Who is Persib Bandung... And Why Are They Ranked Number One?

A lot of people on this site in their comments have stated that they have never heard of Persib Bandung so I'm going to give you a little information about who they are.

In short, Persib is a top tier club in a weak football league. The reason why most people have never heard of them is because, outside of Indonesia, they have never really done anything.

Persib plays in the Indonesian Super League. The League has only been rated 8th best among Asian professional football leagues by the AFC Champions League and has never had a club win or even be a runner up in the AFC League finals. As has been pointed out in many comments by people who voted for Persib, the team is the only Indonesian club who has reached the semi-finals of the Asian Club Championship, which may be a good arguement for stating that they are the best Indonesian club in history, but all it means in the global perspective is that at best, Persib was only the 4th best club in Asia.

So, Persib is not the best team in Asia, but how would they fare against some of the more traditional powerhouses. After all, maybe the Asian leagues are stronger than most people realize. Well, after browsing the official Persib Bandung website for a while (using Google Translate), I was only able to find one mention of a match against one of the great European clubs. In 1994, the season the club made its historic run in the Asian Club Championship, Persib played AC Milan in Jakarta. And what was the result when the supposed best team in the world played the Italians? Persib got beat 8-0. That's right. The best team in Persib's 80 year history was annihilated.

So why is Persib ranked #1 on the list of Best Football Clubs in the World? Because, even though it is not a list of Favourite Football Clubs, Clubs With the Best Supporters, or Most Popular Clubs and is instead a list of the BEST Football Clubs, Persib fans are voting with their hearts and not their heads. No rational and reasonably educated person could really think that Persib could hold their own on the international stage. But Persib still keeps getting votes.

And why is it getting so many votes? Because it appears that Persib fans are fanatical about their social networking. The list has 27,000 Facebook mentions and just about every Facebook comment at the bottom of the page is from a Persib fan. There are a ton of Persib fans on this site and they are basically screwing up the results.

So do your part to make things better. I'm not going to tell you which club to vote for, but I am going to ask that you vote intelligently and if you have time, make sure you create your own version of the list since that will also affect the rankings. And when you are done, do what I am doing and try to get someone else to do the same. Maybe take a que from the Persib fans and see if you can get some of your Facebook followers to follow suit.


do you remember "the green street hooligans" movie? they are fanatic to west ham better than Arsenal, Fulham, Tottenham, Millwall and the other england clubs. don't blame on persib fan, because they love the club with their whole heart, and maybe be they live for persib. If you as fanatic as them just PROVE it... with your HEART and SOUL.. - visitor

But as the post states, the list is supposed to be a ranking of the best teams, not the teams with the most fanatical supporters or the teams that people like the most. - visitor

DAMN I like your coment dude! I am boys from Bandung will say it with pride: "PERSIB always be in the heart of their fans, no matter what, we always stand behind PERSIB" - visitor

so true... - visitor

We are HOOLIGAN PERSIB (VIKING), We will always suport PERSIB anytime, anywere, anywhen. - visitor

Dear Sir's

Don't look only eropean football, looking arround asian footbal. Persib Bandung is biggest Team in Indonesia and Asia, many star player from asia as shintawechai kosin hattairatanakool, suchao nutnum, Safee sali, Theratep winotai, Leonel lewis and many more want joint to Persib Bandung, so come to Bandung, Indomesia and see by themselves how the magnitude of we supporters of persib bandung - visitor


i don't want to blame anyone, I understand.. because you are not indonesian people & not as a BOBOTOH. Even PERSIB have never really done anything outside Indonesia or ASIA.. But our heart & Soul, is for PERSIB.

Peace, BOBOTOH & VIKING. - visitor

I think it's fair when there is positioned first persib top version of TENS.
because it has a charm that is extraordinary.
and also has very many supporters.
by: configurity of BOMBER PERSIB - visitor

thx for all of you who understand this case... its complicated feeling when I heard about PERSIB...
icant tell anymore... - visitor

Who is the creator of www.the-top-tens.com... ?
We are Persib fans can access that link and give the vote...
If you have complaint with result... Just make your own link and stop us if you can... - visitor

Just come to Bandung, Indonesia and you will see how big Persib is..! - visitor

You won't believe it! PERSIB has millions of fans. If all of them knew about this sites, I think, there will no space for others. Why PERSIB has so many fans in Indonesia, Asia or may be in the whole world. Because, PERSIB so reasonable to be loved. PERSIB is so natural to feel and so tough to believe. That's why PERSIB will always be the number ONE. - visitor

