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101 Burn Away

This song; along with Overdrive and Tired of You; are the most underrated of all songs from the album "One By One" - SliderRob31

102 Headwires
103 What Did I Do? / God As My Witness

This song does not deserve to be at the bottom of this list.

104 Subterranean
105 Savior Breath

Amazing song "Savior breath Savior breath because it's MINE!

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106 The Neverending Sigh V 1 Comment
107 The Colour and the Shape

Shows that Dave and the Foo Fighters can do it all! They have done various forms of rock and acoustic stuff but this song takes the cake for showing off their bad ass heavy metal side! My favourite song by them.

108 A320

Dave's favorite track, bad movie - amazing soundtrack

109 Oh George
110 Better Off
111 Normal V 2 Comments
112 If Ever
113 Still

It's a really beautiful song! You can relate to it from the core of your soul

114 Walking a Line

Amazing song. Should have been published before the B-Sides were released

115 Podunk

This is such a good song to which you can't understand a word. This should have been on there

116 Dear Lover
117 Down in the Park
118 Have a Cigar
119 Kung Fu Fighting V 2 Comments
120 End Over End

Good list but it needs EoE lyrics and Guitar riff are awesome really under rated song

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