Real Madrid (Spain)

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It can only be compared with its own previous performances to state whether it is now best or not. But with other clubs it seems to be the everlasting giant because even when it reaches semi final cl or runnerup in la liga you still say the did not perform well other way around these are the highest performance of the other clubs you want to compare with Real because in your mind you recognize it to be the best and therefore you want Real to win them all as it is the best! 1

It doesn't make sense. To be the biggest/best football club in the world, at least they need a worldwide status. A higher profile than continentally or regionally known. Moreover, they still need to have a huge expectation based on their history. So, in my humble opinion, both of Persib Bandung and Galatasaray, incompetent to be the best club in the world. If the best club picked by the number of votes, so it's not "the best club in the world, " but "the club with largest fan base in the world"

The BEST team ever. 9 Champions Leagues. The team that has won more La Liga titles above the eternal second place Barcelona. REAL MADRID is THE team when you think about football. I think it is the team that represents Spain to the rest of the world, Barcelona focuses on represent a region while they tend to forget their countrymen and their people around the globe and above all they have the BEST HEAD COACH EVER, the one that made my INTERNAZIONALE (INTER) Champions league winners: Mr. JOSE MOURINHO. Greetings from an Italian who is currently in the beautiful Mexico (come here, the best country I've ever been just like South Africa and Germany) VIVA LA BELLA ITALIA, FORZA INTER ^^ HALA MADRID

They won the most champions leagues and they are just a team you can never forget. They may have down a bit in the last few years but they are still always one of the best. By the way who are Galatasaray, Persib and Fenerbahce. How could so many people vote for them. Real Madrid could destroy any of those teams with ease. This website is either corrupt or way too much people don't vote for the team because their the best but because they like them even if they suck.

Real Madrid are 9 times European champions. Which is a record that no other club in Europe has achieved. It has won the most laliga titles then any other clubs in Spain. It has some exciting players like C. RONALDO (THE PORTUGESE NATIONAL TEAM CAPTAIN), HIGUAIN, KAKA, MESUT OZIL, DIMARIA, CASSILLAS (THE SPANISH NATIONAL TEAM CAPTAIN) AND MANY OTHER EXCITING, TALENTED, YOUNG PLAYERS.. GO MADRID

In football, the best club can only be defined by one thing. Success. There is no club worldwide as successful as Real Madrid, and in fact, although Barcelona would probably come second to them, it isn't even really close. The amount of trophies this club has won is simply breathtaking, 11 Champions League's will unfortunately never ever be surpassed by another club, and they have incredible domestic success on top of that. It would probably take 10 successive years of complete dominance from a Barcelona or Bayern Munich to ever surpass them, that's how big the gap is from them to the rest of the clubs in the footballing world. As someone who doesn't really like them, I know that they're the only club who, when my team plays them, even when Real Madrid haven't been doing well, they strike fear into me. The all white strip and big names and memories of what they've achieved in the past never fears to make you tingle. They are the ultimate glamour club, whether you love them or hate ...more

Real Madrid is the most successful club in Spanish football and was voted by FIFA as the most successful football club of the 20th century, having won a record 31 La Liga titles, 18 Spanish "Copa del Rey" Cups, 8 Spanish Super Cups, a record 9 UEFA Champions Leagues, 2 UEFA Cups, 1 UEFA Supercup, and 3 Intercontinental Cups. - cristianoronaldo

The place is not good this list is poor, inaccurate and UN-real. How can Persib Bandung A club from my country in Indonesia be the best, now even it plays in our "illegal" league. Galatasaray and Fenerbahce Also are not as great as any club above it in this list. Also why are Persija and Arema also in this list. All the better clubs are in the bottom. Real Madrid is the most expensive team in the world, it should be 1st And Persikab is from Indonesia's Second division.

How come people vote those clubs ahead of Raal Madrid?. Real is the most successful club in the history of football or Soccer what ever you Call it. They won 32 La'liga 9 uefa champion league. 18 Spanish cup or copa de ray. 9 Spanish super cup. 3 club world cup. Please take your vote

5 champions league in a row & a total of 9..
31 spanish la liga titles
awarded as the best football club of the 20th century
2 UEFA cup
1 European super cup
3 intercontinental cups
18 copa del rey
and 8 Spanish super cup
Real Madrid had legends lke Zidan, Beckham, Raul, Roberto Carlos...

There's no doubts about Real Madrid like the best team in the world. Nevermind what's your team, Real Madrid has more triumphs.

Ferenbace or galatasaray don't have to be ahead of this list, and even either in the top 10. There's lots of better clubs than them, like Chelsea, Milan, Bayern, Arsenal or Manchester. - JR

Come on.. Indonesian club in the first place! That's the shock of the century.. Real Madrid as FIFA has voted "CLUB OF THE CENTURY" say it all. 9 Champions League titles and a gallery full of trophies in other competitions undisputedly makes REAL the best football club in the world. I can't still stop laughing at the top three though I have tremendous respect for Barcelona and Manchester United.

