Best Freddie Mercury (Not Queen) Songs

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1 In My Defence

I'm a very unemotional person but listening to Freddie sing this song moves me to tears every time. The beautifully lyrics are haunting, I feel it's the one he gave us to explain just how scared he was under his bravery.

This is trully the best song Freddie wrote (on his solo album).Those words,music,and,of course,his voice.He could reach over 4 octaves,and we can hear that in that song.So,in my defense,this is his best solo song!

Freddie was made in heaven.

Amazing song.

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2 Barcelona

I think that Barcelona was just so moving. I know he and Miss Caball'e did a whole album together, but I believe that this song perfectly brought their two harmonies together - the very best of their voices, into a single element. Writing about a place that meant to much to the soprano, with Freddie's hopes and dreams of the entire album sewn into the fibres. Truely a monumental piece.

3 How Can I Go On

He was a saint

4 The Golden Boy
5 I Was Born to Love You

The music video cracks me up love this song! - DaringXx


6 There Must Be More to Life Than This
7 Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow

Wonderful and affectionate voice full of emotion, great and kinda sad song.

Something about this song

This song goes to your soul. Beautiful.

I absolutely adore Freddie's slow voice on this beautiful song. It's warm, silky, and so delectable. I even like that it's very different from Queen songs. R.I.P. my Persian Popinjay. "I still love you".

8 Living On My Own
9 The Fallen Priest
10 Made in Heaven

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11 Man Made Paradise
12 The Great Pretender

There's something extra special about Freddie in this song. So much emotion, and it's genuine and from his heart. I believe he really felt this way about himself. I love him.

13 Mr. Bad Guy
14 Guide Me Home
15 Love Kills
16 Love Makin' Love

One of Freddie's demos from 1984. A wonderful song and a warm voice, pity it was never released on an album, it is truly a gem.

17 Time
18 La Japonaise
19 Goin' Back
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