Half Life 2


Call of Duty 4 was good and all, but Half Life 2 put it in the corner. An old, dusty, cobwebbed filled corner. To put it simply, the game has amazing immersion, and after about 30 seconds you'll feel like, well, The Freeman. This game's environment itself outmatches that of just about every other game. Lots of games send you into the first level going "Oh look this is why the game is cool" and then offers nothing afterwards. Half Life 2 ignored that idea, and continued to make the environment a living, breathing entity. Besides, the plot line is amazing, the gameplay is absolutely fantastic, and you don't have to deal with a terrible online community.

One of the things that make this game great is how epic certain parts feel. The sound effects are amazing and you always feel small and insignificant. Like the beginning of Our Benefactors, you are slowly making your way through the Citadel, and it actually feels huge compared to you. It feels real, terrifying and exhilarating. Most games seem to believe that more action and insanity creates awe-inspiring moments, but this game shows that sometimes you just need to take it slow and let all of it sink in. - Yoshilord

A masterpiece. Period. The storytelling method that was introduced with the first game is perfected on this sequel. The gameplay is fluid and the scenario very well-built. Likeable and complex characters are a big part at one of the best storylines in the industry. As I said, a masterpiece.

Right from everything, this game is flawless and has no holes, every single aspects was very well design like its sounds, gameplay, physics, A.I, and others, from its time it looks very realistic, and if you want better design, play the cinematic mod, it may not be the first modern FPS, but I can't forget how well the world inside Half-Life 2 was designed

I could think of 100 games better than Call of Duty, and about 25 more games that simply can't be compared. This is one of those games. Valve is the most impressive gaming company of the modern world, and this game gives you a good reason to return to first person shooters after what an overrated mess activision made of it.

Awesome technology, amazing graphics, intense gameplay and its complexity give this game the never-ending, addictive source of action, suspense, and excitement that no other FPS game in the world can deliver. Though a few more modes would make it even better, because a game can never be too good, right?

Half-Life will always be the best FPS, since Half-Life came out in 1998 it set the standards for FPS's, if Half-Life would have never existed, there would be no Call of Duty or Halo or they would be far too different.

Half-Life is no doubt, the best FPS experience.

This improved on the gaming revolution known as Half Life and made shooters ten times more popular. Not only that, it still had better gameplay than Black Ops, a game made six years later. Half Life 1, Half Life 2, and all of Half Life 2's episode sequels is in my top three video game series with Halo and Grand Theft Auto. -

It has the perfect spacing between action segments and puzzle solving that's allows you to reflect on the game and truly makes you appreciate what you just experienced. Not to mention the amazing story line that is all experienced first hand, not a single cut scene.

An amazing game with good graphics and good level designs. I like that story unravels before you very eyes rather than doing cut scenes, which puts the game to a more realistic state. The combine troopers are fun to kill, and the character development is good. A good game especially for a sequel. - AlienKing

Worthy sequel of first Half-Life, it's a shame that it requires Steam to run but I can live with that. Good-looking graphics even for 2011, amazing atmosphere, fun and satisfying gameplay, interesting story and level variation. What else would you want

Half-life revolutionised fps genre forever.. Both in games & technology. Half-life 2's source engine even after so many years is unmatched by other game engines.. Half-life is just not a mere game, it's a experience that will stay with you forever.. In my all the years of gaming.. Half-life is the greatest & unforgottable game I have ever played. So this game desires to be in number position for now & forever.

Modern Warfare is cool and all, but topping this? This is the quintessential FPS game. Great story, seemless transitions and the best weapons ever designed.

I just can't wait for either Episode 3 or, better yet, Half-Life 3. - afpabon

Half-Life 2 is the best FPS game I've ever played! Call of Duty was disappointing, every series of Call of Duty are almost the same! On the other Hand Half-Life, has better series, puzzles, and logical thinking before doing something. Overall : Half-Life is the best FPS EVER!
Call of Duty - Disappointment... Thank you

Amazing game. It's whole story line had been with me since Half Life 1 Came out, and my dad was playing it. Maybe I like it just because this, but I think it's still the best game, and best story ever, despite Valve's lag to release next part of HL2 ep's or even HL3.

Many people who play a Half-Life title for the first time today don't get why it is the best. I tell them that all the other games on this list owe a part of their greatness to the Half-Life series (and of course id's debut titles).

The best FPS of all time took everything that made half-life so great added more with great music great level design and great story can still play through this game in 2013 and still have a blast playing it

This is the best fps game I have played really means in year 2004 no game was as good as this one at that time... Everything was just perfect and the characters

If you guys think Call of Duty better than the Half-Life, then you are never played the Half-Life before. Just play it, and then talk.

In my opinion best fps on this list and my favorite valve game I am still waiting for the game half life 3 or episode 3 so every E3 I want to see it there

Best game ever. Looks better than any of the games that have ever come out. Valve is many steps ahead of us. Wait.. There were two main Half Life games, 1 and 2. 1+2 is 3... HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED! - yoshaholic

Best game I ever played. Never got boring. Can't wait for episode 3. Should be the best game of all time. Wish they would tell us when its coming out.

Totally agree with the result. I haven't played it for about 18 months but its coming out now and I know ill play until its finished a again.

Amazing story, excellent graphics for it's time, and started one of the most versatile game engines of all time. Definitely deserves #1.

Ten years of gaming from 2004 to 2014 and still many are playing this game ctitics scores: 10/10 5/5 96/100 so awesome I play it you play it all of us have played and that's the way fps should have made that's the way to valve be the best game developer ever like it love it didn't wait a 2004 game will be so awesome like this is a good game