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41 Sao Paulo F.C. (Brazil)

Certainly the best soccer club in Brazil, is the biggest winner from Libertadores the America(UEFA from south america), the biggest winner in Brazil from the FIFA Club World Cup, and the biggest winner from the National Championship(Campeonato Brasileiro).

No doubts about it... Barcelona knows it, Milan knows it, Liverpool knows it... Everybody knows!

Santos is the best club in brasil.. Needs more higher position! Agree with all the comments written below.. and santos is lucky.. Firstly it got robinho, then neymar and now kaka, whole Brazil magic in one

It's better than every South American team but boca juniors

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42 Lyon (France)

According to me this is the best team in the world! I love this football club because they play fantastic. Go, Lyon, go! :DD

The best team in France after psg how can they be rated sol less

How are they Lower than Blackpool and Newcastle

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43 Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Germany)

This is not a Club it is your life man!

Chicharito and the others are great

44 FC Schalke 04 (Germany)

Schalke 04, have been so brave to make it to the champion league semi-final, what a nice brave team and I think Schalke should be just outside the top ten from this great performance and by the way, they beat Inter 5-2 away for god sake.

Not many clubs out there with more passionate fans and a bigger tradition...

Schalke is the team with the best fans.
I think they are the best team in the bundesliga
Theyve won the dfb like times and that's very impressive

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45 SSC Napoli (Italy)

Best Italian club, won the league twice with Maradona...

Napoli smash nearly all these teams they finished second in the italian league how r there there

Just look at the Champions League Group F:

Borussia 12 pts
Arsenal 12 pts
Napoli 12 pts
Marseille 12 pts

They are one of the best European teams!

They should at least be in the top ten

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46 Cruz Azul (Mexico) Cruz Azul (Mexico)

I know Cruz Azul is probably not the best soccer team but I've bee "azul" since I was born. I gave my vote to Cruz Azul because to honor my dad.

Cruz Azul can beat any team in the Mexican league they might not e the best of the best but they sure are sure good

As always mexican league under rated. Really? When have you ever seen a spanich team completly destroy a mexican team NO! Maybe only the really crappy teams! But NO! Either its a 1-0 mexican defeaT OR win or most of the time a tie. Sure there not better than barcelena but they will put up a good fight with them. Chivas and America are 100 years old only 10/11 titles cruz azul 45 years with 8 and go to the play offs every year! CRUZ AZUL IS THE BEST MEXICAN TEAM... Not the worlds most likely but they are up there too.


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47 Persija Jakarta (Indonesia)

KEEP THE ORANGE FLAG FLYING HIGH! Team from capital regional of Indonesia.. Persija Jakarta

Persija is the most be champion is Indonesia competition, that is ten times.

Persija is great team, we are Jak mania Always support Persija

Persija is wonderful

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48 Werder Bremen (Germany)

theres a long list of big teams they defeated. eg. chelsea and madrid. Diego is unbelievable - AresRed

There was a time where they were the best German team...

Best fans of the world

49 Aston Villa (England)

One of the oldest and proudest teams anywhere in the world. Helped found the English league and helped get football spread world withe. Now often over shadowed by the big spenders, we still have a great following and loyal fan base... And I'm sorry, but those teams at the top of this list from Indonesia etc would be slaughtered by Villa on the pitch... Even by our reserves

The worlds most historic football club... Founder members of the football league... European champions 1982... Come on you lions..!

Best football club in world's best league won every major trophy not like other so called big clubs a club with passion

One of the best fan but the big spenders get ALL the attention:(


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50 Valencia (Spain)

It is one of the only Spanish teams that can beat Real Madrid or Barcelona. Has many rising Spanish stars!

Top players like Soldado, Villa... Tough to compete with salaries from Barca and Real Madrid although Valencia plays very well against the

51 Besiktas (Turkey)

1903 First football club of Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic. Maybe its not the best football team of all world but our hearts world champion is Besiktas. Besiktas fans are the best supporters of the world ( Carsi ). Our Legend players are LES FERDINAND, STEFAN KUNTZ, KLEBERSON, RICARDINHO, CAREW, RONNY JOHNSEN, H. ALMEIDA, SIMAO SABROSA, GUTI AND QUARESSMA QUARESSMA ALLEY ALLEEY ALLEY

It's not just being a supporter it's a way of life And for most Besiktas supporters it's not about winning or losing but how you won or lost and the way the team played with soul and passion. No Glory hunters here. Besiktas till I die. Fenevbahce wishes they had our soul then maybe they won't be so scared when they play us.

the best team in turkey. has the best fun in the world. the oldest team of turkey

Shh, 1 2 3, BESIKTAS!

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52 Maung Bandung (Indonesia)

the greatest football club in south east asia... maung bandung, west java indonesia, more than a club but one of proud I'm my city... bandung... go persib... bravo... hidup maung bandung

The great football from indonesia

We will stay behind you!

"PERSIB nu aink"

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53 England FC (England)
54 Trabzonspor (Turkey)

Trabzonspor is best Turkish team ever!

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55 Kingfisher East Bengal FC (India)

Most successful club indeed. Respect EAST BENGAL. You are my first and only love. I will keep loving you till my last breath.

Undoubtedly this is the best club of India. Won Kolkata premier league for the maximum number of times. Not only they are most successful, but most popular too. Have won all the major trophies, in fact leading the list of overall trophies won by any Indian club!

Yes, this is the most respectful & progressive club of India. Highest time Kolkata League Champion. Last year Federation Cup & I League Runers & Kolakata league & one of the prestigious tournament IFA Shield Champion. India's one of the best club East Bengal is our Love & Honour. Three Cheears for EAST BENGAL, Hip HIP Hurrah.


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56 AFC Bournemouth (England)
57 Mansfield Town (England)

Dirty midden as director. Simples

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58 Persikab Kabupaten Bandung (Indonesia)


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59 Sporting (Portugal)

Won a bowls of bowls;Portuguese championships won eighteen;won the cup 4 times league;gained fifteen times the glass of Portugal;won seven times the super cup;once won the Iberian Cup;nineteen times won the championship lisbon;gained thirty times the cup of honor and gained forty two times the reserve league.

Redo this list Now! And put Portugal's Sporting Lisbon at least in the top 20's or 30's!

I which to join the term if opportunity is given

Sporting for EVER! Beautiful Club!

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60 Santos (Brazil)

Best team in the world, the king of the football team.

Hello, the team who brought us pele and neymar!

Santos 8 Brazilian Championship
3 Libertadores
2 Mundias.

Destroy Milan and Benfica in 1962 and 1963.

Pelé the Great play in Santos, Carlos Alberto Torres, Gilmar do Santos Neves, Coutinho, Robinho, Neymar, Ganso and etc.


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