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401 APR FC (Rwanda)
402 Toronto FC (Canada) Toronto FC (Canada) V 2 Comments
403 PSSS Situbondo (Indonesia)
404 AIK Fotboll (Sweden)

Largest soccer team in northern Europe, the most successful team in Sweden, if not the most successful in the Nordic area. Best fans and the largest firm. They also got most SM-gulds (trophies).

Most stupid and retarded club ever made. Brainwashed fans. - NN02

405 Peshmerga FC (Iraq)
406 Lille OSC (France)
407 Sport Club Corinthians (Brazil)

Biggest and best club in Brazil and South American at the time, won the Boca jrs in the final of which was a liberating mitoo / Legend of the competition, but the team overcame and won.
1, the first World Champion FIFA clubs
More than 33 million fans.
One hundred of the most modern training america.
Stadium which will host the Opening of the World Cup.
Penta Brazilian champion.

The biggest Brazilian team.
First Champion of the World (FIFA cup, 2000), champion of Libertadores the America 2012 (without losses), actual Champion of Brazil, 30 million fans around the world, and the most impressive chant.

More than 30 million fans around the world! Corinthians... My life, my history, my love! The champion of the Libertadores the America undefeated!

Surely the best soccer club in Brasil, easily one of the biggest among those situated and localized in South America. Its story is astonishingly beautiful and full of emotions and. Not to mention its supporters, the most exciting and amazing stuff about this club, we are very passionate and, with a bit of controversy, we stand as the second largest in the country with an ability that allow us to be somewhat capable to maintain an occupation of 81% of the full capacity of the fascinating Arena Corinthians. However, we pursue a hatred belong our fiercest rivals, which makes our greatness speak even further.

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408 Floresta F.C. (Brazil)
409 Stevenage (England)
410 Enyimba F.C. (Nigeria)
411 Aktobe (Kazakhstan)
412 Chirag United Club Kerala (India)
413 Chivas (Mexico)

I love chivas and I know that the can do way better I won't give up on them there the best team I know

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414 Esporte Clube Bahia (Brazil)
415 Prayag United (India)
416 Rojos (Guatemala)
417 Cremas (Guatemala)
418 Mumbai FC (India)

Mumbai Go... The Gateway warriors here they come... The warriors in Yellow...

Not bad

419 C.F. Monterrey (Mexico) C.F. Monterrey (Mexico)
420 Esperance Sportive de Tunis (Tunisia)
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