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21 Unreal Tournament 2004

good game are best man the game are amazing much good I really mabe the game are incredible but unreal tornament 2003 are best ui

One Greatest Games Ever Made

One of the best FAST PACED FPS Games Ever, Has everything you could want..
Whether playing singleplayer or Multiplyer.. the experience is awesome, the graphics are pretty good ( though low system requirements are required ).

This is once such game that is not too complicated or not too simple and I assure you no matter how much you play whether different map or the same map over and over again, you'll never get bored.. Each time will be a new experience..

t his game, even just the demo, is a test of agility and concentration. I'm ashamed that it isn't up there with giants like Halo Combat Evolved... people

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22 Duke Nukem 3D

Well-balanced and sophisticated levels, humour and one-of-a-kind style of action make this one's replayability the main reason to deem it a king of all FPS games ever.

Fantastic game.. One of the first shooters to bring an inventory into the mix!

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23 Far Cry 3

Well, this game is just perfect you will get in to this game in no time, at first I thought it was dumb but it's perfect.

No other game comes even close to this one, wow, masterpiece.

Awesome breathtaking jungle environment come to life

Sexy... just sexy... made me cry

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24 Perfect Dark

While it was not the first FPS I played, It was the one that got me hooked. A sniper rifle that can see through walls, proximity mines and great knife fighting. I play COD MW2 now but will always remember my time with perfect dark.

Perfect Dark for me is the best Sci-Fi FPS. a great old school and graphics and story very creative, I think it was a great breakthrough for future Halo games, Crisis and etc ...

Better than Goldeneye but sadly not as many people play it or know if it today, highly recommend it to anyone and everyone

For me Perfect Dark set the standard for what fps are today. I basically consider it like a part 2 to Goldeneye but it broke ground by having sims tp play against also. Basically was like playing online and also has beautiful graphics even by todays standards.

25 Battlefield Bad Company 2

I just don't understand how this game is has such a low place! This is one of the best games in history, and definitely the best FPS ever. Characters are amusing and great, destructing houses and buildings is so awesome, you can drive many types of vehicles, moving is more realistic and killing also. Graphics is legendary.
Multiplayer - The best multiplayer experience in any FPS which is totally realistic and based on teamwork and you can't just run around and shoot like Rambo.

Better than Call of Duty, better than any game.

Simply awesome! No game will ever beat a multiplayer experience just like this one! The campaign could be better...

Way better than any Call of Duty game. This game emphasizes teamwork and patience and is very realistic. Call of Duty on the other hand emphasizes speed and luck

Battlefield all the way.

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26 Overwatch

Overwatch is a really fun Game. One of the best games of all time. And not only that. Overwatch is the best shooter game ever made.

Team Fortress 2 may have started the class based fps, but overwatch perfected it. So much fun.

This is fun and addictive!

Dude...its BLIZZARD

27 Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Nazis, Zombies, mutants and robots in one game with great level design and environment. Fun gameplay and well designed guns. Best MP of all times with various objectives and classes, bad ass soundtrack and who cares about a story anyway?

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28 Battlefield 3

Why the hell is this so low?! Screw the Call of Duty players, Call of Duty is for little kids who don't know how to play a REAL first person shooter.

Totally agree, this should be number one, let alone in the top ten. Can you fly jets and helicopters in Call of Duty? Can you drive buggys and tanks? NO. That alone makes BF3 better than any Call of Duty game in the past, present and future.

Eh, Lets Vote for this game, I've played it for a long time now and I've played these stupid Call of Duty games... But really Lets vote on Battlefield 3!

I'm also planning on to get Battlefield 4, I've tried the BETA and it's already great on BETA version, so BATTLEFIELD SHOULD BE THE WINNER!

Should be a lot higher, just for multiplayer! - MaxAttack333

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29 Deus Ex

How can you people possibly leave the Greatest PC game of all time off this list? This game was not only a great FPS, but also had a great storyline that was immensely deep. That is hard for a FPS game to do. Please VOTE FOR THIS GAME!

Screw Call of Duty! This game is too awesome to be on this list, save Half-Life of course... This game has an amazing story, soundtrack, gameplay, and characters. Deserves to be at least in top 10.

If this were a console game it would be so much higher...

This is great... Milestone

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30 Left 4 Dead 2

Imagine taking Call of Duty Zombies, making it 10 times more fun and exciting, and you get this masterpiece. There is just so much good about this game. The weapons are good, the characters are interesting, and the gore that comes out of the Zombies is fantastic. Best zombie FPS ever! - AlienKing

Best zombie game ever created, if you choose another zombie fps instead this one because of the graphics you are doing a tremendously bad choice. This game is the best coop game out there.

Awesome. Probably the best zombie fps

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31 Quake 2

Best game ever! Great level and enemy variety, great multiplayer and a nice, long single player campaign, which I've played through over 20 times. And weapons that feel and sound powerful.

Really? You call this good? - MRRM

32 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Amazing graphics multiplayer campaign exo survival but story of campaign could have been better

Best game ever

Aou you kidding me...

What is this thing doign on the list at anyone that voted this please kill yourself

33 Destiny

Why is this on here? Boring gameplay and lackluster story and DLC every where you look! Overatted! - AlienKing

It's the best

This games is fantastic! It combines elements of all kinds of games, for all types of people. First off, this game is beautiful, even on last gen (just to get that out of the way)... Second, the game has amazing PvE AND PvP elements, so if you enjoy blowing the heads off of aliens, or your friends. Third, the grinding and playing the game is so unbelievably addicting, you could spend days even weeks trying to get the weapon you want (and no bull "BUY DIS GUN HERE FOR A SMOL PRISE OF 99$). Fourth, weapon and level design is creative, year 1 of this game is a WHOLE 'nother story, but after the taken king launch this game got the revival and recognition that it deserved, the level design was super intelligent and thought out, it was super nostalgiac to go back through the VoG and Crota raids... Remembering the reign of the regime and the mythoclast was cool, and they even included exoctics (notably the NTtE) that you needed to do the year 1 raids to get. 6th and finally, the PvP and ...more

34 Fallout: New Vegas

I LOVE the Fallout series, and this game is pretty good! - AlienKing

Good apocalyptic game it has lots of secret weps and a lot of quests and side quests. Over all not a bad game.

35 Portal 2

I find nostalgia about this despite it being 5 years old

How do you get nostalgia when this is probably one of your first games? - MaxAttack333

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36 Borderlands 2

BioShock and Half-Life may have better stories and Deus Ex and DOOM may have been more innovative at it's time but Borderlands 2 is definitely the most fun fps

Great game, the graphics may not be the best but it has many other amazing features

The Best FPS I've Ever Played - VideoGamefan5

Best game I've ever played

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37 Doom 3
38 The Orange Box

This is the best compilation box of FPS ever

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39 Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
40 Cold War Crises (Operation Flashpoint)

The storyline the capability of being free to choose where and when, and also how, the number of variations eg it has combat on land sea and air, the realism the tactical element and the clerness and ease of the control method, which allows for a huge variety in how to get any task mission objective etc completed..Inovationally this game was so so far ahead, and is stilll way ahead of almost all other other today - espyorkshireman

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