Inter (Italy)


Inter is without doubt the best football team of all time. The only Italian team never relegated from Serie A and the only Italian team member of the exclusive UEFA treble winner's club (just 8 clubs of the world). Black and blue are the best colours of the world. Forza Inter! Amala!

Come on, Inter should be first in this list. How can a giant and glorious club like Inter is behind club without history and honour?

Inter is the best the more succesfull then Chelsea or Arsenal they should be in the top 5

Inter 15? Are you kidding? Inter should be at least in top five. If this were a serious list.

VAMO VAMO INTER And I Agree With The Previous Comment! Its Not About The Love People Its About What's Real And Inter I Know This Year Went Wrong But Inter Get Sick But Never DIES

Inter is not only about Football, Inter are family, friends, honesty, charity and many more. FORZA RAGAZZI...

Brothers of the world since 1908, Inter should be first in this list. Really unacceptable position n. 15.

Inter is the only team that has no financial corruptions!

Inter is my life, because inter because it has an honesty that is not owned clubs in Italy, and DNA inter is serie A, ad we have treble...

I think Inter are a great team because italy who most inter club that was never in the serie B, inter italy is a club that won the treble, by it because I chose inter

No more club like inter. So friendly and much fanatic fans all around the world.
I've fall in love with inter since I like football and will be my lovely forever...

Inter is one of the best football club in the world with many transfers top player in the world so forza for inter. Inter is still growing up for reaching the success such as 2010 winning.

the treble champion is the best absolutely.
Go inter go inter go.
Consistent performance, and no calciopoli

F.C. internazionale Milano is my favorite team from the city of Milano, with 6 European titles and 18 Serie A title - MatrixGuy

Great club which history shows how to respect others and how to be open for other cultures, say no to racism.

This is the best, most harmonious and generous club in Serie A. They have won many scudetti, and now 3 champions league titles. They also have made inter campus, which supports the children of poorer nations.

Inter have won the most champion league titles then any other serie a team should be ranked in the top ten

This team have a very great history. But, in the last 5 years they survived bad seasons. But in this season(2015-2016) I think they will go up and will be a great team just like it was.

Inter is life inter is passion. At the age of 3 I started supporting inter in the good times as in the bad times inter will always be in my heart

The only treble winner team and never get a relegation in Italy, that's make Inter the best team in Italy.

The only Italian Club that ever won the Treble Winners, another italian clubs?... NOTHING, they don't have!

yup.. they gonna win this year champions league and morinho is the one behind it - blind_bikerz

I'm always love inter even in this season having a bad start. Inter is in my heart ever and forever!

Inter is a honest club in italy
Forza inter

Greatest club of the world. Inter is my love, my life, my family. Amala.