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21 Pay the Man

Kendrick Lamar vibe song with a little bit of Metallica.

Song about Kurt Cobain

Sounds like NWA and Elton John collab! The best!

These dudes are trolling. Their best so far.

22 Love

Even though it isn't a single, this is the song I most liked. Pumped Up Kicks was the first I heard, but this attracted more than it.

This song is amazing! The best beat by far!

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23 Warrant

Long intro, but totally worth it, best best beat by far - Packerjack97

I would put it in the top ten, but I can see why other people wouldn't agree. I mean, it's not quite their best song, but still top 10 worthy

Really interesting break from their usual stuff.

The intro will give you goosebumps. Trust me.

24 S.H.C.

The beat is amazing! Best of this album.

SHC, (sacred hearts club) has an amazing beat and when it first kicks in at the beginning it sounds so so good. Favorite from their new album.

Really good song, in my opinion is should be 3rd or 4th on this list

is v good

25 I Love My Friends

This song makes me so happy! The beat is so uplifting even though the song is a little cheesy

26 Chin Music for the Unsuspecting Hero

This song is so deep and powerful and beautiful. This should be on the top. WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS NOW?

Perfect! You feel this song... Awesome lyrics and music

I love it it's on every playlist of mine!

This should have been on Torches

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27 Doing It for the Money

So catchy. One of their best in my opinion

28 Loyal Like Sid & Nancy
29 Goats in Trees

Personally my favorite foster the people song! I understand that it's not for everyone, but I still love it. The beginning and end audio are kind of creepy though.

This song is so amazingly peaceful and makes me relax when anxious and their voices are so gentle but powerful and this has got to be my favorite Foster the People song ever

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30 Loyal Like Sid & Nancy
31 The Unforeseeable Fate of Mr. Jones V 1 Comment
32 III
33 Downtown
34 F*** Yeah V 2 Comments
35 Cassius Clay's Pearly Whites
36 Tabloid Super Junkie

Amazing song! In the end it's just them playing and it's so good! Kinda have a Indian vibe to it

37 Nevermind

This is right up there with Pumped Up Kicks. They don't get poppy like with their other tracks. Instead, they have a hypnotic, melancholic, yet jazzy guitar riff, and clever, insightful, lyrics by Mark Foster. This deserves to be a single and number one, and is probably their most underrated track.

How can this song not be in the top 5?!?!?!

The intro and closure of this song is one of the best pieces of music I've listened to! Their voices are so easy to listen to and this song is the best!

Amazing song! Surprised it’s so close to the bottom

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38 The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones

Seriously? This should be at the bottom!

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