Best Formula One Drivers of All Time

There have been many great F1 drivers since the start, but only one can be the best.. It's up to you to decide who gets the honor!

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21 Max Verstappen

Extremely talented, but time will tell

Biggest talent of the era, he will be in top 3 in ten years time I guess

Really talented already won a race amazing

Time will tell

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22 Graham Hill

Has won Le Mans, Monaco, Indy 500

23 Nico Hulkenberg

He's good but better than Jackie Stewart? No way

He is a championship material! give him a good car...(Alonso and Hulk) are the best in the world...

Hulkenberg + Good car = Domination

24 Rubens Barrichello

326 GP's in Formula One in the best teams, tried Indy and now, are racing in the brazilian Stock Car where he are a champion (won the 2014 title) and beyond that, he's a very competitive kart racer, an very cool and family guy.

Over 300 races and now stil going in indycar he is the only formula 1 driver to beat the stig on top gear and he's a pretty friendly chap to

25 Emerson Fittipaldi

He was great, and one of the best pilotos after senna

Emerson was one of the best F1 drivers in that difficult era he drove in.
Calm,focussed,fast when needed, clever, always alert.
Great battles with the also legendary Jackie Stewart.
I wonder if he hadn't make the decision in 1976 to run his own Fittipaldi-F1 team, and had stayed with McLaren or had moved to Ferrari,how many f1-titles he may have won extra!
And further more always a gentleman and a very nice guy!

26 Ronnie Peterson

Drive it like he stole it - How to drift a Lotus 72 - see Ronnie

Legend and superb driver

So close to the 78 championship and would have gone further but for his fatal Monza crash

He would have won the 78 so hard! #SweDriverAreBest

27 John Watson

Most Underrated driver ever - Rayvok

28 Juan Pablo Montoya

Great driver, great technique, great strength, had to be world champion

Very risky an cold hearted pilot

Never a dull moment with Montoya, great driving skills and fun to watch, just a shame he was up against a superior ferrari car but he still managed to snatch pole away from Scumacher on many occasions.

He knows how to overtake round the outside

29 Jacques Villeneuve Jacques Villeneuve

Anyone that thinks JV shouldn't be on this list doesn't understand racing or just hates on him. Here's a guy that takes pole on his first race and should have won also. Astonishingly aggressive driver who would make unbelievable maneuvers overtaking other drivers. Was relentless and not intimidated by anyone. Had Schumacher shaking many times with unpredictable pressure.

How can a so spectacular wold champion be so far on the list?

He should be lower then this. It's a disgrace he's even on the list

Bra cause everyone hates him

30 Pedro Lamy

No recurses, no sponsors and a bad car... but good pilot

31 Sergio Pérez

So dangerous. #watch out massa

Fantastic driver

Good guy for force India.

The best

32 Didier Pironi
33 Jochen Rindt

Only Driver to win World Drivers Championship - posthumously

One of the most gifted in the business.
Who vote these positions. People who never as Jochen Rindt drive!

WHY IS HE 32? He is one of the few people in F1 to win 5 races in a row!

Won a Monaco gp from 8th with 10 laps to go

34 Damon Hill

The best driver after Senna! He was terribly robbed for the title in 1994! For me this guy is at least twice world champion and great gentleman! And yes - faster than Schumacher the knocker!

He was a good driver for his age. But unfortunatley his personality off of the T.V. is horrible. If you've meat him that is

I can't believe he is so far in the list.
I personaly believe he was a great driver and should be miuch highier in the list

35 Rio Haryanto

Simply the best

Won many world championships and had a much glorified career with perhaps the most successful team in F1 :Manor Marrussia. He is truly a legend and one of a kind.

36 Esteban Ocon
37 David Coulthard

Was very fast in the early 2000's and if not for Schumacher, he would have been champion in 2001. Not as fast with Red Bull, but he was still quicker than Mark Webber. In my opinion, he is one of the best drivers not to win the championship.

Hopeless driver. Crashed so often and blamed team

Never a fan of him as a racer! But love him as a F1 commentator! Brilliant!

He is bad at his job f1

38 Roland Ratzenberger

He would of had a great career

Not even heard of him terrible

39 François Cevert
40 Rene Arnoux
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