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1 Wasting Light

Incredible. This is one of my favorite albums presented by any artist, in all honesty. Every song on that album has an entirely unique feel to it and you can tell just by listening how they enjoy doing what they do. The Foo Fighters should be the name of a wine. It should be the name of a whine that's incredibly good, and even though people think it can't get better, with age it does. That's what the Foo Fighters do. Thank you guys, for incredible music, hopefully for years and years to come!

This is the best foo's album without dude.

This album is the most amazing album I've heard in a long time. It was recorded in a garage which makes it even better. This has the most heart and soul in a rock record that you will hear in a long time. You really get back to the basics of good old rock n' roll.

Oh My God... This album is GREAT. This is undoubtedly their best overall... Although my favorite song by them is the Pretender, the album that song is on doesn't even come CLOSE to this. Dave and Co. Are at full throttle and deliver a fantastic collection of music just for the fans... Good job guys.

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2 The Colour and the Shape

Amazing album. This should really be #1.

As brilliant as Wasting Light is, I feel the greater dynamic variation on this album, having both heavy songs like Monkey Wrench and Enough Space along with softer songs like Walking After you and February Stars really allowed the Foo Fighters to demonstrate the full capability of their talents. Whilst Wasting Light feels like a collection of great songs, The Colour and the Shape feels like a true album, a musical journey that takes the listener on a ride, whilst simultaneously having some great singles along the way. Oh and it also contains Everlong.

Stands the test of time

This album is classic Foo's. I mean, it includes "Everlong'', "Monkey Wrench'', "My Hero'', "New Way Home'' AND "February Stars''- all classic Foo Fighters songs. There's not a bad song on here, and even though almost every single Foo's album is amazing, this one has to be on top.

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3 There Is Nothing Left to Lose

Timeless album

This album can be listened from Stacked Actors to MIA every single day for the rest of your life and you will never get bored. Though I will say that Wasting Light is the same but I love this album more. The colour and the shape was made great because Dave played drums on it - but its not as great as the two albums made in a garage...

Although from a critical standpoint I believe Wasting Light to be their best, this album always will be my personal favorite. You can tell during this period that they had just had three members come and go and the entire play through sounds like three friends just relaxing in a house making music, the thing that they know will never leave them. Favorite tracks are Generator, Aurora, and ain't it the Life.

Greatest hits album shouldn't count. But this album is legendary. I mean it contains some big hits... Generator, learn to fly, breakout, next year, sracked actors, aurora, M.I.A. and that's just the equal best songs on the album. This should be all the way up the top

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4 Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

Underrated. One of the best songs of all time 'The Pretender' and really underrated songs such as 'Come Alive' and 'Let It Die'

Shows the true variability the Foo Fighters have with their music. They go from the hard to the soft all sounding just as good as the last.

This is the Foo Fighters greatest album with all of their greatest song including The Pretender and Long Road To Ruin.

This is the most solid and fulfilling foo album. Its In Your Honor condensed down into perfect quantity of bliss and balance.

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5 Foo Fighters

Maybe not the best lyrics, but if u mix this and waisting light, you will get a masterpiece

It's the debut album. It flows like it took a year to record, and out together, but it was recorded in five days. Come on. The songs are incredible. It's just a dark record that makes you feel good. Especially "Exhausted". It's just a perfect record. They sounded just like the record live during that time too. It's just an album full of bangers.

For being just a collection of songs that dave put together by himself, this album is great. Pure dave grohl the whole way. From songs like "for all the cows" to "watershed" this album is a go-to all the time for me

Unique to their later albums; essentially a Grohl solo, but it has a fantastic grunge feel to it. Nirvana-esque you could say, but it's not as heavy and the lyrics aren't as engaging, but this doesn't do anything to detract from the album All great songs, and the most grunge FF album like I said I think The Colour and the Shape is their best album, but this debut is way too low on this list.

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6 One by One

I personally love this album. Many people feel it was one of the weakest albums, but think about the gems on this album! All My Life and Times Like These, not to mention songs like Have It All and Burn Away, this album "Had it all." From the slower and mellow Tired Of You, to the head bang-worthy Come Back, this album is greatly overlooked compared to the rest.

Being a metal-head, this album's heaviness is great. The songs are also fairly good, but the band is right in saying it's not their outright best material. So maybe that's it - this isn't their best album, but it's my personal favorite.

Every song is perfection on this album and I don't tire of it.

This is my favourite Foo album of them all in my opinion

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7 In Your Honor

Easily their best album, with fantastic diversity and memorably melodies in both the heavy and acoustic stuff. Definitely should be higher than One by One and Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace. Aside from Best of You this is a very underrated record.

Great album with an eclectic mix of songs. Should by higher than One by One.

Killer riffs on disc 1 and beautiful acoustic songs on disc 2. All the songs are great but my favorite is Hell, even though its less than 2 minutes long.

Okay, I understand why fans say Colour and the Shape, and Wasting Light and Left to Lose Are good where they are too, but THIS AT SEVEN? come on: Best of You, No Way Back, End Over End, Hell, DOA, Last Song, Still, In Your Honor? For shame... - Boi

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8 Sonic Highways

This album has two good songs 1.something from nothing 2.i am a river

Their most underrated album! And one of my favorites! - awesomedp900

This album has their only 2 bad songs I am a river and Subterranean though subterranean is very popular I just can't stand it and I am a river is something that my art teacher would put on during class and that's not a good thing.

Just came out but easily top 3 and my favorite

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9 Greatest Hits

Greatest hits albums don't count

Doesn't count

It's got the word, 'greatest' in it for a reason. Monkey wrench, Everlong, Learn to fly, My hero, The best of you, really people!

10 Concrete and Gold

My English is not good so I can't really describe how good this album by words.

Should be top 3. The thing I really like about this album is that it starts amazing and keeps that consistency all the way to the end!

Kind of a new sound for Dave and the Foos but for the most part I enjoy it. I think that sky is a neighborhood is overplayed on alternative stations, but songs like Run and Arrows really got me into this album

I genuinely feel as if this is their best work. For once the Foo's are doing something fairly new, and working with Greg Kurstin was a fantastic choice. No song is weak on this album, whilst every album before (except maybe Wasting Light and TIKLFTL) had at least one dud (or many on One by One). Kudos to Dave and the boys for making a record this great this late in their careers.

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11 Skin & Bones

I've listened to this album dozens of times in a period of just a few weeks and it doesn't get old. It's rendition of My Hero is my favorite version of the song and The orchestra-like version of times like these gives me chills, not to mention that Skin and Bones is one of my favorite songs. Definitely in my top 5 even though its not filled with original songs.

12 Medium Rare

Jolies reprises. Et ce Darling Nikki! wahhh!

13 Saint Cecilia Ep

Every track is amazing!

A great 20 minutes

Great ep the best songs on it are saint ceicilia and iron rooster in my opinion

A great EP

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14 Five Songs and a Cover EP
15 Itunes Festival '08
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