"But as the post states, the list is supposed to be a ranking of the best teams, not the teams with the most fanatical supporters or the teams that people like the most. "

it is true PERSIB is The Best Football Club - visitor

Are you kidding me? The best Teams come fron Europe (Bayern Munich, ManUnited, Barca) and not Asia! What is wrong with you? Number one is the Club with the best Result and not the „best” Fans. Persib is Number 60 maybe! - visitor

Who is persib.. I never heard this before.. The best team in the world?.. What a silly.. - visitor

Add fansfage persib on PERSIB ONLINE..
u can see the biggest suporter in indonesia.. :-) - visitor

Persib is the best football team in supporter, not in playing, not in skill, not in rank, not in match.

Hahahahahahah - visitor

What the hell?
I am a persib supporter but come on grow up it's not well known outside indonesia and this has destroyed the survey. - visitor

If you Don't Know PERSIB, Just Come To Bandung and watch PERSIB Match, May Be you'll Say WOOWW...!

#I SWEAR IT - visitor

PERSIB not just a football club, but PERSIB flesh and blood has become a tradition that the West Java & Bandung send down from the grandfather, grandmother, parents and children. Persib will always be in our hearts no matter what happens we will always support PERSIB. - visitor

Who is Persib Bandung... And Why Are They Ranked Number One? To ask this question, cammon before you holiday at bali (indonesia), go to bandung (indonesia) and watch when persib fight a match duel with other team and see the excitement in Gelora Bandung Lautan Api International Stadium, I confident you will be feel something & by nosensr - visitor

Persib is a great team, they can joint between football and traditional cultur of sundanese, so bravo for PERSIB - visitor

The answer is PRIDE! - visitor

I swear that you never watch PERSIB MAUNG BANDUNG match!
Because when you see it, you will see the art of football and what we call FAITH! - visitor

It doesn't talk about rank or prestise how rich n how much the great player in the club of football, but about historycal, and symbol of love for persib as the identity and pride of West Java especially Bandung. Finding something the natural great supporter in the world when you visiting Ina.. - visitor

Persib Bandung football club is currently the most common among the Club Financial ISL (Indonesian Super League), the players were nice and seemed very appropriate to represent Indonesia in the AFC, very fanatic supporters, and spread throughout the largest island in Indonesia and even Japan, and I was one of the fanatic fans of his.. Persib Bandung here there is only one ideology ya.. Football without racism and very fairplay. - NabbilElzhar

Don't just look Indonesia from Bali.. We have a persib, the club that have a tradition and love, fanatic suporter or die hard fans, even they ready for die to protect their club.. - visitor

I hope with the results of this vote, achievement of Persib also increasing. No matter what the comment from else, you (the top teen) should have made ​​a survey of the most supporters. If survey the best club, you better include the name of the club is really no doubt about his achievements. I think that. - visitor

HELLO? # PERSIB Bandung just the only team in the world who won the football league WITHOUT FOREIGN PLAYERS AND FOREIGN COACH! - visitor

Why Are They Ranked Number One?
I"ll tell you why:
Persib is not just a football club, Persib represent the symbol of Indonesian and west java's fought against dutch colonialism, and Persib Bandung also united us as nation, and gave us spirit to gain our freedom as a one nation. These spirit, love, and pride that has been inherited from our parents in many generations, and many generatios to come. You should come to Bandung, Indonesia and see it by your self. I bet you'll be amazed and love Persib Bandung as we are.
We are many, but we are one. We are blue, because we are Persib Bandung. - visitor

Persib is not only the big football club indonesis.. But Persib is tradition.. Blood.. Soul.. And heart for west java people in indonesia.. - visitor

Persib is our pride. If we choose barcelona or else... Then where our pride. People will be concerned with his pride than anything else - visitor

Maybe persib is not the best football club in the world, but persib is the best football club in my heart and bobotoh..
Why? Because I loved persib from the first time I saw the math of persib with the other club..
If you see the match of persib live, maybe you have the same feeling with me even maybe you will be bobotoh..

