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61 Brisbane Roar (Australia)

33 matches undefeated - No other team has done that ever! Plus 7-1 against the team that is ranked "85"

Literally the most successful Soccer Team in Australia.

Go Roar! - micahisthebest

62 Olimpia (Paraguay)
63 Exeter City (England)

They are terrible why is this team on this list?

64 PSM Makassr (Indonesia)

The greatest Club In Indonesia maybe in the world... Never degradation to a lower league on Indonesia... Not Like The other club they are all ever have degradation.. The greatest Indonesian Football Ramang from PSM not from Java Island

Great team from Makassar... Bravo celebes

Not like other, they not the best but still the best

Psm makassar is the best club in the world I guess

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65 S.L. Benfica (Portugal) S.L. Benfica (Portugal) Sport Lisboa e Benfica, commonly known as Benfica, is a Portuguese sports club based in Lisbon, Portugal. V 1 Comment
66 Leicester City F.C. (England)

They've just won the premier league with nowhere near the amount of money that the big clubs have. They deserve to be higher. - jimicenafromintempo

The greatest team the world has ever seen

Best team in the championship should have been in the list.


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67 Chicago Fire (USA) Chicago Fire (USA)

Fire is 100th best

68 Shahrdari Tabriz (Iran)

Real red has real fans.

Best soccer club is shahrdari tabtiz.


Very Very GOH team...

69 Olympic Lion (France)
70 Bohemian FC (Republic of Ireland)

Um - Puga

71 River Plate (Argentina)

Best team ever!
They are the best team in the Argentina's football soccer history, although they are passing by a bad time right now I am sure they will pass over it.

The team with more leagues of Argentina, one of the most important countries for football

One of the best teams from South America

3 Copa libertadores now, 5 international titles in the last 2 years. The team with more national titles than any other team in Argentina. The argentinian team that export the best players to europe (from Distefano to Mascherano). This ranking is a joke!

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72 Persisam Putra Samarinda (Indonesia)

Football club in Indonesia which is has biggest supporter at Borneo island. Many star players here. Will become as champion of Indonesia Super league 2011/2012

Go Indonesia, Go Persisam

Go Persisam
I come from Borneo
So I support for Persisam

Billions of people in Indonesia want to see Indonesia to host world cup 2022 - dhika

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73 Sydney F.C. (Australia)

Sydney fc are the most amazing football team. I don't think theyre the best in the world, but theyre by far the best in the a-league. I can't wait to see them win another championship like they did against melbourne in march 2010. Most amazing penalties, and by far my favourite football team ever. - ilovesydneyfc

Incredible team. World class players such as Del Piero, Dwight Yorke and Bobo have played for them

Sydney fc are incredible, they are in a different league to barca and utd. They have incredible talent and would beat Barcelona 10-0

Sydney fc is probably the most underrated team in the world.they could easily win any premiership in any country.theywould romp it in the EPL.would Cruz in any European completion.They might have a bit of difficulty in the Thailand premier league as they have incredible talent coming through and they have a strong premier league with on coming teams like Nakhon Ratchasima who will win the Asian championship within the next 3 years if Sydney fail to fo do.The future is bright for Sydney fc

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74 Bandung FC (Indonesia)

Lee Hendrie is here, he is the best player when he was at aston vila. Now he play for Indonesian club which Bandun FC. - ajifaruanyamaguchi

Bandung is the best
I want the world cup 2022 was held in Indonesia - dhika

75 Wellington Phoenix (New Zealand)


Wellington phoenix rule and basically the NZ football team line-out

I love you perspolise
I love you Ali Karimi.
I love you IRAN.

Wellington Phoinex!

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76 Fiorentina (Italy)

What about this club?! They are way good than some there, how come no-one thought of this team?! - marlonacott

Love for this team is better than any trophy



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77 Anderlecht (Belgium)

Anderlecht should be in the first 20!

78 Portsmouth F.C. (England) Portsmouth F.C. (England)

Play Up Pompey! Along with Celtic, Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund the best atmosphere at games and the truest of truest fans! Still fill a stadium in league 2 20, 000 a game compared to the rest around 5000, respect to all clubs (apart from the scummers) especially Dortmund, the Yellow Wall= WOW, but Blue Army for life, just waiting for that russian billionaire investor now...

Noisiest fans in the land. Best atmosphere at games and get more fans at each game than the rest of the league added together. Play Up Pompey! - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

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79 Villarreal CF (Spain)

The fans, loyalty, atmosphere, club philosophy, attractive football. This club has it all.

This club should be higher up... Way higher

I don't know why I voted

80 Gostaresh Foolad (Iran)

A team with blue shirts in Azerbaijan, brother of big Tractor this team with Faraz Kamalvand can be a very good team because they have this potential but we should support it.
Please give most point I want to see this text at first of this list.

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