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81 Fiorentina (Italy)

What about this club?! They are way good than some there, how come no-one thought of this team?! - marlonacott

Love for this team is better than any trophy



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82 Anderlecht (Belgium)

Anderlecht should be in the first 20!

83 Gostaresh Foolad (Iran)

A team with blue shirts in Azerbaijan, brother of big Tractor this team with Faraz Kamalvand can be a very good team because they have this potential but we should support it.
Please give most point I want to see this text at first of this list.

84 Blackpool (England)
85 Kingfisher East Bengal FC (India)

Most successful club indeed. Respect EAST BENGAL. You are my first and only love. I will keep loving you till my last breath.

Undoubtedly this is the best club of India. Won Kolkata premier league for the maximum number of times. Not only they are most successful, but most popular too. Have won all the major trophies, in fact leading the list of overall trophies won by any Indian club!

Yes, this is the most respectful & progressive club of India. Highest time Kolkata League Champion. Last year Federation Cup & I League Runers & Kolakata league & one of the prestigious tournament IFA Shield Champion. India's one of the best club East Bengal is our Love & Honour. Three Cheears for EAST BENGAL, Hip HIP Hurrah.


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86 Barito Putra Banjarmasin (Indonesia)

The best club in 1000 rivers borneo...
From zero to hero with nothing expensive player but can fighting in big five ISL (Indonesia Super Liga).

My team the best

Barito putera, is the best

Pride Of Banua

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87 Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia)

In the world's best city can exist only the best football team! Even without Ars_shavin.

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88 Persik Kediri (Indonesia)

We love persik we do

The greatest football club in the world!

Persik kediri is my life. I love persik kediri. The greatest football in the world. With having the most fanatik supporter in domestic league. I think it's better than arema or persebaya (the other indonesian football club).

Salam darah ungu

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89 Persikabo Bogor (Indonesia)

Persikabo Bogor is a professional football club based in the Stadium Persikabo, Bogor Regency. West Java, Indonesia - arie

Persikabo most phenomenal team in the top division Indonesian Super League (ISL)

Persikabo is the best team on the world, with a peace suporter, and now, was at the big twelve on second division indonesian league :-)

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90 Colo-Colo (Chile)

The best of the world!
Great Albo! - teby_95

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91 FC Basel (Switzerland)

Really? Clubs from Indonesia India or Estonia are better than FC BASEL? This must be a bad joke. They defeated Fc Bayern München and Manu last year and Chelsea this year in the champions league and they reached the half finals of the europa league last year... Come on guys, they need to be on the TOP 30! GO Switzerland GO FC BASEL!

Basel is surprisingly low on this list... They're pretty darn good.

92 Borussia Mönchengladbach (Germany)
93 Sheffield United (England) V 1 Comment
94 Villarreal CF (Spain)

The fans, loyalty, atmosphere, club philosophy, attractive football. This club has it all.

This club should be higher up... Way higher

95 Melbourne City (Australia)

We are Melbourne, we are City.

Lindfield are way better

One of the most loved clubs bye Australians this club is the new barcalona

96 Parma (Italy)

Regulated in 2014-15? Though they might manage to only let 1k goals past those terrible Indonesia clubs that are somehow ranked higher than LA

97 De Spin Ghar Bazan (Afghanistan)

The only representative of Afghanistan.
Can receive 10 goals/much easily.

98 Seattle Sounders FC (USA) Seattle Sounders FC (USA)

Best fans - thousands march to match at home and away. Sell out every match - average about 40, 000 people! Only serious club in USA

The future of soccer! Great team and great city!

Barcelona and Manchester will screw sounders

They have always been in the mls playoffs and won it last year

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99 VfB Stuttgart (Germany) VfB Stuttgart (Germany) Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893 e. V., commonly known as VfB Stuttgart, is a German sports club based in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg.

VfB Stuttgart is probably the best German football club in South Germany after Bayern Munich, they have won the German Meisterschaft 5 times and the DFB-Pokal for 3 times. Once they beat Manchester United 2:1 in 2003. They have a great stadium with 61.000 seats. They also almost beat overrated Barcelona 2 years ago in the Champions League.

VfB Stuttgart! Remember that name!
Most of the good youthplayers come from VfB Stuttgart and many have found their way into the German national team.

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100 Norwich City (England)

Norwich city top of league 1 ei ei o up the football league we go -


NCFC For life

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