Serana's "drain life" ability makes her substantially harder to kill than most characters in the game, pairing this with giving her either a "nightingale blade" or "Harkon's sword" makes her even tankier since she is a vampire, her ice magic is useful at a distance since it drains the enemy's stamina, which lowers the amount of power attacks that must be dealt with. Furthermore, Serana can make your "sunhallowed elven arrows" even stronger with her blood, allowing you to make it night time whenever you want. This is not even mentioning the fact that she makes a third temporary follower out of recent victims and can turn you back into a vampire lord as many times as you want. Furthermore, you can give her new armor aside from the powerful armor she starts with, with better enchantments to suit the way you use her, such as "fortify health", "fortify destruction", and "resist magic" making her even more durable. Personally, I think she is superior to the bow wielding followers since it ...more

Was a Lydia guy in my past saves. But when I got all the dlc's and finished DG, I didn't marry anyone else. Will probably remain unmarried even when they add the feature that she's open for marriage, because she's a really good follower. A health drain in one hand, destruction on the other, can resurrect nearby corpses, is a vampire and can turn you into one as much as you want, really stealthy, doesn't get in the way, has one of the best (if not the best) back story (come on, all that "saving the vampire princess "-esque dialogue with her parents? ), and she can interact with her environment.

Especially that sarcasm. "Teamwork right there. " when she kills someone herself. But when you take her to places like Eldergleam Sanctuary, she'll comment that the place is beautiful, and that she's glad you're there with her (adding more pain for the pro-marriage players). And more comments on more things.

Who doesn't like a follower that flails around like a drunk, tankard in ...more

Most interesting of all followers; almost childlike, in her post adolescent curiosity, but one helluva lady in a fight. Very quick to spot an ambush, if you keep her close. Good ranged magic, but a one vampire army when equipped with staves... Keep a good supply of charged soul gems when traveling with this lady. Her reluctance to engage in melee keeps her out of your way while she's pelting enemies with frost spikes and the like. Also excellent on the sneak attack. If your a melee type fighter, she'll keep your flanks clear and watch your rear.
However, she can be a P.I.A. with her constant mimicry and complaints about the weather.

She is a vampire which is great so she can use drain life spell and bring up powerful dead bodies plus she can't die so cool but if you are a magic person who loves magic don't get here or any other magic followers because she will always get behind you so I would recommend you being a one-handed or a two-handed character.

Still haven't brought her back to her family home yet... and it's been three days now, laugh out loud. Combined with your Huscarl, she is, by far, the absolute greatest secondary companion of all time. She efficiently dual wields a weapon in one hand and rather potent magicks in the other. Unlike lesser vampires, she can follow you anywhere--even outside in the daylight, or even into a city--, without burning up or getting attacked for being, well, a vampire. I haven't tried her out yet as the only companion, but come on. Zombie Snow Sabre Cat Thrall?

There's no way you can pass that up.

Serena can't die and takes on vampires with extreme aggression (not to mention other enemies as well). You can set up good attacks with her, although sometimes she gets in the way. I've tried others, but nobody gets in the soup better than Serena. And that sexy voice just slays me.

Serana is definitely the best follower

Serana is sarcastic, but not snarky like Lydia. I have to admit, she kind of reminds me of the ninth doctor from Doctor Who. Her character has a lot of depth, she looks really nice for the vanilla game, and she has a lot of commentary on different locations!

I've only played a full character of skyrim once and Serana was the perfect follower for me. Very nice but with that little tinge of sass and mystery. Probably one of my top favorite characters in the game.

One of the most interesting followers by FAR. She's pretty awesome with spells and does serious damage. She pairs well with warrior classes like me because she can just pelt the enemy with spells from afar. Best follower ever.

Amazing follower, and you're able to get her insanely early for how good she is. She'll help you in all situations, and pretty much is worth 2 followers with her conjuration ability. Just a great follower.

She can't die; she can use swords and spells. She has a n interesting story, and interacts with the environment instead of just standing around. Shame she's not a marriage option.

I love her as a follower, because she's actually SMART about how to follow you.E.G. She doesn't always try to find a trail to you. If you head off the trail, she's right behind you.

The very best! She is always there and can't be killed. Often she detects danger before you do. Marriage would spoil this game relationship and advancement potential.

Serana is the best follower because she can't die. She is always by your side, and can carry anything. She's constantly learning new spells, and she can continue to level until level 50.

Serena is a great follower because you can have another follower if you don't complete dawngaurd you can have her as a second follower. Couple that with Serena raising everything so you end up with a mini army! She is also great at magic and really helps in combat.

Serana rocks because there was a dragon and it wouldn't stop hovering and some how avoiding my arrows so she shot it and made it crash land allowing me to deliver a killing blow

She's hot (and cold. She's a vampire). Still, she's hot.

Serana of course, you can just watch all your enemies pleading for their lives while Serana kills them one by one..

She makes the best follower # 1 because she can't be killed. An # 2 she distracts the enemy sometimes making it easier for you to kill the enemy.

Great background history in her story. Powerful spells, can't die and hot. What else is there to say.

She's awesome she has a story has unlimited carry weight can't die has good light armour can perform silent roll and can turn you back into a vampire lord unlimited times

I bring her with me, she's such a lifesaver as she was strong, able to raise everything around her

Sera a is someone that actually can make you feel something for the character. She also can't die and is really strong!

Whats nor to like about a immortal, super hot vampire that continues to level all the way to 50?