Best Followers In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A list of the top ten best followers in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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21 Eola

Once took my first bite of human flesh and put on the ring she's been my "go to girl"... and yeah that creepy eye, her reverent devotion (to me) and the fact that she conjures up the corpses as fast as I can make them makes her the sexiest of 'em all. Who needs a whining valley girl like Serena when Eola has your back?

Cannibal Namira Follower Wizard Assasin... What more do you need?

She's one tough mage... I gave her some smithed up dual enchanted forsworn armor items and stole her crappy hide armor and now she can carry even more than I can. I like her "I smell blood" comment.

Her name is 'Ebola' without a b. She's also a Daedra worshipper... Need I go on about her inherent awesomeness?

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22 Faendal

Faendal is bad when not invested in him. But through some investment, he can take down dragons practically on his own. Give him some good armour and a good bow, and he is a great companion.

I Love Faendal! Give him decent armor and weapons and he destroys! I used him with my Stealth Character and I would definitely use him as a follower again! I think he is just adorable. I call him FannyPack because he carries all my stuff If you haven't done so before I Definitely recommend giving him a try!

The only thing Faendal is good for is free archery training and getting your first follower, other than that, he sucks at everything. Also, he died in the dwarven ruins when I was getting the Elder Scroll, so that goes to show how bad he is.

Ah... faendal my friend. he allways teach me how to shoot arrow

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23 Vilkas

Put some heavy armour on Vilkas and give him a powerful greatsword and he will become one powerful tank! Plus he is a werewolf!

Since he's only your follower after you complete the Companions Questline, he's useful to keep around to get Radiant Quests -- some of which will be dragon hunts.

Vilkas is intellegent, strong, and awesome with a greatsword!

24 Riekling

The little Riekling... Amazing due to the fact he is an animal follower and can still equip armor, (with the ninth mask from Labyrinthian, you'll be seeing a lot of helping spectral dragon priests).

Give this little guy a set of good heavy armour and a giant's club and watch in satisfaction as he sweeps through bandit camps and dragon layers with ease

Small old looking aliens.. they are the most strongest follower for me. strongest meme follower. Belifakathookawa!

25 Teldryn Sero

A badass.. I've had him follow me for so long he's become my best game friend. Also he is sarcastic.

He should be higher on the damn list. He has a unique personality, plus a spells word? How many spells words are in the damn game other than him who also have a good sense of humor and will never let you get bored? None! He's underrated!

I love him, doesn't blow my cover, and is an amazing fighter.

He summons fire elementals, shoots fire and makes jokes!

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26 Faralda

Master level destruction trainer, blasts away most enemies with dual thunderbolts and can heal herself in battle. Plus she's essential so you can never kill her by mistake.

Faralda is a follower? I thought she was just a Teacher at the college of Winterhold

27 Annekke

Put her in some forsworn armour, 'enough said.

Strong and courageous. Funny how shes married to some gross looking miner dude, but I still married her anyway. Now that I think of it I think she had a kid too that she hasn't see in years... Oh well

Good archer. Looks great in forsworn armor. Will fight until the end.

She stays out the way, doesn't hog the kills, and is a looker.

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28 Rayya

So nice. Does mostly anything I ask. Great fighter and doesn't talk too much, which I like. Some followers just talk too much, which gets annoying when you're trying to listen to someone else in the game talk.

Should be higher ranked near top!

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29 Lucien Lachance

Remember him from Oblivion?
He can never truly die, and you can summon and dismiss him much more easily than most followers
He does talk often but it's entertaining and nostalgic, plus the comments are great and entertaining
He's a power so you don't have to charge and release a spell to summon!
Same voice as Sheogorath!

30 Erandur

Erandur is the best it just depends on what kind of things you give him, he is awesome with staffs and pretty good with two handed weapons

Gotta nice beard! AND, he prevents you from carrying an ugly, horrid staff around! Hopefully you aren't handicapped... BUT, he WILL use Healing Hands to mend your wounded legs, so don't go worrying about that!... Also, nice cloak. I am... jealous.

Erandur is by far the #1 follower. His dialogue is great, he becomes more open and friendly the more you bring him on quests, he's great with both spells and maces, plus he won't attack you lest you attack him. Overall a great follower.

Why is he #30 I think he should be around 10th or so.

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31 Illia

Hard to believe she's not on this list. Was a wonderful replacement of Lydia. She is sweeter, doesn't get lost or blew my cover nearly as much. And she can actually manage kills. Besides, I'm not a mage bit it's nice having one at my side.

When we first started adventuring together she nearly killed me a couple times in melee but I've learned to keep her in front of me and she is so aggressive that once the action starts she is off on her own killing everything in sight. One tough woman.

I give her two fire staffs alongside her already impressive destruction magic, and she just absolutely annihilates the opposition. She's like the Human Torch. Super aggressive. I haven't used a lot of followers but Illia is fantastic.

A good intermediate rid of Lydia and good to level 40...then go get Aella.

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32 Aranea Ienith

I once forgot to pause my game when I went downstairs to eat...
When I came back, I realized Aranea was no where to be found, so I spent a while looking around, and found her standing in the middle of a bandit fort
A dragon was dead by her side and so were at least 9 bandits.

