A response for "Who is Persib Bandung... And Why Are They Ranked Number One?" blog article.

As many have said, yes, objectively speaking, "the best" should be rated from achievements. I myself don't know how Persib could get on the top of this list beating teams such as Barcelona, Manchester United, AC Milan, or Bayern Munich which have huge fan-bases world-wide.

However, the fact that Persib is now on the top this list is a remarkable achievement on its own. The method for the ranking also uses a fair mechanism so I guess Persib earns its way to be on top. Let me put it this way, if you are a fan of a football club of your own home town and to vote for the best football team, what time would you vote? Naturally you would vote for the team you are a fan of despite your understanding it might not be the best in a measurable achievements, still you would vote it anyway, am I correct? And it has nothing to do with being rational or reasonable to vote for it either, you would just vote the team your heart tells you to vote regardless your educational level.

So, congratulations for Persib for being The Best Football Club in the World according to this site. And after all, of course we are glad that now it is now known world wide. Thanks a lot for this site!

A humble uneducated fan of Persib Bandung :)


Agreed... - visitor

Oh my god I like your post! :D HIDUP PERSIB BANDUNG AINK PISAN - visitor

Its not just champions team in here. Its about harmony, about healthy of the club, about love, about management.
And truly PERSIB is the champion for that.
That's for sure - visitor

True love ever after -- priangan -- pasundan -- we live in harmony -- PERSIB forever - visitor

You got the point - visitor

That's its PERSIB... The heart of west java Indonesia - visitor

Now you think, when you were born and became one of the supporters of your home football team, or team you support, if you will vote the other team? Team is better than your team. I think I will not do it. Yahh, this we are bobotoh persib Bandung, born in the continent of Asia, in a small country but our have great souls of the "Indonesia", in bandung west java is our base, maybe in the whole world we exist. We are proud!

We are Bobotoh Persib! - visitor

Couldn't agree more, Lad. Well said. Anonymous from Bandung - visitor

Hatur nuhun (thank's) - visitor

nice bro - visitor

If you saw the match at the stadium jalakharupat silliwangi ata stadium stadium, surely you understand. Why Persib Bandung become the world's best football club. - visitor

Hidup Persib! I hope this could be a trigger for the team to improve. Well done.
-bobotoh- - visitor

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Fantastic for PERSIB Bandung - visitor

Persib always stay in my heart - visitor

Kind of somthing... But am a fan of persib too.. Congrats persib.. Hope better luck for next season.. Champion I hope.. Still.. Win or lose persib is always in our heart.. Go persib - visitor

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Some people have odd things going on in their hearts then voting for Persib Bandung instead of Juventus or Ac Milan and F.C. Bayern Munich - FrankP

Support your local football club!
~Flower City Casual

*Flower City refer to Bandung - visitor

All you guys are biased. Do Persib have players such as Messi or Ronaldo? No. Does Persib inspire Indonesia to be a contender to win every World Cup? No. Is the Indonesian league any good? No. - Puga

Okay. This has to stop now. I'm from Indonesia and this is what I think about persib. Well, persib is great. It's the best. But it's the best football club in Indonesia. Not the world. So please, don't make the fans feel offended. And for the fans, please don't be overreacted about how great the club is. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

It's not as good PERSIB Barcelona from Spain, Manchester United of England, Juventus of Italy, Bayern Munich of Germany, and the European clubs are others, but we have a mission that makes PERSIB worldwide.
Let me bring our country, namely Indonesia, and from now on you will know who and where PERSIB it is.
Globalize PERSIB only that which we have - visitor