Bayern Munich (Germany)

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Bayern is historically the most successful team in German football, as they have won the most championships and the most cups. They are also Germany's most successful team in international competitions, having won eleven trophies. Bayern is one of only four clubs to have won all three major European competitions and also the last club to have won the European Cup three times in a row, entitling them to wear a multiple winner badge during Champions League matches.

UEFA Champions League European Cup
Winner 1973 74, 1974 75, 1975 76, 2000 01, 2012 13
UEFA Europa League UEFA Cup
Winner 1995 96
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
Winner 1966 67
UEFA Super Cup
Winner 2013
Intercontinental Cup
Winner 1976, 2001
FIFA Club World Cup
Winner 2013

They have the best players, the best fans (never boo players, stadium is always full), dominate their league and international football, and have a great attitude towards fans and players (unlike Real Madrid, for example). Also, they played the most enjoyable football of any team in the world for a while. Bayern don't cheat, play clean and have amazing players. The only thing not to like is the coach, but even with Guardiola in charge Bayern are the best team in the world!

Ok they beat Barcelona 4-o and then again beat Barca 3-0, they have been to the finals of almost every champion's league, they have amazing lineup including muller, robben, lahm, ribery, they have the best goal keeper on the planet... And why the heck are they at the 11th position?

BAYERN MUNICH TOPS ALL! They won UEFA Champions League 2013! They've set many records this season! They completed the treble! They defeated Barcelona 7-0 aggregate! They've got one of the most dangerous sides in all of soccer! These guys deserve to at the top!

Bayern Munich best team and best front office in the world as they subsidize fans tickets who are going to see Bayern play Arsenal at the Emirates. Bayern the treble and won 5 trophies, titles and cups in 2013 and they are reaching out to help fans and their supporters.
Mia San Mia, Bayern Munich!
We are Who we are, Bayern Munich!

Persib Bandung places no. 4, persepolis places no.9, but Bayern is at no.11? What? What the hell is Persib Bandung and Persepolis? You have so many great teams in this list and these 2 clubs are in the top 10 and Bayern, Arsenal, Juventus, Inter, etc. Are even outside of top 10?

Bayern is the best, hands down.
How can anyone place a team in 6th, which all eleven guys come to play with 110% effort, a team which always beats the so-called "The best" almost all the time: Man U, Barca and Real, etc is beyond me. And is Persib Bandung? Whatever.

FC Bayern Munich may not have the stars like other Spanish or European teams but hey we have passion. We love the team. Players are loyal towards their team. And after all, we're truly united! FC Bayern, Forever Number One!

Have a ridiculously strong squad, with some of the best wingers, forwards, and midfielders, along with some of the better defenders in the world. Many of the starters on the team are stars on the national teams of many World Cup qualifiers.

What is that? That Indonesian Club which not even know what is football becomes first in the list.YOU ARE CRAZY

Beaten Arsenal 3-3 on away goals, Juventus 4-0 and Barcelona 7-0 in aggregate, first German team ever to win the treble. Like Real, we got both money and history. Unbeaten away in the league last season. Need more reason?

Manchester United is not better than Bayern Munich. If you guys want to know the truth go to football database. That is based on real life. Manchester United is 40th. That's how you know this is stupid. Bayern Munchen are 2nd right behind Barcelona.

FC Bayern Munich is one best club side in the world all time, Real Madrid (1), Liverpool (2) of all time... Bayern play with that German never give up attitude, nothing stop them until the final seconds...

I LOve Fc Bayern very much, I hope Bayern will play in European Champions League next season... And Robben so ribery are stay in Bayern...

With neuer in goal, they're unstoppable. Meanwhile, Robben and ribery are playing the entire field, and Gomez scores everything.

Best team ever! They really look like a bunch of friends or a big family playing the most beautiful game in the world.

Bayern Munchen is the best team ever. Beating Barcelona with a 7-0 aggregate proves it all. They were clearly the best at the 2013 champions league and they deserved to win!

It's the best team in the world with highest potential of attractive games. It might better by more fans and investments. One more thing about whole German teams is that they are investing on young players, so impressive. Best wishes for all, champions, Good Luck♥

Have any of the leading teams in this poll won their league 4 straight years? No? Didn't think so. That should speak for itself. Not to mention how the heck is Man Utd, a team that didn't even make it out of the group stages of the 2016 Champions League!

Always in their best form. They're the world giants with no argue. I just can't get all the hate they receive from non-fans. Guess they just can't accept the fact Bayern is better than their money making teams.

Bayern should have won the Champions League, they would if Robben wouldn't solo that much. Why is the number 1 the number 1? I don't even know that club!

Just op, all the stars like ribery, robben, schweinsteiger are like the best midfielders in the world the goalie neuer is after my opinion also the best and the back to back finals in the last few years just made it more obvious the FCB is the best Club in the world.

This is my favourite club, the team is awesome- schweinsteiger, muller, lahm, ozil, neuer!

We have just won the 2013 UEFA Champions League, the Bundesliga and will go on to beat Stuttgart and claim a treble. This is the powerhouse that KO Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate in the semi final and next year will go on and beat what Europe can offer them as a scarifice.

Definitely the best team in the world - Manuel Neuer-the best goalie in the world Phillip Lahm - Plays anywhere in defense and in all the positions he's still class. David Alaba - probably the best Austrian player I've ever seen and the best left back in the world. Bastian Schweinstiger - now proved that he is at the same level of class as Xavii and Iniesta. Arjen Robben - find a better right winger than this Dutch wizard-You can't! Thomas Müller - probably the most underrated player on the planet. A German magician of goalscoring! Frank Ribery - Franc the man! Apart from Zinedine Zidane, he's the best player I've ever seen develop from France. With the exception of Messi and Ronaldo-Ribery is the best player on the planet! Phenomenal! Mario Mandzukic- replacement for Mario Gomez and in my a pinion, he's better-once again a very underrated goal scorer! Finally it's Pep! - for me-the best manager in the world!