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41 Cage on the ground

I'm gonna take my bow, and disappear unto to the sound, I'm leaving my cage on the ground! I love how awesome those lyrics are! They are so true!

42 Saving Grace
43 Magnetic
44 Eyes to See
45 Treasure

Such a great melody!

46 Believe In Dreams

In this song, I can feel the emotion. The lyrics of this song is very meaningful. Flyleaf show another genre which far from their common songs. This is the best song I've heard from this band

47 Stand

These tired body's spirit perseveres (... ) You are not alone in this. This song is for people who need to stay strong, you are never alone

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48 Enemy
49 Christmas Song
50 Penholder
51 Set Apart This Dream

I don't understand why this wasn't even listed before! A beautiful and inspirational song with great meaning.

52 Circle

The whole song is drop-dead gorgeous. The lyrics are just stupefying, they pierce straight through my heart. Powerful. Moving. Beautiful.

Circle should've been a single, best song off memento mori, belongs in top 3 of their greatest songs

53 Breaks Your Knees
54 Light In Your Eyes
55 Guilty
56 Sleepwalker
57 I'm Sorry

Why is this all the way down here, sure it isn't the best song but it doesn't belong outside the top 50 - germshep24

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58 Thread
59 Marionette

This is one of the best. Should not be down here.

60 Well of Lies
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