Try it...! - visitor

PERSIB have a fanatic supporter and the supporter PERSIB known as BOBOTOH, BOBOTOH spread in all of part of indonesia and world, everywhere PERSIB play BOBOTOH always support and come
Persib is a football team that originated from Bandung, West Java province, Indonesia. If you want to know why Persib be the first stage between soccer teams in the world, came to the city of Bandung is located in indonesia and catch her ​​direct competition to the stadium and you will feel the amazing atmosphere, because we bobotoh (Persib supporters) will always there to support Persib which already are

BY BoBoToH - visitor

Well, I'm from Indonesia and I know that Persib has never been the best in Indonesia.
It's just their supporter tried to ruin the result.
But I actually love it. Their supporters are AWESOME! - visitor

Others do not care to say anything
About the most important duo
Persib I am very proud to be part of
I would like to thank those who
Have made this site because you
Persib thanks duo became the talk
Around the world

To you PERSIB,
Our Soul


As the Europeans will surely be surprised what happens in top ten soccer, I imformasikan that PERSIB BANDUNG is a football club from Indonesia who are very much superternya so do not be surprised if PERSIB TEM could be ranked the world's first......

BANDUNG PERSIB come and see if you play in BANDUNG will definitely know the answer, - visitor

For those who complaint about Persib Bandung you should come and see their match live in stadium not in T.V. or computer, you will be surprised and why they got #1. - visitor

You're right, PERSIB not as good as barcelona or madrid team, but why PERSIB could be number one? , That's because the fans PERSIB in Indonesia over barca or madrid fans all over the world, and remember, PERSIB fan support with a conscience and a soul, because this is PERSIB bandung, PERSIB love forever. - visitor

If barcelona is number one club in the world.. So where they fans to support them? The best is not only club must be champion or have a great player, club without supporter is Nothing. PERSIB is our BLOOD no matter they win or lose or last ranking klub in the World. PERSIB IS OUR (PERSIB NU AINK) - mat.ugly

Indeed, for those of you PERSIB football club not excel in the world, but it is a unifying tatar Sunda that can be used as an Indonesian cultural achievements in general, especially in bandung. Wasallam.

Viking Barudak MTC - visitor

Persib have loyal supporters. Persib supporters even willing to do anything in order to watch his favorite team is. Ranging from selling mobile phones to sell their valuables. -BOMBER- - visitor

PERSIB is the best team from INDONESIA and ASIA..
And PERSIB have much supporter in the world like REAL MADRID and AC MILAN..
But if you don't bellieve, you come to BANDUNG, INDONESIA to see PERSIB in stadium, many people come to support Persib. - visitor

Persib is Persib... If you don't like this (1st best football).. Please STOP him if you can.. - visitor

Well. I'm not a fans of Persib, but I think the fans who vote Persib are right. They vote for the best team in the world, and also in their heart. I know that each of them is also fans of Barcelona, Man united, AC Milan, or others. But they still vote Persib, because Persib has a special room in their heart. And I wanna ask you, why did you vote Man united, not Barcelona? Or Chelsea, not AC Milan? Because Man United, or Chelsea, or Barcelona, or others, is your favorite team. Am I saying right? Because there is no direction in this site to vote the best team in the world as we thought, or we (you and all of us) thought. - visitor

nice dude - visitor

PERSIB always could be first from anything...
Because for us, loved to PERSIB like a tradision! - visitor

For all comment, may be you right about persib is bigest/most famous football club in indonesia, but for the biggest/best in the world?
Hello... - visitor

I am a women, but I love Persib. Have you ever been to Bandung city, west java ( indonesia )? If you never, please visit to Bandung and you have to see PERSIB Bandung play football... - visitor

I love persib before I was born, does not make sense but it's a reality. One day the whole world will see how extraordinary persib name. Come to Indonesia, come to Bandung, and watch the game persib, you will feel what we feel.. Unbelievable - ione

I am a women, but I love Persib. Have you ever been to Bandung city, west java ( indonesia )? If you never, please visit to Bandung and you have to see PERSIB Bandung playing football... You'll say Oo0h... Wonderful...! - visitor

Don't just look european football... - visitor

All right, persib duo did not like barca or real madrid.. But come to Indonesia, you surely know by what our team.. The world is not known, but in Asia, many who knew him.! - visitor

Persib bandung belongs to west java society, west java population around 50 million and it is considered about a half of population or 25 million are persib supporter and it is not included persib supporter outside west java and abroad, so, it is included, it is estimated persib bandung has more than 50 million supporter, no wonder persib bandung rank number one according to number of supporters - visitor

Yeah I see all of your comments, Indonesian guys

You just vote your lovely team with hearts, not heads

You have brains, IQ's, you can think, you are not monkeys, even monkeys could think better than you guys perhaps.