Cannot believe she isn't higher... likely because a lot of players go for the Dark Brotherhood and/or Thieves Guild and she will blast you for that. Just wait till your done and go get her and she will follow through all the rest, like a BOSS.

This is one of the best mages in the game... She could use expert level conjuration and destruction spells along with dual wielding staves.
I accidentally attacked her once and she made me fly- only complaint I have is her low magicka capabilities... Sheesh.
You really have to enchant magicka regeneration or give her staves because she lasts about as long as I do in bed.

She's the best in my opinion, she can Summon daedra, she has all kinds of spells, she even can use weapons. Only down fall is that she can't carry to much but she's great all around partner and she's strong as hell I think she would have been first an then Serena

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33 Huskies from Dawnguard

Super cute! One husky actually killed a Blood Dragon before with me.

OMIGOD BEST DOGS IN THE WORLD, I'm just so sad because I don't have dawnguard. But if I did... Stuff barbas and viligance and all dogs that look like dirty muts (all dogs in original Skyrim) these dogs are the cutest things I have ever seen and they have ARMOR, I mean ARMOR, what doesent scream "fantastic in battle" more than armor on a friken husky. Really what not to love.I'm with the huskies all the way 100%.

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34 Vigilance

ONLY dog/or wolf NPC who can use the Fire Breath shout, once a day. Can't quite take the Ebony Warrior though, I'll admit. Strong teeth! AND,... a good heart.

My first dog in the game, though his lifespan is low he's really cute and he risks anything for U.

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35 Onmund

I got him as a follower pretty early on, his destruction spells are super OP. Excellent help at lowering the enemies health, or clearing a bunch of enemies fast.

Onmund is great, some great destruction magic and not afraid to get stuck in

His spells are awesome and this guy helps a lot.. Really useful for his magic abilities

His destruction spells are mad!

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36 Ghorbash the Iron Hand

In my game he is my follower he kicks ass totally give him a two handed weapon and heavy armour and he is almost indestructible. He is also good with a bow so I really like him

Lirally kicks ass, I got attack by two dragons nexts to some little town me and the villages killed one and then turned around BOOM the dragon is dead thanks to him

He's not the only Orc male follower there's lob his my follower but I used to have him and he is awesome

Stupid auto corrects

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37 Stenvar

I love Stenvar so much, I married him. I feel guilty when I do a quest that replaces him with a different follower! It's annoying when he dies though because I have to go back to my last save, I'd be lost without him and he carries all my stuff! I give him any cool staffs I get because my aim's crap and he's great with them. He did once randomly attack a guard outside Whiterun, then he said "Well this is a fine mess you've gotten me into," and I nearly died of shock because it's the only time he's said something different! Oh, and occasionally he kills my horse, not figured out why yet...

Definitely my favorite follower, plus he's my husband in game so I get the Lover's Comfort bonus when we stay at an inn. Anyways, what girl wouldn't want to travel with a guy that looks as good as he does in ebony armor?

I made a priestess character, all restoration magic no offensive. He was a badass. Keep him healed up and he kills everything.

He was a drunken mess, died on his first day in a storm cloak camp. - DapperPickle

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38 Jordis the Sword-Maiden

Difficult to get in your early game but she sounds happy to Carry your burdens so were going to kill Lydia now

Nice voice, heavy armor and 1 handed weapon skills.

Surprised she is this low. Awesome follower in my opinion

One of the Best and the only real Rival to Lydia.
Shame she's ranked so low, No doubt in large part because she's so expensive to get.
Jordis is a beast and she gets kill cams at a ridiculous high rate on some enemies and I find myself saying you go girl! Keep killing like that and I'll wife you.

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39 Foendal

I've tried other followers and they either got killed or didn't live up to their bad-ass reputation. Faendal on the other hand has been with me all the way. I gave him an ebony bow and a 90 glass arrows and he literally became a sniper for me. I added an ebony axe and an elf shield and he killed almost any melee opponent that charged him. My only beef is his high morality, which prevented him from picking pockets or opening Expert chests, but I forgive him for that since he has saved me so many times.

Kind and law abiding, but never reports you. doesn't talk much so he doesn't distract. Teaches you archery for free. Never retreats from battle. Good at using most weapons, distracts enemies, and is a good sneak. Also one of the first followers you can have.

EVEN BIGGER BOW THAN FAENDAL. And, he's got an iron dagger under his bed... that's uplifting in some way, right? Never killed Camilla, no. He never killed Camilla. BUT,... he does smell a little worse than Faendal (with his strong smelling Old Spice: Troll Fate & Nightshade)...

I sacrificed that stupid elf to Boethiah. He'll never be as great as Kharjo

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40 Golldir

You can get him very early on in the game, and even though I am not sure as to how high his level goes, I know for sure that he makes extremely good use of heavy armour and weapons, and if you're the "Warrior type", having Golldir along side you, both rushing into combat with your weapons drawn is something of a UNIQUE experience:))

You get to help him save his ancestors from a necromancer, and he has a lot of perks which many other followers don't have.

Level up to 30... He can use bow, one/two handed weapons and heavy armor plus he can't die

Golldir!?... Well, a golden smile, of course!

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