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421 Portadown F.C. (Northern Ireland)
422 Shahrdari Yasuj (Iran)

Real red has real fans. I love shahrdari.

Real red is just shahrdari.

423 S.C. Damash (Iran)

S.C. damash is the best football club in Iran. It has great talented players and amazing fans.

Best Sport Club For ever :X It has best players and Fans In Asia

We have the most passionate fans in Iran. We are the best team in the north of Iran. We love our club by the depth of our heart.

Good GooDd...

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424 Malavan (Iran)

Iran malavan world malavan

Na Ghermez na Abi, Sefide Asiayi
No to Red(Perspolis) no to Blue(Esteghlal), Asian White

Malavan is a best football club in Iran

Malavan has 3 champions cup in Iran

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425 FC Aarau (Switzerland)
426 Sanat Naft (Iran)
427 Ceres FC (Philippines)

Some people say that Philippines teams are a bunch of "clones" but these clones have pure filipino blood running through their veins that can be lethal watch out world the Philippines is rising Ceres la Salle is a best example of it!

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428 Saba Qom (Iran)

Explain why you think your addition should be included in this list

429 Alajuelense (Costa Rica) Alajuelense (Costa Rica)

Look for it in internet, if you know Saprissa you will know that the club world cup they went to. They shouldn't - Valenciano

430 AS Saint-√Čtienne (France)
431 Slavia Prague (Czech Republic) V 1 Comment
432 Adana Demirspor (Turkey)
433 Al-Ittihad (Saudi Arabia)

Best team in Asia and one of the best team around the world.

King of Asia

434 PSIS Semarang (Indonesia)

PSIS Semarang is the club football from central java

This club is my life

PSIS jiwa raga kami

Semarang will never dies

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435 PSS Sleman (Indonesia)

PSS Sleman not just a club, but also its people, culture, natural resources, and much more.
Playing with unyielding spirit, the strength that comes from the soul, mind and soul, the love of football, and playing with heart.
We all love PSS Sleman, ranging from our father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, mailman, security, businessmen, local governments, and even shoe cobbler and parking attendants.

This team is not as rich as other teams in Indonesia.
But it has big resources called supporters and local talents (Brigata Curva Sud 1976 and Slemania are two biggest PSS fan community).
Located in Special District of Yogyakarta, the heart of Java island, PSS Sleman has so many fan base outside its own region.
One thing that Sleman pride is its local talents. For your information, PSS Sleman has its own internal league with more than 50 amateur clubs. So, those amateur clubs become the supplier for PSS Sleman to produce our future "local hero" in football.
PSS Sleman doesn't have many commercial sponsorship and this team isn't funded by using government money but believe it or not, PSS Sleman is still survive till today. Even, PSS Sleman is growing bigger and bigger every single day. Why? Because it has true loyal supporters.

In Sleman, supporters is the true owner, sponsor, and THE ETERNAL HEIR of the team..

So, trust me, GOD SAVE PSS SLEMAN!



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436 Persik Kendal (Indonesia)
437 Botev Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
438 PSISra Sragen (Indonesia)
439 Persebi Boyolali (Indonesia)

Persebi Boyolali or Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Boyolali is an Indonesian football club based in Boyolali, Central Java. Club played in Liga Indonesia First Division. Keep Support Our Local Team PERSEBI BOYOLALI - SALTER -

440 Metropolitan Police F.C. (England)
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