Persib Bandung (Indonesia)


PERSIB have a fanatic supporter and the supporter PERSIB known as BOBOTOH, BOBOTOH spread in all of part of indonesia and world, everywhere PERSIB play BOBOTOH always support and come, actually PERSIB is the best for all aspect like in supporter, management, sponsor etc, but a sistem of competition in Indonesia is very bad, like referre and many mafia

BRAVO PERSIB... I was born in Jakarta, but my favourite team is PERSIB... I'AM VIKING JAKARTA... THE JAK IS A DOG! - wahyudean

Since I was born, I was the 'bobotoh', supporter of Persib. No matter win or lose, I support PERSIB. Persib is a king of syndrome of mind. I feel like being addicted watching the team playing. When I am watching the team, all my nerves are tense. My heart, my mind were like joining the team on the field. Oh, It's tiring but refreshing. I am proud of being 'the bobotoh' of Persib

Persib have been played with AC Milan, PSV Eindhoven, and many more. Thw well-known player also have been played against #PERSIB in Indonesia. Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten and also Ronaldo.
It has a best supporters, well known as "Viking"
If you doubt about it, so please come to our city, Bandung "Parijs van java" west java, Indonesia.. GO GO PERSIB

persib not just a football(soccer) club.. but its pride of sundanesse (west java, indonesia). its like a religion for some people and persib has best television ratting in indonesia. every single boy in west java has a dream to be a persib player. because there are proud for making persib to be a champions. the last even persib never win a single cup or become a champions latel, but persib is true champions in our heart..

this isn't mean that Persib better than MU or Real Madrid.
It's mean that Persib has fanatic supporter like MU, Madrid or the other big club in europe. ,
we haven't prestation like MU, Inter Milan who has treble winner in 1 season.
But we have the real fanatic supporter like you all.

Forza Persib Bandung.
U will always in my heart.

persib is the best football club in the world...
they members is in indonesian national football team too, like christian 'el loco' gonzales, maman abdurahman, markus, and ect.
one of they member, christian 'el loco' gonzales has make indonesian people proud of him because him action in AFF CUP.
now, persib play for Indonesian Super League in this session.

persib originated from Indonesia
precisely in Bandung
I always support persib
no matter what people say what
if persib lose, I remained patient
if persib win, I'm very proud
essence of life and my death just tuk persib
but the lead only Allah swt
I want you to make Indonesia proud
both outside and within the country
I will always support you

Always remember the time.. PERSIB will succeed as a major football club.. Your life, your soul, and your destiny will never ended in here. PERSIB is always in here (The heart of Bandung). Never regret and never satisfied with your achievement right now.. Your journey has a long long way to become a great success.. Keep Running, Keep shining, and Keep dreaming. Will pray the best for all your goal..

Though Persib Bandung is not a formidable club of the world like the European league clubs such as Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan, FC Porto, Barcelona and even though, but we are citizens of Bandung, West Java, and even Indoneisa loved our local club that is Persib Bandung, We are often called bobotoh or Vikings are loyal supporters Persib Bandung, and we are confident fans Supporters Club or other locales in Indonesia also have the same passion in his local Football Club.. We Love Our Local football club that is PERSIB BANDUNG until whenever and never ending love for football club is the pride of West Java. BANDUNG PERSIB love is our greatest gift in the world, even a child who could speak was all said in the vernacular language of Sunda or western Java have always said "PERSIB ANU Aing" which means PERSIB IS OWNED ME and it is that Persib Bandung has become part in human life in West Java, which now consists of more than 43,053,732 souls, you can imagine how big our ...more

Persib tiger of bandung, PERSIB supporters not only count but rather a matter of provincial cities may be more.. PERSIB already become an icon of western Java community also BANDUNG.. PERSIB is ingrained in society and the West Java town of Bandung... "Our body and soul for you PERSIB" Bandung city persib pride, persib our body and soul

The Amazing team from West java, Indonesia
come on lets googling now!
you should know what is PERSIB?
you should know what is VIKING?
you should know what is BOBOTOH?


About 10 years ago... PERSIB BANDUNG is the best football club with short and long pass... Until now PERSIB BANDUNG STILL THE BEST...
Unfortunately... Great salary make the player not showing his best talent...
I hope now an forward PERSIB BANDUNG will become greatest football club in INDONESIAN also in ASIA...

The First Champion of Indonesian League, Great Club with a huge number of supporters called "Bobotoh" and the firm "Viking". Bandung's Proud! The Great Club in Indonesia! It's in my blood to stand for The Blue Prince. We're high in the Blue Sky, We're The Blue, and still Blues Forever! Long Live the Blue Prince!

