Best FM Static Songs

FM Static one of the best Christian bands. What songs are their best?

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1 Moment of Truth Moment of Truth

This song, tonight, take me as I am, and hey now are my favorites...

Moment of Truth is one of the best acoustic songs.

This song represents my life! well but with my boyfriend instead

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2 Nice Piece of Art Nice Piece of Art

THis is song is a nice piece of art..

3 My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go

My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go! Is definitely my favorite FM Static song for many reasons. It is a very unique song. It is very punk rock, yet it has a lot of talented rapping in it. It is also a very fun and happy song. It always puts people in a good mood. Plus it's the title song of the their most recent album.

One of the first FM Static songs that connected with me right as soon as I heard it. I'm a guy, and I find it very catchy, and it's actually not cheesy. There's some truth to this songs lyrics.

4 Hey Now Hey Now
5 Definitely Maybe Definitely Maybe

The tune is absolutely mesmerizing!

This is just so good!

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6 Cinnamon & Lipstick Cinnamon & Lipstick
7 Six Candles Six Candles

Good song :) I really really like fm static

8 Black Tattoo Black Tattoo V 1 Comment
9 U Don't Know Me Like That U Don't Know Me Like That
10 Girl of the Year Girl of the Year

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? Take Me as I Am Take Me as I Am

Wow! Such a great song!

I like this a lot its really good!

Nice song.. Love it

Watta nice song! !

? Tonight Tonight

I think FM Static is one of the best Christian Band. This is the first song of them I really loved. I've played it so many times but since the day I first heard it, it is the same feeling when I singing this. FM Static rocks! :

I just love this song and it makes me cry so much. Plus, their Christian. And such great meaning. It's like you can even feel the singer's feelings straight out of my earphones. Such a sad song. - Larahhh

Why did they stop making music? I really love 'em since I first heard their "Tonight" song. I got addicted to all their songs after:))

Cried like hell when heard it for the first time

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11 Inside Out Inside Out
12 Three Days Later Three Days Later
13 Her Father's Song Her Father's Song
14 The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling On the Outside The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling On the Outside
15 Crazy Mary Crazy Mary
16 Last Train Home Last Train Home
17 The Notion The Notion
18 (Hey) I Want it (Hey) I Want it
19 America's Next Freak America's Next Freak

It is so meaningful and is so BEAUTIFUL.

20 The Next Big Thing The Next Big Thing
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