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21 Dippin Dots

Dippin Dots is perfect for anything. I havent seen these at my local movie theater though X( - fireinside96

22 Cookie Dough Bites

Come on! This is last place? These things are pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough! What's not to love?

23 Ben and Jerry's

Oh how much I love it especially at the movies listen you have got to get scoops of this even if it is expensive all the flavours are delicious

AMAZING! I love Ben and Jerrys! The ice cream is really great I think it is phenominal when you eat ice cream in a movie! All of the flavors are the best and you will never be able to beat the ice cream at Ben and Jerrys! I LOVE BEN AND JERRYS! If you ever have the chance you should really go!

24 Pretzels

They are rare but the cinema where I live it sells them and they are delicious

Soft pretzels are the best! I love popcorn and nachos too, but pretzels will always be better in my workd! They are so good

25 Pick n mix

It may be unhygienic but use the scoop spoon and you'll be fine come on you can get chocolate raisins, mini eggs, smarties, blue dolphins, chocolate crunch, cherry hearts, fried eggs an loads more

26 Milk Duds

I buy these every single time I go to the movies, along with a drink. They are super chewy and sweet, and eating them is enjoyable and takes a long time, perfect to last a long movie.

Milk Duds are perfect for the movies as long as you have enough... - benhos

27 Junior Mints
28 Nutella
29 Samosa

So appetising, that it got me craving for one right now!

30 Yogurt
31 Potatoes
32 Pineapple Tofu
33 Swedish Fish
34 Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.

Who doesn't like to eat chocolate when they're on the movies or basically everywhere..

35 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reeses is the perfect for the movies gives you a nice treat when enjoying the movies at your favorite theater

36 Minstrels
37 Pie V 1 Comment
38 Hot Cross Bun V 1 Comment
39 Apples
40 Biscuit
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