Kingfisher East Bengal FC (India)


East bengal club does not only endorse Football it Represents the community from which we belong... It is like mother.
History and Statistics says we are the most successful club of South-East asia... We may lack the footballing supremacy but when it comes to madness and support we are No1 in this Football Crazy World

We are the only Club in India to have won an elite stage tournament of Asia, The Asean Cup Championship in 2003, the First Winners of Asean Cup. Our U-15 team had stood 18th in World Rankings in The Nike Manchester United Premier Cup, 2007 at Manchester. We are the most successful club in the history of I-league in India. We currently have 6 of our players representing the country in the ongoing Nehru Cup. VIVA EAST Bengal... Always On Top... Regards East Bengal Tigers On Field Fan Club, Official fan Club of East Bengal Club, India.

Go East-Bengal. I love Our Club. Be with you Kingfisher East Bengal. We wants I-League, Fed Cup(2012)& More-over our looks will be AFC Champions Cup. So we needs your help, Pray for our club. We are the Real- Power. Joy East -Bengal. So East-Bengal Till I die I love My club. We have some real quality players at the club, we have a quality manager and we have great support(Start From 1920 & till now! ). At the moment right now this is simply the best club in the world to support. Finally come on you stripes! Lets have another memorable season and for all you doormats out there remember you can always support East Bengal Club. Joy EB.

The club I am attached to by birth! The club rather only Football club of India who held the national flag high up on the foreign soil! The club from the birth is a symbol of fight for pride! The fact about East Bengal is astonishing, definitely the best club of India and by the affection and the fanaticism of the club supporters are as good as may be better than some of the leading club of the world.

This is no doubt the best soccer club in India with a rich history. It is one of the most successful clubs in South Asia. East Bengal has the feat of defeating some of the renowned clubs of Asia in the international arena, apart from emerging as the national champions a number of times. It has also won the local league under IFA the maximum number of times, with the second-best winners Mohun Bagan trailing far behind. Its arch rivalry with Mohun Bagan is known across the country and in face to face encounters, East Bengal is ahead with almost 35 more victories than their opponent.

EAST BENGAL... The name is enough to generate palpitation amongst the other clubs in India. The most progressive club of India. The spirit of the game if the main driving force of the players to perform their best and take the club to the zenith of pride. The red and gold color of the Jersey reveals the glamour and inculcates the best performance in each player who plays for this club.

Kingfisher East Bengal is not only a football club. Like its logo, the burning flame it represents the entire community as well as the dream and soul of millions of people who are East Bengal lovers. The courage, the spirit, the enthusiasm, the voice... The list is countless as we are the power to represent the football lover of the world.
Our rivalry with "Mohun Bagan" is being voted the 1st position in the greatest rivalry in the world of soccer followed by Real Madrid vs Barcelona.

Kingfisher EAST BENGAL is one of the best clubs of India, it started it's journey in 1920 and has won many titles in India and a broad. This club has a vast fan following in India specially in the city of KOLKATA, as EAST BENGAL member we want our beloved club becomes one of the best clubs of the world, thank you

The name East Bengal FC means success. In the long & illustrious journey of 92 years East Bengal FC have won every major trophy in India many times and certainly the most successful football club in India. Also against the foreign clubs East Bengal FC is the most successful Indian club. EAST OR WEST EAST BENGAL IS THE BEST!

Most successful club in India with maximum no of trophies than any other club in India... It has a high reputation among the people of India... Whenever East Bengal gets to the field for a match... Opposition teams shivers like hell... In India football means East Bengal... Pride means East Bengal... Glory Means East Bengal...

East Bengal is the actually national club of India with there performences... Not in a age.. East Bengal is Idol & Mother of Indian Football. All football lovers are actually East Bengal Lovers. I born & brought by East Bengal culture.. This culture learn to how to respect others & How to made a perfect men., My Heart East Bengal, My Love East Bengal, My mother east Bengal, My Father East Bengal, My Blood East Bengal... We Love Very Much This Temple (club) of Football...

East Bengal as a place does not exist anymore - the people do. The displaced people of East Bengal have no country and no hope of one. However what they have is this football club which stands for all they stand for. The love for the club of its supporters are unparalleled in the history of the world.

I don't need any reason to love East bengal, our mother club. Still I want to say few words about that club. Apart from remarkably successful team in India, East Bengal's fighting spirit is phenomenal among the Indian clubs. Beside it's the 1st team I watched when I was 7-8 years old along with my uncles and cousin brother. Above all I'm passionate about the club.
Nothing will ever replace that. :-)

The passion of Football has been carried through its heritage by the one & Only truly professional club EAST BENGAL. India's one of the best club East Bengal is our Love & Honour. In India if you love Football you have to be a Fan of East Bengal- the passion for passionate football Fans.

My beloved club... A die hurt fan since my childhood... Won the historic ASEAN cup... Have won all major trophies in India... Won national league 3 times... Have the good records against foreign clubs... JOY East Bengal.

I always prefer the best. Kingfisher East Bengal FC is the best club of India, so I support this club & voted for Kingfisher East Bengal FC. I wish my club will be in the top 5 position in this ranking.

The best club in India.. East Bengal has achieved success in both national and international trophies being a club from the Country like India who's ranking is below 150 in the FIFA list it's a great achievement.. No other club in India has this kind of success in India


S much of history and passion attached to this club! Has millions of fabulous supporter around the globe and most importantly this club has always been a sign of hope for billions of people who got uprooted by partition of Indian subcontinent!

Undoubtedly the best football club in India.. And statistics say that it is the most successful club in south- east Asia. East bengal makes us proud for what it has been. And we are all proud to be a supporter of this club.. Respect for EAST BENGAL... m/

Although I am a ghoti... But I love east bengal... Because east bengal is the only club in India which has the potential to take Indian football to the zenith of success... East bengal club emulates international clubs like manchester n Barcelona... Whereas other clubs in India emulate east bengal but in vain

This the the best club in India. Most disciplined club. If you see the performance of the club it's performance consistency is up side. I respect all the player and official of the club who always try to give their best for the club.

Kingfisher Eastbengal Club is the major club carrying the honour of 100+ years of Indian Football. Its success against mightier opponents glorified India a lot

The best club of Indian sub continent and soon to be the best club of South East Asia... Most consistent performer nationally and internationally... Has the largest fan base all over the world...

This is the best club in India... Made it;s presence outside India as well.. With Morgan as the coach, we will surely make our presence in a bigger way outside India.. Three Cheers for East Bengal..