribal, metal beats and repetition during the song make it great. And the lyrics are perfect!

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50 Ghosts Ghosts
51 Jackson Jackson
52 Make Up Your Mind

I love how F+TM songs always seem to relate to each other in one way or another and this one definitely reminds me of Swimming. I can't believe nobody has added this song to the list! I like a lot of the other songs too, like Hurricane Drunk and My Boy Builds Coffins.

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53 Hospital Beds Hospital Beds

One of the greatest Florence + The Machine songs out there.

54 Galaxy of the Lost

One of her best songs ever

55 Long & Lost Long & Lost

Oh god this song makes me wanna cry! How beautiful! Maybe my favourite from HBHBHB...

Wow, not much love for HBHBHB on here. I think this song is a hidden gem, and so emotionally moving.

Long and lost and Which Witch are my favorite songs from HBHBHB I think.

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56 Paper Massacre

Aka the piece of heaven that we'll never get to listen to in full version hahaaha *sob*

57 Postcards from Italy

One on the most amazing covers she's done

58 St. Jude

I find it impossible to believe that this is ranked so low. I LOVE this song! The lyrics and the vocal performance is mind blowing. It's so different from all her previous works and its such a powerful song.

Her best vocal performance yet! For the haters who say flo is screaming, listen to this

I am a fan of FATM and I love lungs and ceremonials, especially ceremonials and I was waiting for years for new album. And yesterday I listened the st. Jude and I am really dissapointed. Songs like OIFAN, shake it out, what the water gave me, never let me go, no light no light, spectrum, DDAO, rabbit heart, blinding, cosmic love, drumming song are masterpieces! St. Jude, What kind of man, third eye and HBHBHb are not mastepieces just good songs, unfortunately!

59 As Far As I Could Get

Good song and the harp is back but I feel that something missing.

60 Various Storms & Saints Various Storms & Saints

Flo did it again! Magic song and so different! Love it! Congrats Flo!

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