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21 Fred Goes to a School Dance
22 Fred is Back!

This was his first "mature" video, with one of the guest stars from the Disney Channel show, Jessie.

Jenny was Judy, making this the first, and only Fred video with Judy making an appearance,

23 Claudio On Valentine's Day

This was the last Fred video before the New Fred Saga, which led to the true finale.

Hardly even considered a finale, yet he destroyed his fame afterwards.

24 Where is Fred Now?!

Fred gets a sequel on Lucas's channel 2 days after Christmas in 2015.

He rebooted Fred on December 27, 2015, on his personal channel.

25 Fred Tries Online Dating
26 Lucas Defeats Yuksung

He told everyone he's too old and is ready to move on, very sad day for YouTube, at least it was a proper ending.

This is the series finale of Fred.

The last one before he sold his channel to his death, though he thankfully brought him back, on his vlog channel.

27 Lucas Goes To Korea
28 A Message from Yuksung Corporation
29 Fred Wants a Kids Choice Award

The first Fred video on his personal vlog channel, every one before that was on his original Fred channel.

30 Fred on St. Patrick's Day
31 Fred Goes to the Park
32 Fred on Halloween 2

Another Halloween video by Fred.

33 Fred on Valentine's Day
34 Fred on May Day
35 Fred Gets Bullied
36 Fred Stalks Judy
37 Fred on Father's Day
38 Fred Meets Bertha
39 Fred's Grandma Has a Secret
40 Fred Goes Camping
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