Everyone in Indonesia especially on west java always talk about PERSIB Bandung. They are the greatest football club in Indonesia. Maybe people around the world think that PERSIB is just a football club, but they don't know, PERSIB in indonesia just Like Manchester United in England, or Barcelona FC in Spain. Everyone in Indonesia always proud of PERSIB, and always remember The "Tendangan Balik Bandung" first created by Max Timisela and Soetjipto Soentoro, actually the "tendangan balik bandung". It just an ordinary "over head kick" right now. But they're the first man who can do that in Indonesia. All the people in Indonesia always remember the name "tendangan balik bandung" when the Indonesian Football Team lose from Werder Bremen FC from Germany on 1964. Very proud of PERSIB BANDUNG..

Maybe you've never heard about this soccer club. This is a local soccer club from Bandung city Indonesia. Why Persib Bandung is on the list? because they have very very very fanatic fans, everytime they play the tickets are always sold out, wherever they play, their fans will be there, doesn't matter they win or lose, the fans will always love them. Glory Persib!

Persib bandung is a football club in indonesia which has good reputation and has many fans. Bobotoh is a fans persib bandung, they are loyal to support persib when persib play. Persib like a real madrid, because has the best player in every place.. And persib has icon like gerrard in liverpool or fabregar in arsenal, persib has eka ramdani.. He is price of persib

Persib is a famous football club in Indonesia. Persib have a fanatic supporters called Viking or Bobotoh. Persib sent many players into National Team. Persib have many best from the best Indonesian player. Persib is one of Indonesian club that have many and big sponsors. Supporters of Persib not only in Indonesia, but also in all country in this world.

Go Persib The bigest football club in Indonesia and become the bigest football cub in the world hahahaha... lest world know how big Persib fans bravo to all over the Persib Fans like Viking, Bomber, rebolan, Hooligans, Pangeran Biru etc. yours make Persib the biges football club in the world

the best in our country.. you can watch in every match, we can show to the world bandung soccer is still like england... hard, hooligan, highrating tv, best selling ticket, best selling merch, and evrery soccer player like an idol. do you know why? because deep inside our blood 50% is for PERSIB BDG! praise the lord!

Although not always win but persib become the pride of the community in bandung, bandung every citizen will feel ownership of the persib. This can be evidenced by the enthusiastic spectators at every game persib either at home or away.
We always support persib wherever and whenever.
Persib our body and soul

Persib is the best team in indonesia since 1933, the best supporters (viking & bobotoh) no racism and no anarchy, the players is the best, example hilton moreira, miljan radovic, matsunaga shohei, maman abdurrahman, markus haris. M,
So, PERSIB BANDUNG is the best football club in the world and indonesia

In Bandung, you will easily find the children who use the blue shirt, shirt Persib pride. Children Bandung (West Java even) will naturally be supporting Arsenal. Persib supports it became a kind of father to son inheritance. One form of inheritance that just happens. Children who are born in Bandung "was meant" to be a supporter of Arsenal. Bobotoh Arsenal.

In schools, it is easy to find the talk about Arsenal. On the shoreline, Sundanese people are very accustomed to discussing Arsenal. By way of Sundanese course. Persib Persib discuss as it is part of the self. High sense, as highly knowledgeable about all things from Arsenal, mixed with a deep sense of love and speech capabilities coupled distinctive blend of Sundanese is interesting when Membincang about Arsenal. Of course accompanied heureuy typical Sundanese.

Distance between the Sunda and Persib it very closely. Everywhere, Persib is of love. Whoever and however, discuss Arsenal always interesting (at ...more

There is no one else in Indonesia who do not know Persib Bandung. Persib Bandung or we used to call it Maung bandung / blue prince is one of the giant star-studded team in Indonesia. Not only that persib also has a very loyal supporter of the team's pride, they are commonly called "bobotoh". Something very proud if we become part of persib, if people out there are always chanting the name of Barcelona, Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, etc. Here we shouted

PERSIB are a team of well-loved and in love by the bobotoh and Indonesian community as well, not until there were citizens of the world knows this one club.
bobotoh buktinnya with the community like in english, japanese, german, dutch, french, Thailand and many more. even this team is one team that is often invited to conduct trials with major European teams like ac milan, PSV eindhoven. tidak only team europe asia team also wanted to try the atmosphere and also the strength of this team. a fanatical supporters, who have the willingness and sincerity to remain and always support PERSIB BANDUNG.