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1 Pumped Up Kicks

Great, catchy but also a very scary song! I mean have you heard the lyrics of it!? Its about a kid that goes on a killing spree in his school! But its still catchy.

Possibly the song of 2011 in my opinion. It should be number 1 on this list, I think this song is much better than Houdini that is when they don't play it 100 times in a row on the radio.

The most popular song ever if it say anything else then that is because people are getting tried of hearing it all the time but it still the most popular song ever.

One of the best songs by Foster The People

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2 Houdini

This is the best song I've ever heard in Foster The People album! The climax part is "sometimes I wanna disappear" when the music gets kind of electro indie it's so great! This should be on top.. I think Pumped Up Kicks gets overrated even though the song is really catchy but it's better when Mark Foster sings it live

This song is far better than Pumped up Kicks. Pumped Up Kicks has a nice tune, but it's pretty much the same thing repeated over and over. This song has a completely different tune that somehow sounds good. And the best part is that you can't tell whatever the hell they're saying.

For me this song is still my favourite song on the album, although there are many serious competitors for the top song spot, this song still remains my favourite. It's so catchy and after listening to the lyrics a number of times, I realised just how connected I felt to the song.

It is the best, although Pseudologia Fantastica is close, I don't know why everybody keep Pumped Up Kicks in first place, there are more than 10 songs better. Houdini is tremendously glorious, starting slowly until his spectacular final, deserves much more recognition, as well as songs like Tabloid Super Junkie, Beginners Guide, SHC, among many others.

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3 Helena Beat

Beautiful song and lyrics and badass intro, should be on first, and just behind, Houdini on second and on third Call it what you want! :D

Music video and song itself is amazing

Awesome song with really good beats

Energetic intro

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4 Coming of Age

Love the video... I don't know why but the song lifts up my spirits

The best song off Supermodel and maybe their best ever second only maybe to Houdini. Sounds incredible when the guitar comes crashing in at the beginning and the bass riffs in the middle are awesome.

This song truly proves that after the success of "Torches" they can still make fantastic fresh stuff. Also this is a wonderful song with great melodies and lyrics.

Supermodel has their best songs in my opinion. - ZeroBlaster

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5 Call It What You Want

Should be third behind Pumped UP Kicks and Houdini!

It should be higher... This song is catchy.. Ya'll better check this song out...

This should be higher. It's such a great song. I don't even know how waste made the list

Underrated if you ask me

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6 Broken Jaw

Great intro, just love how in the middle of the song it becomes a completely different one, the building up to the chorus is just pure ecstasy and the last third of the song is absolutely "orgasmic" till the end of it, feels to me underrated.

This is the best song in "Torches" and I guess that is why is so mysterious. Fantastic catchy lyrics. Perfect continuation and includes the best metamorphosis that I have ever heard in a song.

Every song by Foster the People is amazing, but this one is perfect! Absolutely extraordinary! My favorite song of all time

Literally my favourite song of all time.

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7 Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)

Sorry but in my opinion, this song is id say three times better than pumped up kicks. - queen11

Should definitely be in the top three.

This is the best song of this group! And how the hell did it end up being in here? It's much better than pumped up kicks!

its sick

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8 Best Friend

This song is fantastic. I mean, how many songs are there about helping your best friend with a drug addiction. Also, there aren't nearly enough songs off of Supermodel here.

Amazing. Happy and energetic. Who writes a song about having writes block and can't think when creating a song.

I'd put it at number six, but I guess I can't really diss this list for that, can I?

God, it's one of the catchiest songs I've ever head, and I really love the lyrics.

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9 Pseudologia Fantastica

Has that great feeling to it. It's just something I can listen to over and over again.

How is this not number one one the list?! I love most of Foster the People's songs, but Pseudolgia Fantastica is by far my favourite. It doesn't necessarily blow the others out of the water, but I think it's still the best one.

Listen to it more than once and you'll feel it too.

Their best

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10 Ruby

Without a doubt the best song in the entire album and possibly their best work ever

Seriously in my opinion their best song. Although one of the longest, it still has a catchy toon and get stuck in my head all the time. My favorite song of all time.

This is the most amazing song I've come across in a long time. It deserves to be so much higher and might be their best song ever. The lyrics are truly beautiful

Best song hands down.

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11 The Truth

This is the best song of all new disc, this have the essential of the two albums. This is now my favorite song of foster the people, the second one is Helena Beat.

This song is the continue of Waste of the new album, the chorus and final make this a powerful song.

This should be in the top 5. Just saying.

My favorite song and the best of the album, in my opinion.

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12 Waste

Really great song. It's got a great beat, but so does all their other songs. The beat never fails. What really distinguishes this song is the amazing chorus. Really the best word to describe it is: epic. The churches bells, everyone singing, the sweet ambience. It all makes me ecstatic

Best song in Colombia

What is this song doing at 13? An amazing song. very underrated.

Long time favorite

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13 Ask Yourself

Should be higher because its thoughtful and has a good beat

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14 I Would Do Anything for You

It is absolutely amazing. It has a really fun beat, pretty catchy, and makes you want to dance to it. One of the best.

This is the best song of foster the people, should definitely be in the top 1.

Great song. I don't think it deserves to be in the top 10 though :(

My one favorite I just love the catchy tune

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15 A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon

This is one of the best songs in Supermodel. This song has such a gloomy but yet dynamic atmosphere. The Song has to be in the top 10's. Foster the people really know how to do a great song.

Oh god, where do I start... The message, the beautiful sound that you can simply drown in, the seranade of his voice in the bridge... You will never be whole until you lose control. I personally feel it means just let yourself go and experience the sorrows and joy of the world and let it take you down and bring you up all the same. I love it.

Okay this is totally one of the most powerful songs ever. It has a great beat, somewhat uplifting, somewhat angry, um and a great voice and a great message. The message is to try new things and lose yourself. It's such a cool song.

I think sixteenth is a fair place to put this one.

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16 Fire Escape

Although it may not seem like Foster the People's style, this song tells a story. It's somewhat emotional, but every band needs to write a song like this, anyways. The synthesizer is mixed in with the guitar in an interesting way, which adds to the atmosphere of the song. However, it's beautiful and deserves applause.

I absolutely love the folky direction they go with on this track, and the drug-related story it tells.

This is a great song, but fifteenth is around the right place for it

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17 Are You What You Want to Be?

Seriously the heck? This should be number 2... This is like the best song ever!? Come on people!

Why so low? What

Has the best song intro and backed up by brilliant lyrics

This song is definitely better than like 60 percent of the top “10” songs.

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18 Sit Next to Me

This song really shows how multifaceted Foster the People really are. They blend genres so well and this song is an excellent example of that. The lyrics and music go perfectly together and they blend traditional instrumentals with electronic sounds very well. Love it!

Best song in a long time

Catchy as f. FTP is back!

19 Life On the Nickel

Totally underrated, I mean come on! Does no one like this song?

This should be higher than ruby

Solidly my favorite Foster song. The beat is so intense!

Best song with a badass chorus

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20 Pay the Man

Kendrick Lamar vibe song with a little bit of Metallica.

Best song in the new album

Song about Kurt Cobain

These dudes are trolling. Their best so far.

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