Inspecting Long Lists #4 IGN's ''Top 100 FPS Games of All Time'' Part II

htoutlaws2012 Greetings! Welcome back to the countdown let's continue.

#50 Quake: For being the first I have no problem with it, the sequels except for maybe 4 were better than it so falling 50 seems fine for me.

#49 DOOM II Hell on Earth: The picture shows the secret to beating the incredibly hard Icon of sin level. Great game, expands from where you left off from the first game I think it should near the more top tier of the list than near the 40's.

#48 Unreal: Like Quake it was the first in the series, no complains really with this one.

#47 Call of Duty 2: I would not necessary have this high, but its better than the 1st game.

#46 Halo 4: Everything ranks beneath Halo 4 really! A game that is considered to like the Castlevania 2 of the series is better than Halo 3 no less the majority half.

#45 Left 4 Dead 2: Fun and addicting game that follows with its prequel which is pretty awesome as well.

#44 Call of Duty Black Ops: Blackops just barely beats Call of Duty 2 by 3 spots ahead. While I would put it above that its about right where it should be in this case.

#43 Borderlands 2: Oh heck yes, the game of the year in 2012, at a time where sequels for the most part were utterly disappointing. This game not only stepped up, but had a memorable Villain as well.

#42 Battlefield Bad Company 2: Good game, i'd have 3 much higher, something tells me there will be more Battlefields if this is here.

#41 Metroid Prime 3 Corruption: Solid game in the series, I have no problem with it beating the 2nd game. Assuming the 1st game ranks near the top they got the order right at least, unlike there screwy Halo order.

#40 Aliens vs. Predator (Jaguar): Woo hoo! The better Aliens vs Predator game that I played a great deal of and was one of the better games on that system.

#39 Far Cry: After we playing the 1st game, not sure if should be this high. Man is it not only dated, but I do not remember being so stiff at controls.

#38 Rainbow Six 3: Pretty excellent game in the Rainbow series.

#37 Star Trek Elite Force II: The two Star Trek games on the list I have not played, assuming there good titles i'll go by that inanology.

#36 Star Wars: Republic Commando: Wow this game made it to the list, its a pretty fun star wars game. It even makes my top even.

#35 System Shock 2: A very dark, and intriguing game that help inspire Bioshock which will probably be on this list later down.

#34 SWAT 4: The best one in the whole series, there alright, but this one got it right.

#33 Far Cry 3: Along with Borderlands 2, this really stepped its game up with the better villain that year as well. To me this is the best Far Cry game from top to bottom.

#32 Brother in Arms Road to Hill 30: Yeah more one only from a series that had more than one great game.

#31 Bioshock Infinite: its a good game in its own right, I guess at 30 its very okay, but I prefer other recent titles at the time to go above it.

#30 PlanetSide 2: Wow top 30? no way would I have had it that high, its a good game, but not that great as IGN makes it out to be.

#29 Star Wars Dark Forces: Wait a doom clone beat the actual doom game that's even more screwed up. Again when I say its a clone it not a bad thing unless there just intentionally good or bad, or just copy and paste and that's our game.

#28 Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast: Pretty fun game where yes it is a first person shooter, but its also a third person shooter at the same time. Its a great game, but were talking from a first person point of shooting. I would say this should lower than, near the tail end of the list.

#27 Chronicles of Riddick Escape From Butcher Bay: One of those underrated licensed games that was better than the actual film that year. This game had it all for just focusing on the story mainly which is not always a bad thing.

#26 F.E.A.R: The only one that warrants a spot wherever it would be on this list, the other ones are not nearly as greats as they are rated.

#25 Crysis: Its good for what it did, 2 plays much better.

#24 Left 4 Dead: Fun game, you could either way I would of had no problem how you would of ranked the two on personal preference.

#23 Battlefield 2: while it was a good game, I it would be one of those would I put it or not type of games if there's 4 or more representing the list.

#22 Tribes 2: Once again I have not touched a single tribes game ever.

#21 Duke Nukem 3D: Iconic game, I think deserves the top 10, maybe 15 at the least. Duke is just awesome, fighting the alien scum that shot his ride, and back.

#20 Medal of Honor: Okay its great that Medal of Honor made the list, but the game I expected to see come in around here would of been Allied Assault which was near flawless.

#19 Ghost Recon: I have not played this series of Tom Clancy, but hey the original is the only that made it then i'm fine with it.

#18 Team Fortress 2: Without games like overwatch there would not exist TF2 at all. Fun game 10 years later its recognized as one of the best ever.

#17 Quake III: Also known as Quake III Arena, and yeah its a very addicting game that I have played a lot of to say it around where it should be near the top.

#16 Unreal Tournament: The first tournament was pretty fun for the time, and like Quake III it was addicting to say the least.

#15 Rainbow 6: Ranked so far as the highest is this one the best one of them all? Could be, but the choice is in on preference.

#14 Deus Ex: Here we go the one I expected to be up here, but its sequel that's another story.

#13 Battlefield 1942: Yeah 1942 can be on the list, but again the order of the Battlefield games seems off.

#12 Metroid Prime: Great game, excellent choice for Nintendo to have this as their best first person shooter that was not from someone else.

#11 Wolfenstein 3D: The combination of the true grandfather of the series, reminds you of world war II setting, and one of the most memorable villains in Mecha-Hitler.

#10 Quake II: Yeah this is the best of the Quake games.

#9 Counter Strike: I mean it gave the best sniper gun in video game history as well as the infamous ''TERRORISTS WIN!''

#8 BioShock: You may argued that System shock 2 should be above this, but to me aside from Halo 3. Bioshock was the most interesting and compelling game of 2007 by far.

#7 Halo 2: Great game, epic soundtrack, solid story although others disagree, and it was the one to have online. Yes, the first Halo game to have the xbox live. More than enough to be up here as it is.

#6 Goldeneye 007: Possibly the greatest licensed game of all time. While the movie was so so, when you get you hands on this, you immediately love this game once you start to the end.

#5 Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: For what the game accomplished it was to date the best Call of Duty all around from story, and Multiplayer.

#4 Halo Combat Evolved: It is literally what helped Microsoft thrive in the console wars when it first started, and became a gaming phenomenon.

#3 Half-Life 2: Great game, story, and characters, This game is almost too perfect at least it made the top 3.

#2 DOOM: This is my #1 for sure, to me Half-Life 2 was pretty awesome, but without DOOM to me all these (aside Wolfenstien 3D) would not even been around. I mean it did have controversy, but gained a great amount of fans immediately from first playing it. It spawned so many ports, huge number of clone games good or bad. Now my question is what beat it?

#1 Half-Life: Of course the original Half-Life, its a great game in its own right, but number 1 I do not think so. Top 15 sure, top 3 no way would I have it that high. I'm trying to hate the game I just think there are other games that I feel deserve the number 1 spot like DOOM, or even its sequel was vastly better. Counter Strike even would of been a solid choice.

While the top 10 feels pretty accurate somewhat, the rest of the list was either it had a shooter high, or it was too low, or it should not of been considered. I have found 10 shooters that i'm surprised did not make there list.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Overwatch (despite the list being dated)
Area 51
Project: Snowblind
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Outlaws (not me it's by lucasarts)
Shadow Warrior
Thief: Deadly Shadows
Kill Switch
Unreal Tournament 2004

I mean I expected franchises to take much of the space, but for the games that had no place at all is like saying hey were giving no respect to this game, despite it classified as underrated. The point is you may come to like a wide margin of shooters, but then there's time to blatantly go over outrage.

That was the list see you next time.