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141 Deltras Sidoarjo (Indonesia)





Jokowi G M T Always Support DELTRAS!

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142 IFK Göteborg (Sweden)
143 AFC Wimbledon AFC Wimbledon

Greatest team in league 1. Club is owned by fans so you can't get better than that - ChristianWalsh

Who are you and bet you can't beat Leyton orient

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144 Leyton Orient (England)

So so so good if you don't like em you are dead and have no life

Best awesome they beat Mansfield

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145 Barcelona Sporting Club (Ecuador)

The best Team from Ecuador, 14 titles, the biggest fan of the word proportionally speaking, its a social phenomenon in the 2012 they was the champions and all the country celebrate it

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146 Adelaide FC (Australia)
147 1.FSV Mainz 05 (Germany)
148 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (Germany)
149 Flamengo (Brazil)

Team with most supporters in the world. Had its origin in the poor classes of Rio de janeiro society and became very popular among the masses.

In late 50s, Flamengo became a symbol of Brazilian soccer and won the nickname "the most loved". Flamengo won the toyota international cup in Tokyo in the year 1981 and became the most victorious team in Brazil in the same decade.

One of the 10 legendary teams of the world by FIFA.

Once you are Flamengo always Flamengo, Flamengo always will I be. The king of Brazil just win just win just win once you are Flamengo Flamengo eternally.
Founded 1895 Flamengo is a winner of 15 olimpics sports beyound soccer. Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball and so on. I'm veru proud to support Flamengo.

This club has no boundaries, it's hugely supported in every section of society. His fanbase spread across age, gender, ethnicity, income, religious and political lines.

The team with most supporters in the world.
More than 40 million "Flamenguistas" - edqo

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150 Aris F.C. (Greece)

The best and most fanatic fans in the world.Can see them in youtube (ARIS fans)

Best fans ever! Ofc everyone writes about the team he supports but honestly these fans are the best! No doubt about it! Aris' fans are the real deal!

151 PSIS Semarang (Indonesia)

PSIS Semarang is the club football from central java

PSIS Semarang Is The Best!
Always My Heart!
Panser Biru Semarang

PSIS is team the best.

Semarang will never dies

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152 Hamburg (Germany)

I don't support this club but this club used to be the best club in the world and I respect that. They are not the best right now but they are a strong team

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153 Persijap Jepara (Indonesia)

Just an ordinary football club but can make a world of so extraordinary

Is the best club dor regenerations

154 Semen Padang FC (Indonesia)

The best team from Indonesian

Semen padang the campione indonesia and asia
Forza padang

Only one finalist, indonesian team in Champion Asia... Go.. Go.. Go... Red Bufallo...

Go semen Padang,

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155 PSCS Cilacap (Indonesia)

Great team especially in the area of ​​Central Java with fanatical supporters who nicknamed LASKAR NUSAKAMBANGAN (lanus)

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156 FC Köln (Germany)

Maybe not the best club for the moment but thanks to his trustful and passionante fans it is regaining slowly his ancient magnificience

157 Bristol City (Engand)
158 South Melbourne Hellas (Australia)

The most successful team in the history of Australian soccer.

159 Deportivo la Caruna (Spain)
160 Derby County (England)

for a team with no money weve beaten all the top clubs -

Greatest fans and passion

Derby bad match

Remember when Derby County beat Real Madrid in Europe! Yes that is true!

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