The Evolution of Video Game Consoles #4 Sega does what nintendont!

htoutlaws2012 The Magnavox set the standard, Atari had a great 5 year reign until demise would fall upon them. Nintendo revived gaming, and shape the way it is today 3 decades later. This was only the beginning of Nintendo's peak prime as a gaming consumer making the hardcore know what they truly wanted, however they would have a worthy challenger all the way to the end of the 90's in the form of Sega. This would become the console wars of the 90's one to never forget.

Philips CD-I
Released: 1991
Discontinued: 1998
Generation: 4th
Units Sold: $570,000 (38th)
Initial Price: $1,000
IGN Rank: Unranked

I'll plan on making an Angry interpretation of this VCR looking contraption, for this outlook needs a more open minded approach. Coming out around the same time as the Super Nintendo, Phillips wanted rights to use some of Nintendo's flagship characters they mutually agreed. This prize would later be discovered as 4 travesty terrible cartoony looks of Mario, and Zelda. These are the most notable titles due to there negative reception from those who have scars of playing them. It's more cringeworthy that you got big time actor Phil Hartman pitching your commercial line. How extreme can we get with ungodly expensive console that more less is a great disguise joke you could pull off back then. There is not a lot of good things to say about this idea that just seems weird seeing a VCR play video games, and even more awkward for the family as well. 1/10

Released: 1989
Discontinued: 1994
Generation: 4th
Units Sold: 5.8 Million (25th)
Initial Price: $199
IGN Rank: 13th

Unlike the last one discussed this and the rest of the consoles in this episode are all actual 16 bit of gameplay. The PC Engine also known as the TurboGrafx-16 had probably the most well rounded collection of games that were not all terrible like many other consoles have suffered to.The Turbo feel overshadowed by two other consoles who overdid the successful marketing into rivalry advertising.Not surprising to see it flop in North America, but did fairly well in Japan. This is the opposite take of the Xbox 360 which yes had its flaws, but was able to pull away the middle of the pack where this was more less near the end in sells which makes this console severely underrated compared to the others. Not sure about top 15, but deserves to be on a top 25 best consoles list if it was updated.The only con I can give this was it wasn't that innovative as the rest had done it more less was okay, but not anywhere near bad, and had a fairly decent controller that wasn't complicated I say if for historical significance I say give it a shot. 6.5/10

Neo Geo
Released: 1990
Discontinued: 2000 (NA) 2004 (EU)
Generation: 4th
Units Sold: $899.000? (Unranked)
Initial Price: $649.00
IGN Rank: 19th

Another hidden gem selection comes from SNK in the form of the Neo Geo, for some reason its unclear how much they sold exactly how many units thus strange to figure out where it stands, and yet it had some pretty notable good titles for the console even for the bargaining price of admission. I do feel it deserves much more credit for being the first system to have a memory card save feature that I feel was way ahead of its time before Sony would attempt this with the PlayStation years later. I'd give it some glory at least for the fact it did some aspects that were well done, but not everything went quite smoothly though especially the estimation in sells may just be unknown to this point, but nevertheless its slightly better than number 19 even I would argue. Solid console for its time with some things they probably wish they thought of better far out ideas. 7/10

Now things start getting really juicy, raise your hands if you were for Nintendo or Sega... that's what I thought the response I would get. A select few can digest the sheer all out console war that this one provided to a generation of the the early 90's that in a way still pioneers what Sony and Microsoft still do today if it wasn't for Nintendo, and Sega setting the peak at an all time high.Now we have come to the most uplifting part that many have had the pleasure of being alive of I give you the bit wars.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Released: 1991
Discontinued: 1999
Generation: 4th
Units Sold: 49.10 Million (13th)
Initial Price: $199
IGN Rank: 4th

We will start with Nintendo on this one, in which is there great follow up with an added S next to the title making it a super 16 bit advanced console of the early 90's. Such a grand collection of grand legendary exclusive titles of both Mario, Zelda, Mega Man Punchout, Castlevania, & many others. Further going into more bigger popularity combined with the debuts of Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, Killer Instinct as well as a lot of Role Playing Games were discovered in this console alone making the genre grow with great increase for more to come. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was predictably a big hits for gamers thanks to both commercial marketing, and how much originality Nintendo had in their exclusive titles becoming incredibly fun to play. They didn't blow away quite yet, but they managed to pull away in a close race against its rival Sega who desperately took measures that would ultimately backfire in their face. If I had to choose who won I say Nintendo once again proved that with the power of Shigeru Miyamoto you are bound for greatness in gaming Nintendo power lives on through the 90's period. It also spawned for great emulation onto PC's so if you wanted to play a massively difficult game no worry just keep trying eventually you'll bit by respawn back where you hop not to die at again. 9/10

Sega Genesis
Released: 1989
Discontinued: 1997
Generation: 4th
Units Sold: 30.75 Million (15th)
Initial Price: $189
IGN Rank: 5th

''Sega Genesis has Blast processing, Nintendo don't. So what does blast processing do? What if you don't have blast processing? Genesis does, 16 bit arcade graphics. Can't do this on Nintendo... genesis does! 16 bit sports action, you can't do this on Nintendo. genesis does! genesis does! genesis does! genesis does! genesis does what nintendont, Pick it up!'' Man does that take you back to how rad it was to see Sega really try to rise as a formidable challenger to Nintendo. In 1991 Sega had come up with their flagship character who to this day has become an icon in gaming history being a hedgehog named Sonic. The original trilogy itself was a pretty excellent collection to own for the genesis. Then you get some non exclusive ports of famous titles like Street Fighter II, and Disney's Aladdin that also greats selections to go by going into a different approach. Speaking of approach well things were looking very neck to neck in early 1994 that Sega wanted to push even harder to take away the lead in which ended up being one of the biggest let down in gaming history. This was meant to be the add ons of the CD, and the 32X which are notoriously known for negative backlash, and why is that? Gamers even confused the two as its own console which to me is like saying the kinect is its own system enough said. The CD consisted of well what DVD's would later become near the end of that decade a rom player, but a bad number of them. Flaws include plugin in overused space, and as well as poor acting jobs its pretty cringeworthy to watch these in one setting. Then you have the 32X which looks like a deformed head suffocating the console entirely that's literally the case when you play something like the all mighty DOOM which at first my look okay graphically, but one thing I hate specifically about this port is why is there constant blue screens of death? Its even more of a nightmare hooking up two big cords onto your plugins you might as well go, and buy a baker's dozen how ridiculous this was to setup. Shortly after this infamous bad idea they deiced to Cancel the Neptune name for another planet name instead what is that you know next time, but for what the genesis ended up doing right was getting gamers attention that the gaming industry will be brought to life as it was, but this would be the turn for the slow walking dead for Sega. 8.5/10

Its still a heavy debate what console truly came out ontop in this early stage of the console war. No matter which side gamers were on however they can justify their own claim they want to. I can see it both ways, but of the aftermath kind of gives you the feeling a little leany on the aspect reflects the importance this brought to a whole decade of the early 90's never to forget. Next time we look at hits and misses of the late 90's.