Best Football (Soccer) Clubs in the World

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481 Persita Tangerang (Indonesia)
482 PSK Kota Kupang (Indonesia)

I don't think they are the 9 best soccer I think they do not belong in here.

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483 Ulsan Hyundai Tigers (Korea)

This amazing team is way better than all of those Indonesian teams-COMBINED!

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484 Real Oviedo (Spain)

I'm gonna ask you to think of one club that can bring the whole football world together? Still thinking? That's right Real Oviedo. They have a similar story to that of Leeds United but even better. Once playing European football, Oviedo boasts former players such as Santi Cazorla, Juan Mata and Michu but recently they have been in the dumps. They were inches from bankruptcy and dropped to the 3rd tier of Spanish football. After asking for help they attracted HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE who all bought shares in this club including the worlds richest man Carlos Slim, Real Madrid, Juan Mata himself and YouTubers such as Spencer FC. They are now in the Second Tier and are making a strong challenge to be back up in the BBVA in the 2016/17 season. If you are not an Oviedo fan I encourage you to make them your second team and if you already have one just give this team some support. They really deserve it. Expect to see them back in the Champions and Europa League in the coming years. ...more

Hi I'm a Real Oviedo fan,and I only can say: Thank you,thank you for save our team I've met Real Oviedo shareholers from other countries here,in Oviedo and them are top so if u come to Oviedo you will have a warm welcome!

485 Palermo (Italy)
486 Ruch Chorzów (Poland)

Sorry I didn't mean to be so rude when I said crap team I meant very crap team so crap even poo thinks they are poo

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487 Pusamania Borneo F.C. (Indonesian)

Oh god why this team?

What? Amazing club? Are you kidding me? LOL

Tasha Ajman Jan Jan Ora


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488 Sassuolo (Italy)
489 Wacker Burghausen (Germany)

Black and white rocks the night!

490 Quakers Hill Tigers (Australia) V 2 Comments
491 Rochester Rhinos (United States)
492 Pec Zwolle (Netherlands)

Best team in the eredivisie

ron jans!

493 Belgrano de Córdoba (Argentina)
494 Newell's Old Boys (Argentina)

They used to have 2 legends maradona and Messi let me

495 Hannover 96 (Germany) Hannover 96 (Germany) V 1 Comment
496 Standard Liège (Belgium)

Very good team in Belgium, quite successful indeed

497 IF Elfsborg (Sweden)
498 Yeovil Town (England)

Community Club that's run by the supporters. Progressed as far as the Championship in just 10 years from the bottom roots of the English League. Progressive Club and one of the most notable achievements in a short period of time. - daarman12

499 Minnesota United (America) V 1 Comment
500 Akhisar Belediyespor (Turkey)
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