Best Fourth Albums From Heavy Metal Bands


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1 Rust in Peace - Megadeth

ARE YOU..., OOHH...seriously a pop/rock bands album, not only is Bon jovi not metal but, seriously rust in peace is not only the best 4th album from a metal band, but it is the single best metal album ever...just. Wow not number 1...*sigh*

Easy choice, best metal album ever made. And Justice for all would be second and toss up between South of Heaven, Piece of Mind, Persistence of Time and Vol. 4 for third vote.

One of the best metal albums period. - Metarock

Five magics, hangar 18, dawn patrol, what's not to love?
The warheads will all rust in peace..

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2 ...And Justice For All - Metallica

This list shows why record companies keep pumping out the same old garbage. Thank God for Metallica. To have definitely Leopard, Bon Jovi and motley Crue in the same list is heresy.

One is in this album.

3 Piece of Mind - Iron Maiden

Cool Riffs Cool Solos Cool Cover Cool ALBUM GREATEST BAND

4 New Jersey - Bon Jovi

The 2nd Greatest Bon Jovi Album of All-time!
Born to Be My Baby, I'll Be There for You, Lay Your Hands on Me, Bad Medicine & Homebound Train...
What are you waiting for? Youtube them NOW! - Nirmal1991USA

It may be a great album, but Bon Jovi isn't metal.

LOL, the heaviest album by the heaviest metal band... - Metal_Treasure

5 South of Heaven - Slayer
6 Stained Class - Judas Priest
7 Human - Death
8 Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold

This is a very creative album. Try Afterlife and a little piece of heaven for a change.

This is just awesome album from Avenged Sevenfold... It should be top 5...

No boundaries not afraid to try new things

9 Black Sabbath Vol. 4 - Black Sabbath
10 Deep Purple in Rock - Deep Purple

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11 Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue

I'm a huge Motley Crue fan and loved this album when it first came out, but besides Wildside and Girls, Girls, Girls, the album just doesn't hold up that well today like 'Too Fast... ', Shout... ' and '... Feelgood'. It sounds dated and has a lot of filler songs and two throwaway tracks 'Nona' and 'Jailhouse Rock'.

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12 Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin isn't metal

13 Long Live Rock n' Roll - Rainbow

Rainbow isn't metal and this is their third album but its still amazing

14 Crack the Skye - Mastodon
15 Ace of Spades - Motorhead

Isn't it fifth one?
If not, definitelly should be top 2 behind RiP.

1. Rust in Peace - Megadeth
2. Ace of Spades - Motorhead
3. Indestructible - Disturbed
4. Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold
5. Piece of Mind - Iron Maiden
6. Stained Class - Judas Priest
7. The Years of Decay - Overkill
8. Empire - Queensryche
9.... And Justice for All - Metallica
10. Vol 4 - Black Sabbath

16 The Years of Decay - Overkill
17 Still Life - Opeth
18 Lateralus - Tool

This isn't their fourth album. It's their third.

19 Somewhere Far Beyond - Blind Guardian
20 Empire - Queensryche
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1. Rust in Peace - Megadeth
2. Human - Death
3. The Years of Decay - Overkill
1. South of Heaven - Slayer
2. Rust in Peace - Megadeth
3. Piece of Mind - Iron Maiden
1. Rust in Peace - Megadeth
2. Still Life - Opeth
3. The Years of Decay - Overkill

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