The best team is Barcelona, if you say your team is the best, then have a match against Barcelona!

Even QPR can beat your team easily, silly guys - visitor

For you all to know... Persib fan is also all around the world... And all over Indonesia... Not like all the other club in Indonesia... Viva Persib! - visitor

Yeah you monkeys can say whatever you want, we Indonesian humans still have hearts. And we love Persib with all our hearts.

What's the definition of 'best club' anyway? Surely it has nothing to do with winning matches. - visitor

It's not about skill, but it's about popularity guys... - visitor

Club without supporter is Nothing... Hello barcelona? Where are you? - visitor

Every football teams in Indonesia, got their fans spirit no matter what happen even if its team lose 10-0. That's Indonesia man, are you jealous ;)? Laugh out loud. What a silly team like real madrid lose from dortmund:)) - visitor

Hey hey..
Who Have the top tens web?
If you not believe this vote..
Create your Own Web!

Indonesia! - visitor

Almost more than half of the society are supporting PERSIB... - visitor

Mind blown, I think there is something wrong - visitor


Persib is not famous like Manchester United, barcelona, liverpool, bayern, real madrid and other European clubs.. But in our country and West Java INDONESIA persib not only as a football club persib so worth it. Persib is our life, our pride though persib not had time to carve achievements at the international level. But persib is everything for us and for ever - visitor

Everybody loses their mind for this.
But it makes sense because most of the voters are persib's supporters.
Your argument is invalid, so this survey is.
Mind blown. - visitor

COME TO BANDUNG, you will see WHAT IS PERSIB.. See the soul of match and the most fanatic fans club... You will never see the BEST SOUL of Football except in BANDUNG - visitor

Persib why, think about this. If Barcelona does not have a Messi, xavi, Neymar or other star players and barcelona only have players who are not known in the world, if there will be a love barcelona? Like a viking and bobotoh love to PERSIB?. If Barcelona did not win any title in the long term, if there is in this world that would love to barcelona? Like a viking and bobotoh love to PERSIB?. I think the only local resident who would love barcelona. It applies to ManUtd, Madrid or Millan. That's why PERSIB worthy of being the most popular in this site. Because PERSIB bigger than the players and PERSIB is ingrained in supporter. Best club is a club that supporters loved what the circumstances. That persib. - visitor

The different is:
You can have a big team with a millions of money, millions of expensive players, and millions fans around the world. But what it means if they do not care about their team..? You all are big, but didn't care..

And here we are the bandungers. We are diferent. We are big, we are a lot, and we are CARE a lot about our team, our life, our blood, our soul. Is PERSIB BANDUNG.

Because we vote from the bottom of our heart. - visitor

If you don't know WHO IS PERSIB BANDUNG, Y you NO Search in google Images, try for keywords "Persib Bandung", "Persib", "Viking Persib" or "BOBOTOH".
After it you will know why Persib Bandung are so Big!
And don't forget, read the story from wikipedia ^_^

(sorry for bad grammar) - visitor

You should have received with this poll.. Do not speak ill of PERSIB You should have received with this poll... If you vilify PERSIB, same you vilify the Indonesian nation.. And you should never speak ill of the Indonesian league as league is weak.. Are you willing to say if the league at the you country weak and helpless, like a worm-eaten leaves?

BY : The hero for PERSIB from Indonesia - visitor

Do not underestimate persib - visitor

PERSIB... For us is everything, we love and support them by heart. You may not know PERSIB, but for us PERSIB is part of our lives. We will keep menudung PERSIB anytime and anywhere, forever... - visitor

Persib bandung suporters is all round the globe. They are spreading from north to south pole.. I was in Mozambique, and I meet with the persib supporters, when I was in ottawa I meet with the persib supporter too. They are very loyal to the club, and pride to become persib supporters.
Congratulation for persib, becoming best club in the world.

