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101 What If I Do?
102 Hell

Probably my favourite song on the In Your Honour album. One of their shorter songs, yet so great.

103 Floaty

Awesome song deserves to be higher on the list. Good effect on the voice.

104 Burn Away

This song; along with Overdrive and Tired of You; are the most underrated of all songs from the album "One By One" - SliderRob31

105 Normal V 2 Comments
106 What Did I Do? / God As My Witness

This song does not deserve to be at the bottom of this list.

107 Subterranean
108 Still

It's a really beautiful song! You can relate to it from the core of your soul

109 The Colour and the Shape

Shows that Dave and the Foo Fighters can do it all! They have done various forms of rock and acoustic stuff but this song takes the cake for showing off their bad ass heavy metal side! My favourite song by them.

110 A320

Dave's favorite track, bad movie - amazing soundtrack

111 Come Alive

Soft but powerful, it was the first song I heard from their album echo silence patience AND GRACE, in my opinion it is their best soft song in history and in the world

THE Best Song. It starts off soft and beautiful, and then slowly gets harder and more powerful. The ending is definitely one of the best outros for a song ever. This should be on the top ten not ' 48.

Come On man 47! This song deserves to be in Top Ten. It is beautiful tries to show pain in a peaceful manner. This is one of the few songs of the band that I am addicted!
(And I don't get addicted easily! )

Best foo fighters song ever! So emotional! Gives me the chills every time I listen to it

V 16 Comments
112 Walking After You

I think that this song is wonderful. I wish that other people vote it. It's slow but hard! Amazing

Definitely their most romantic piece. You can hear the longing and adoration in Dave's voice. One of my favorite songs to play for a woman.

Well I love this song. I think Foo Fighters has made a very nice song and a great music. Even it's sounds a little different with another songs, but this song is really reaally good. I hope some people would love to vote too

I can't believe this is on 111st place

V 2 Comments
113 Resolve

A ballad a thing the Foo Fighters do best

Are you kidding me? 47? This song deserved to be higher.

Great song! Can't only listen to it once!

One of my favorite songs of the foo's

V 5 Comments
114 The Deepest Blues are Black

The best song by Foo Fighters and the another one is razor, in your honour 2nd cd is awesome only a real music lover and somebody who understands the technical aspect of music will know

Who ever made the above list has never listened to Foo Fighters in his entire life

Come on! 58th! This is absolute favorite song, second being Everlong. The only reason why this song is so low is becasue not many have heard it and if you are a FF fan you have to hear it - Danielsun182

115 Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners

Amazing acoustic song... Very hard to play it too, by the way. Very Relaxing

Should be in top 20

Best song ever

I think it is an OK song, but it isn't really in the style of the Foo Fighters, maybe something like Coldplay or,hah, OneERECTION. See what I did there.

116 Free Me

Brilliant lyrics... And the guitar solo at the start just can't be beaten. Awesome song to be played loud!

This song should be more popular. - Evant

117 End Over End

Good list but it needs EoE lyrics and Guitar riff are awesome really under rated song

Are you kidding me?
Why is this song here?

118 Kung Fu Fighting V 2 Comments
119 Oh George
120 Better Off
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