Let me just name some of the best football players in the history of the sport that have played in this team: Hugo Sanchez, Raul, Benzema, Zinedine Zidane, Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, and Robinho. Need I say more? - dragon_force18

Real Madrid CF is The Most Electrifying Club in the history of football. Not only because they have the world best players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka etc. but also how they play. Real Madrid play attacking game not slow game like fc Barcelona. They are 9 time champions league title and 31 league titles which proves that they are the very best in this business.

This is meant to be a question for the BEST TOP TEN CLUBS ON EARTH. Not the best clubs in different leagues... Real Madrid should be the second BEST. on earth. first is Barcelona since Madridsta's lost 0:2 to them... BUT STILL MADRID FOR THE WIN - Speedy

Of course Real Madrid is the best football club right now in the world and in the most historical team of all time. First of all is the club with the most official trophies (11 UEFA Champions League titles, 32 La Liga titles, 19 Copa del Rey titles, 19 Spanish Super Cup titles and many other). Also, Real Madrid has more wins than Barcelona in El Clasicos and more goals scored, too. Real Madrid every year had one of the best teams in the world with the best and most expensive players in the football market. Some of the most legendary players who wore the kit of Real Madrid were Alfredo Di Stefano, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo, Raul Gonzalez, Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo who is an active member of Real Madrid. There weren't only great players who played for Real Madrid. There were also many great coaches who managed Real Madrid and some of them were Jose Mourinho, Vicente Del Bosque, Carlo Ancelotti, Fabio Capello and many others. Those reasons I ...more

Real Madrid is the best team in the world, not just because of C. Ronaldo but look at Segio Ramos He's one of the best definitely. In the world! Take also at look at Xabi Alonso, Very good but a littel old play.. And forward.. Hmm.. Take a look at Mesut özil. He knows where his player is. He also shoots O.K.. And then Casillas THE BEST GOALKEEPER nothing more to say.

- I will mean that Real Madrid is the best team in the world. I Hala Madrid!

I think real madrid should be the best and C. Ronaldo of real madrid has made not one but two records in la liga. And they have created record by winning champions league ague 9 times and la liga 31 times. So they should be the best in the world. And they have many talented playrs

I am a 9 year old girl and Real Madrid has Encouraged me to become a soccer player. I think that Real Madrid is the best team in the world and I think Real Madrid have all the best players in the world even when they loose they are still the best to me and I will support them till the end. I want to say 1 more thing that they will beat all of the other teams especially Barcelona. I LOVE REAL MADRID VERY MUCH.

This is an amazing team plus my favorite player is on the team cristiano Ronaldo #7 he is awesome I am even making a scrapbook of him I look at his soccer videos all the time but anyways this is an awesome team with lots of good players like cristiano Ronaldo gareth bale pepe kaka and many more

It's no secret that the best football clubs are in Europe and the best two happen to be in Spain. This year Real Madrid has taken back its throne so it is without a doubt the best club in the world. I have never even heard of the two clubs on the top of this list.

Why is real Madrid in fourth?!
First of all who the heck is the first team up there?
Second of all Madrid have a lot more history and trophies than Barcelona.
And last but not least ManU is has not been nowhere near as successful as Madrid
Here's how it should be:
Madrid #1
Bayern Munchen#2
Barcelona #3
ManU #4
Juventus #5
After these teams I have no idea how I would organize other teams

Real Madrid are the bast club the rocerd it self says all yes it does with
La Liga, Winners (31), Runners-up (20), Copa del Rey, Winners (18), Runners-up (19): Supercopa de España Winners (8), Runners-up (3), Copa ever Duarte Winners (1), Copa de la Liga Winners (1), Runners-up (1), European competitions, European Cup/ UEFA Champions League, Winners (9), Runners-up (3), UEFA Cup/ UEFA Europa League, Winners (2), UEFA Cup Winners Cup, Runners-up (2): UEFA Super Cup, Winners (1), Runners-up (2): Worldwide competitions, Intercontinental Cup (Predecessor to the FIFA Club World Cup)Winners (3), Runners-up (2): now you compare you well not find a team like that rocerd

Real Madrid is obviously the best team ever! I mean what the heck is Persib Bandung, and they won the Spain cup and Barcelona didn't so they Real Madrid should be above Barcelona and look at all the good players they have Pepe, Ronaldo, Casillas, Sergio Ramous, Benzema, and many more. So Real Madrid is should defiantly the best team ever!

Why is Real Madrid number 3? You know they are the best club of all time. 9 UEFA Titles. And who the heck is Persib Bandung, never even heard about them before. And let me get started on Barcelona. Real Madrid is WAY better than Barcelona. In all the OFFICIAL meetings, Real Madrid beat most. 90 wins beats 86 wins. Oh yeah and I almost forgot, who won the largest victory? Real Madrid. 11-1 against Barcelona at the 1943 Copa del Generalísimo 2nd leg Semi-finals (13 June 1943). And don't say "Oh, that was a hundred years ago so it doesn't matter any more." It does still matter. So based on facts, Real Madrid is the best team ever. REAL MADRID FOREVER!