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1 My Way

I love this song it's one of my top 5 songs and it's about life and to remember the ones you loved the most.

This songs is his best one. Its all about life and remember the one you love the most!

I really like this because it's him celebrating life for not just him but everyone else listening. I feel that it's a song full of emotion and I really really like it.

No doubt it's the best song of one of greatest artists of all time

2 Fly Me to the Moon

This belongs #2. The argument can most definitely be made for #1 though. An very amazing song. Always impresses me when I heard it!

#4 - are you kidding? The best Frank Sinatra song along with My Funny Valentine and BLUES IN THE NIGHT!

Best Frank Sinatra song of all time.

YES THE BEST! Who doesn't want to sing along when they hear it?

3 New York, New York

I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps and have this song playing in the background. One of Sinatra's best, besides Under My Skin and My Funny Valentine.

One of the best, this song is a classic.

One of the most celebrated songs of the city, and a classic by all means

# 3 is good, but should be # 1

4 The Way You Look Tonight

The song that got me into Frank Sinatra. Definitely the best of his songs

Just the fact if you sing this to a chick and she’ll instantly love you should put this at number 1.

Lit Fam

5 Strangers in the Night

Sentimentality is a funny thing. :(

Its best song ever

I love this song!

It's the most beautiful song I v ever heard

6 Come Fly with Me

Second best if not best sinatra song of all time

Best one

7 My Funny Valentine

Best song ever!

8 I've Got You Under My Skin

I love how there's like no votes on this site. Heh. No one respects the old guys anymore. To think the new generation is gonna fall into the deep dark pit of EDM, or rather shallow pit, right next to the mass grave where Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan and Billy Joel and David Bowie and Elton John (awww man Elton John) and Elvis Presley and The Sweet and Nat King Cole are buried. I feel like a Grandpa saying all this stuff (except for the 'like' in the first sentence, that's a new generation quirk). 16 guys. 5 years past my prime.

I love this song because I have a memory with Frank Sinatra at the fountain blue when he sat next to me and we had a great conversation that I will never forget and an invitation 💜

It's a classic that deserves better than #9

Simply awesome

9 That's Life

A classic. THUG2 for the win - BeeBlue

Amazing in the joker movie

The best of the best

The best Sinatra song

10 You Make Me Feel So Young

My personal favorite Sinatra song (along with Fly Me to the Moon), I'm surprised it only made #35.

I'm the guy who said the last comment, and I'm very glad it's gone up to 17.

This is one of Sinatras songs that I sing And imitate perfectly. He was the best of all time in my opinion. I was lucky to see him twice in concerti like and can sing all of these

One of the best

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? More (Theme from Mondo Cane)

One of my favorites that he sang! - Misfire

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11 Summer Wind

His songs are timeless, like artfully carved masterpieces, each and every one. Summer Wind is a movie of sound...

Just love the melody and words. One of my all time favorites.

Frank's all time loved "seasonal song."

I love this song so much. It's absolutely perfect for this time of year. - Britgirl

12 All of Me

I love all of songs from frank sinatra

What are the words?

13 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

I like listening to this song around Christmas - Ajkloth

14 I Get a Kick Out of You
15 The Lady Is a Tramp

It just got better over the years - amazing!

Not the very best, but at least the top ten.

16 Something Stupid

My personal favorite

Great duet with his daughter.

17 The Best Is Yet to Come

Get this song higher up on the list.

18 That Old Black Magic
19 It Was a Very Good Year

What a beautifully realized song. Francis revealing your emotions through his own. Listen to the lines, you were there. This is a gift to us all. Another timeless moment captured, from youngster to maturity. Worth a million listens... And then some.

Unforgettable in fact. - Britgirl

D minor epicness.

20 In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

A truly beautiful song--a rendition that is unsurpassed, full of an achingly gorgeous melancholy--the opening salvo on one of the greatest albums ever made (eponymously titled).

His voice at it's peak!

21 Night and Day

I Get a Kick Out of You should be in the top ten, as well as Come Dance With Me. Night and Day should be higher.

22 One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)

I listen to this when I have trouble sleeping, it's so smooth and relaxing and beautiful and feels made to bring the day to a close. 10/10

This is underrated. It's one if my favorites from Sinatra. please do listen!

I love this songg!

23 Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Sinatra never sung this song

24 Luck Be a Lady

James Bond here? No, better. Bigger. Cooler. We're in Franks world now, baby! Tux and Tie, so listen up! Tunes like this only come along once in a thousand years! Best of Francis Albert!

His road Manager Dick Curtis said Mr Sinatra's personal top favorite to sing live. I would this he would know!

25 All or Nothing at All
26 Killing Me Softly

How is this so behind? This is the best one. Should be in top five!

This has to be his best song!

This song must be in top 10 at least!? It is just sublime.

Come on nowww. It's the perfect jazz

27 I'll Never Smile Again
28 Softly, As I Leave You
29 Blue Moon

Fallout New vegas

30 Young at Heart

Fairy tales can come true

31 Fools Rush In
32 What’s New?

My favorite song of all time, and it really doesn’t get enough credit.

33 L.O.V.E.
34 Get Happy
35 Witchcraft
36 I've Got the World on a String

Another timeless moment captured, beautiful art, flawless sound from Francis, sophisticated, joyous, and fun. Worth a million listens... And then some.

37 I Love You


Must be kidding me!
this song is one of the best ever and surly the best among frank sinatra songs. - Bisho

38 It Happened In Monterey

It didn't seem possible for Frank to get any cooler than he was "In the Wee Small Hours," but then he dropped this one on the world.

39 Let Me Try Again
40 The Girl from Ipanema

Why is this not top three? Pure classic

41 How Insensitive
42 A Million Dreams Ago
43 I'm Gonna Live Till I Die
44 Chicago

The brilliant flow of Sinatra, my kind of song


45 The Last Dance
46 Nice N' Easy
47 Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week

*Sigh* Sing to me about it Ol' Blue Eyes. - Britgirl

48 Tina

This is so beautiful. I can close my eyes and pretend he's dedicating and singing this to me. *Sigh*... - Britgirl

49 You'll Never Know
50 I Only Have Eyes for You

Why is this down here? :( - Misfire

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