Leyz - from Houstonn TX- - visitor

*reading comments*
Grammar, y you no use it? - visitor

Persib stupid club from indonesia, never win anything
Viking sound like norwegia? - visitor

Why PERSIB Is Numero uno? Because it must, stop us if you can
Viking Lembang - visitor

I'am Indonesians and I just wanna say that I was so proud to be one of the family of BOBOTOH! Keep your spirit Persib, your BOBOBTOH will support you...
Barcelona? Hahah I think it's nothing dude - visitor

The vote doesn't tell what the best football team in the world is, but who the best football team in the world is. - visitor

Haha don't blame PERSIB silly boy, blame who make this site. Any team who become candidates on this site can be number one, depend on the vote - visitor

Blame the persib fans. they are the biased [people who somehow managed to get persib to number one because they do not know what best means. - Puga

It's all about VOTE, iit's not about rich, about player, but it's about your heart. If you love your football club, you must vote and tell everyone to vote your football club, and you must be a marketing for your football club, if you don't do that, I think your football club isn't be the best club around the world, it isn't about games but it's all about your heart, your love, and filnally you know "Who is PERSIB BANDUNG And Why Are They Rangked Number One" Because million people love PERSIB BANDUNG with heart, with love and with soul...
-rino w- - visitor

Now you think, when you were born and became one of the supporters of your home football team, or team you support, if you will vote the other team? Team is better than your team. I think I will not do it. Yahh, this we are bobotoh persib Bandung, born in the continent of Asia, in a small country but our have great souls of the "Indonesia", in bandung west java is our base, maybe in the whole world we exist. We are proud!

We are Bobotoh Persib! - visitor

This weirdd, At least the club that placed at first, are known and won so much trophies.. I live in indonesia but, this is jut about vote I thought.. Persib is escalate the rank top the barcelona and other world's great teams, and nobody over there in europe know so well who persib is.. This webs should to do correction about this one.. Thanks - visitor

Haha, (really2 loud laugh) I am sure person make this articelis the jak...do you know the jak? The jak is trash of jakarta (mother city of indonesia) just a bandit and pobud envious of what has been obtained persinb bandung, either financial or management darisegi supporters are very much scattered around the corners indonesia.Meskipun is not in Balance with the achievement with a very fancy material..., but still it has always been a figure PERSIB Klu football number one in Indonesia..,
This poll is only about the achievements bukn right? But from all aspects! Then than I am sure that the person is just talking home alone and do not know the ins and outs of the previous persib that are not listed in google! Haha, (most Indonesian people that like this: usually just a trivial Kismet course, and a big mouth without knowing what he was talking about) * except me... (hope) - visitor

Persib isn't even close to being the best team in their league, how can they be the best team in the world? Persib hasn't won anything in almost 20 years. You people need to start voting with your brains. Persib would lose every single game by 5 goals they played if they played in a top flight European league. They wouldn't even be a top MLS team.

You can have pride and still be realistic. Stop embarrassing yourselves. - visitor

Because we are Indonesia. Persib is one of more bigger football club in this 200 million people in the world

Proud to Persib and Indonesia - visitor

Who is PERSIB? I never know even I am from indonesia.. - visitor

I believe if YOU are a liar just hater from Indonesia. - visitor

I believe if you are a liar and just hater from Indonesia. Jankmania or Aremania I guess...

People like you better bury your self - visitor

For the football club with the most fanatic supporters, Persib could be in the top 10 or even top 5.. As for the best football club in the world, I doubt it.. Most of persib voters here just simply couldn't understand that the list refers to THE BEST without any attribute that follows it, like (The Best Football Club Supporters, The Most Fanatic Football Club Supporters, etc)... Of course "THE BEST" refers to the achievement and the quality of the players, management, history, etc... In conclusion, Persib is definitely not the best football club in the world, BUT it definitely has one the most fanatic support in the world... Hope this concludes all the debates here... - visitor

I love the culture and Indonesian culture. Let people say what. I Love PERSIB. - visitor

I just want you to know. Now, Persib is not only a football club, the spirit beyond Maung Bandung become a faith, blood, and flesh. You want me to think rational, don't you? THIS IS MY RELIGION, NO IDEA NEEDED - visitor

I'm from Milan and I know about Persib Bandung, they had amazing support by the supporter. - visitor

I'm from london and I'm supporters of chelsea but when I ever come to bandung and see the persib match what an amazing supporters, great playing football.. So I think this vote is fair.. Congrats to persib hope chelsea have supporters like persib.. #SAMEBLUES - visitor

You can watch every media in Indonesia now...
And you can see why persib to be a number one...

Person juara... - visitor

Today hundreds of thousands or even millions of PERSIB Bandung fans down to the streets @ Bandung City and also rest of West Java Province, to celebrate the PERSIB victory in Indonesian Super League 2014.

Just a day, millions people gathered spontaneously. I wonder, whether your football club could do it? - visitor

PERSIB? Congratulation, sir... you've invited to come to Indonesia and visit Bandung City. You will be pleasant to stay. - visitor