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41 Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
42 Cold War Crises (Operation Flashpoint)

The storyline the capability of being free to choose where and when, and also how, the number of variations eg it has combat on land sea and air, the realism the tactical element and the clerness and ease of the control method, which allows for a huge variety in how to get any task mission objective etc completed..Inovationally this game was so so far ahead, and is stilll way ahead of almost all other other today - espyorkshireman

43 Battlefield 1942

I can't believe this is so low on this list. The Battlefield series is the best thing out there. I could not believe when I had to scroll all the way down here to find this game. No doubt in my mind this is the Greatest FPS ever.

This can't be so low on the list, it's a very old game, but it was super fun. It also has an incredible element of strategy on it that modern fps lack off.

The first multiplayer war game that could use airplanes tanks turrets.

This was one of the best games ever.

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44 The Darkness
45 Geograph Seal
46 Fallout 3

I mean serious. This is the 2nd best game of all time after Skyrim. A lot of awesome weapons, and you could do anything you want. I mean for real this should be at least at the top ten.

This is truly a wonderful game. I got it the day it came out and I still love it. Fallout isn't a full on shooter, but it's easily one of the best damn games ever.

47 Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World is an amazing FPS and an unforgettable Experience 10/10. - pcgamingmaster

No game has managed to encapsulated the true terrors of war like Animal Crossing Wild World has

In a hectic world wild world offers simplicity


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48 Portal 2

I find nostalgia about this despite it being 5 years old

How do you get nostalgia when this is probably one of your first games? - MaxAttack333

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49 Enemy Zero
50 Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D broke the entire ground that FPS stands on... And it wasn't just a ground-breaker in that mind-set. It featured bosses that were extremely evil and sadistic, from the maniacal and diabolical Doctor Schabbs, who experimented on humans and created deadly mutated fighting machines out of them... To the menacingly demonic Hitler, who wore a battle suit and fought with brutal precision with dual chainguns and rapid fire. The game was not just a breakthrough for FPS games, a definitive game for bosses, a controversial title for the Nazi enemies, and adding a tremendous amount of levels and secrets, it was also the most powerful title that fed into the mainstream for decades to follow. Wolfenstein 3D is the legend of all FPS games, hands down.

What A Great Game And It Was Made By The People That Did DOOM And Quake

WHY IS THIS SO LOW!? Wolfenstein 3D is one of the first ever FPS games. It practically created the genre! - Jefftt

Though it look cheap by todays standers, think about when this came out? A great innovation to gaming history. - AlienKing

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51 Far Cry 4

If you love Far cry 3 the you will like this even more, this is stable version of far cry 3 it has more guns and a lot of added fetures

52 Time Splitters: Future Perfect

What other game can let you play as a Robocop Monkey armed with a flamethrower and can set the Gingerbread man on fire while also being under attack from a Giant Sock Puppet?

Game is very unique, fun and entertaining in so many ways.

53 Call of Duty

This is where it all started for this productive series. Back in the days it was still good and fun to play.

54 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

Call of Duty is in top 10? I have lost faith in humanity.

55 Gungriffon Blaze
56 Crysis

Blends the futuristic halo with the realistic firefights of Call of Duty, with the location of far cry. Truly fantastic! AND it has the greatest map editor on the face of the planet! There's a reason you need a powerful computer to even run it!

Will always be better than Call of Duty black ops 2

Pure Brilliance...

Best of em' all.

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57 Timesplitters 2

Best game ever Call of Duty is boring and the same every year

58 Borderlands

Filled with over the top violence, Hilarious dialogue, and an amazing plot, make borderlands one of the most amazing fps series of all time!

59 Fallout: New Vegas

I LOVE the Fallout series, and this game is pretty good! - AlienKing

Good apocalyptic game it has lots of secret weps and a lot of quests and side quests. Over all not a bad game.

60 F.E.A.R.

Play this game for a compelling story line, complete with insane moments of madness that will make your heart leap out into your throat! Best enjoyed - in the dark, with headphones and a bottle of beer!... Believe me, this game will make you double check you closets before you go to bed after a good few hours of playing it!

I vote this for #3. I think it should only be topped by Call of Duty: World at War (#2) and Doom (#1).

Fear was the first really good game that I played after doom which was great

Awesome... Just awesome... !

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