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The greatest songs from one of the best classic rock groups.

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1 I Want to Know What Love Is

Amazing song

one of the most love songs ever, just perfect song!
it need to be at least third place.
great vocals by lou gramm.

Love,love,love this song! Never get tired of hearing it.

Hands Down Their #1 Song. This Band makes Songs of Epic Proportions Lou Grahm and The Band Made Some of the best music in the late 70's and 80's but they never get there respect but When you listen to songs like this makes you wonder how aren;t they in the Hall Of Fame Yet!
I Want To Know What Love Is My Fave Foreigner Song!

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2 Juke Box Hero

Great guitar and instrumental application.

Come on man, he is a juke box hero!

By far rheir best song! In order to write a song like that, you need to be a musical genius! Not many songs tell a story like that! I am 12 years and I have attended concerts by Foreigner, Journey, Asia, 38 Special, and more!

Greatest song by the band, no doubt. - AliciaMae

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3 Urgent

My favourite song of all bands of all time... Such a sexy song.

I think this should be close to 1,2, or,3 because its such a awesome song to dance to. - avengedsevenfoldrocks

Love The Sax Solo Good Guitar and Singing Should Be Number 4, 5 or 6 just so good vote this song it amzing please its amazing live - mneilan

Such a great song, relateable to all age groups, regardless of whether you were alive and well when it came out or not even born then, it is a truly timeless classic that everyone can groove to.

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4 Cold as Ice

Feel so much awesome.

Amazing piano riff, great vocals, and incredible guitar solo. - classicrock001

Great song. My absolute favorite by Foreigner.

Voted for "I Want to Know What Love Is" but this is also a great Foreigner song. - Element119

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5 Waiting for a Girl Like You

Should be higher rated. When I look for a Foreigner song I look for this one.

Foreigner is a great rock and roll band, first and foremost, but this ballad is one of Lou Gramm's finest vocals! A beautiful and haunting song and, to my mind, vastly superior to "I Want to Know What Love Is."


Why is this song in such a bad place? This should be in the top 5

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6 Double Vision

Really Awesome Song! I love the riff and the vocals and everything. It is just a good song.

My favorite song by them - bobbythebrony

7 Hot Blooded

Great song that gets you in a good mood. - classicrock001

This song gives me a fever of 103

This is my favorite. Couldn't stop singing this as a kid!

One of the greatest rock riffs since cat scratch fever!

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8 Feels Like the First Time

If I have to pick a foreigner song...

The lyrics are full of meaning! The chorus is also very catchy. I actually find myself singing this in my head almost all the time! Simply amazing!

This song is amazing! Should be top 3

#10? My god this is pathetic! Best from their debut AND top 5 guaranteed song

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9 That Was Yesterday

Lou graham's vocals just the best

Their best song without doubts. Just marvellous!

"I Wanna To Know What Love Is" is a good song, but this is by far their best song


10 Blue Morning, Blue Day

Maybe their best guitar riff ever. - classicrock001

This is definitely their best riff ever. - bighercules

Such a great song, just saw these guys in concert at the Calvin theatre in Northampton ma. Too bad they didn't play this

One of my favorite Foreigner songs. - Element119

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11 Dirty White Boy

Not even in the top 10? This song kicks so much ass.

Really Good Song This One Should Be In The Top Ten - mneilan

Grand Theft Auto V & a cool song - Curti2594

12 Long, Long Way from Home

First song by them I ever heard and still my favorite

Such a great song. The worst part of it is when it ends.

How is this not in the top five?

13 Head Games

This his needs to be top five. It's my favorite

Love this song


Rockn' song...should be the top ten.

14 Rev on the Red Line

Awesome song, not very well known though. This is one of my favorites to listen to. - Element119

Best song on Foreigner's most underrated album.

15 Girl On the Moon

So beautiful and mesmerizing. This song needs more credit and recognition.

Needs to be much higher. This is a great song. - Element119

16 Night Life
17 Until the End of Time
18 Heart Turns to Stone

For me N1, no time for pity...

Another great Foreigner song-though honestly, I find almost anything by Foreigner to be good. - Element119

Amazing song, should be in the top 10. The chorus is great. - Metal_Treasure

Love this song totally - Curti2594

19 Starrider

One of the best Guitar solo, short but rivals 'Comfortably Numb' and Hotel California'

This song is not that well known, but it showcases a guitar solo that rivals that of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. Mick is the best! - bighercules

This song is an understudy to the more popular songs like Juke Box Hero and Urgent, but this song definitely deserves more attention

This is such an amazing song. One of their best and one of my favorites without a doubt. So great and so underrated. This song needs more recognition.

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20 I Don't Want to Live Without You

Such a beautiful song! - Curti2594

Very emotional and beautiful song by Foreigner. - Element119


21 Say You Will

I’m with you people, this song is way too low.

This is my favorite foreigner song. Very upset it's not in the top 10

�� Awesome this should be higher, far higher

HOW is *THIS SONG* Not in the top 10?!
"Say you will, say you won't / make up your mind tonight.
"Say you do, say you don't / wanna be mine.
"Say you will, say you won't / make up your mind this time.
"Say you will, say you will / be mine tonight."

Come on, people! Vote!

22 You're All I Am

Fantastic song, doesn't get the recognition it should.

This was my Parents Wedding Song - Curti2594

23 Blinded by Science

It wasn't even on the list and I added it.
One of the best rock ballads ever. - Metal_Treasure

24 Don't Let Go
25 Woman in Black
26 Save Me

A more Recent Song but it's no bad at all! - Curti2594

27 Headknocker

Another favorite of mine. This song doesn't get enough credit. This should be at least a little higher.

28 Love Has Taken Its Toll

Seriously 28 lol

This song returns me 34 years ago, that'sfhe best rock and roll

29 Fool for You Anyway
30 Can't Wait

What a GREAT SONG, perfect from start to finish, real rock!

31 I'll Fight for You
32 I'm Gonna Win

This is a good track from 4

33 When It Comes to Love
34 Spellbinder
35 I Need You
36 With Heaven on Our Side


my god, has no one ever listened to this song?

37 Growing Up the Hard Way
38 Luanne
39 Rain

A very very good song, needs more attention. - Metal_Treasure

40 Soul Doctor
41 Break It Up

So underrated

This song is so underrated, should be much higher

Top ten by far

42 Prisoner of Love

Excellent guitar solo! Just excelsior!

43 Tooth and Nail
44 Just Wanna Hold
45 Can't Slow Down
46 Women
47 Love on the Telephone

Great song no one hears

Very good song, deserves to be in the top 20. - Metal_Treasure

48 Mountain of Love
49 The Damage is Done
50 The Flame Still Burns

I'm wondering why this one is not on the list.
It's amazing and pure.

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