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381 PAOK (Greece)

PAOK's fans are just as fanatic as the infamous fans of Boca Juniors and River Plate. Just for the incredible fan support for an otherwise not so important club, I vote it the best. - RigasUT

Great Club, has the best fans in world football. Superb Atmosphere in their home ground, only if you have been at a match at the Toumba Stadium in Salonika will you realize what football passion is about.
P.A.O.K Salonika rules

paok re... the best fans in greece with distance from the others...


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382 Selangor FC (Malaysia)

Selangor fc is the greatest champions team in Malaysia league and cup and they are the team that have successful go to the afc champions league final

Why Malaysia is down under? Indonesia is lose every match with us.. Indon is 1-8 chelsea you know.. They shall not be top Best Football ever

Malaysia boleh... The manchester united of Malaysia5 times Malaysia Cup Champions...
5 times FA Cup Champions...
6 times continental champions
25 times league champions..
28 times charity shield winners

383 America MG (Brazil)
384 Atletico Paranaense (Brazil)
385 Persija Jakarta (Indonesia)

KEEP THE ORANGE FLAG FLYING HIGH! Team from capital regional of Indonesia.. Persija Jakarta

Persija is the most be champion is Indonesia competition, that is ten times.

Persija is great team, we are Jak mania Always support Persija

Persija is hooligan - Jancukman777

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386 Persijap Jepara (Indonesia)

Just an ordinary football club but can make a world of so extraordinary

Is the best club dor regenerations

387 Kelantan F.A. (Malaysia)

Kelantan F.A. is one of the best club in Malaysia. In terms of their player, their fans, their skills, yes they are the best among the best. Whether they win the game or lose it, their fans are always there, giving their support and courage to their warriors.

This club has the greatest fanatic fans... their players also give full commitment in every game...

This is the best club ever in my life. Lets support this club so you know how the suppoter mean by

388 Stockport County (England)

I love them all in one place in a row

389 AFC Leopards (Kenya)
390 Watford FC (England)

Watford is awesome! And were even better when they had Scott Loach and Chris Iwelumo

391 PPSM Sakti Magelang (Indonesia)
392 Gallos Blancos (Mexico)
393 Rapid Bucuresti (Romania)

This club has the best fans by what they do every match... It doesn't matter the whether nor the score... The fans sing all the time

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394 PSB Bogor (Indonesia)

The best and the legend football club in Indonesia beside Persib Bandung. I'm proud to be their supporter.

395 Wesbank Tigers FC (Namibia)

The oldest football team in Namibia, with a rich history and a rich culture, Second on the log this season. It helped Namibian soccer to get where it is now, Nicknamed "Ingweinyama"

396 Gresik United FC (Indonesia)

Ultras gresik is the best.

The best supporter in the world.. Alangkah indahnya bersatu! Forza gresik united.. No anarkis no racism!

98 in the world... Wow

The team is the best, tridarma stadium paradise for supporter, gresik is the best.

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397 Perseden Denpasar (Indonesia)
398 Cambridge United (England)

This team is in the Blue Square Bet Premier. They nearly got into the Premiership (The First Division) and are currently managed by Jez George. Viva La Jezeloution

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399 Persikapur Purworejo (Indonesia)
400 McDowell Mohun Bagan (India)

Mohunbagan forever... They won against British team in 1911 with naked foots against spikes...

They are the best. As they play with blood. They should be in top ten - Raj2rock

Undoubtedly the best club in Asia both in terms of history & performance... The only club in Asia to have played against the greatest footballer Pele, also played against stalwarts like Giorgio Chinaglia, Roger Milla, Oliver Kahn (Farewell match). The club to have defeated Franza, Oman ranked among the top five Asian Clubs then, held Ararat, USSR 2-2 in the 1978 IFA Shield final, Ararat was among the top 10 European Clubs then... Not to mention the club's glorious performances against the European teams before India's independence and that too bare-footed! All the Padmashree winners in soccer have played for this club, Sailen Manna crowned the Indian footballer of the century have played all his life for Mohun Bagan. India's best performance in Olympic soccer (ranked 4th in 1956) came under the leadership of Samar (Badru) Banerjee who throughout his career donned Mohun Bagan colors, India's both Asian Games golds came under the leadership of Mohun Bagan players (who spent their entire ...more

I respect this team

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