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1 Craigslist

Best place for free ads. High exposure, just watch out for scams. Otherwise great traffic.

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Anyone can "flag" or delete your ad 4 any reason whatsoever & they remain faceless... They do not need to "justify" any accusations that your ad isn't abiding by CL rules & regulations & you have no recourse whatsoever except to send a complaint w/ th ad # & you get an automated text that basically says your "screwed"! You can not re run the ad w/o re writing it from scratch & it just gets flagged again! "Craigs List" basically "SPAWNS" these individuals from their lack of interaction... The site is "totally self governed" by faceless degenerates! You don't even know why you were flagged... No reason whatsoever... Your ad is just gone & if you post anything "derogatory" about what happened..."All" your ads start getting flagged! I'm done w/ Craigs List... It was a great site until your ad is competition or someone decides they don't like your ad! These people get off by controlling others lives & don't have to justify anything! "POWER CORUPTS"! is Pure Classified site with monthly visits crossing million.

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YADAGIRIGUTTA You pay one lack spot payment get 4.20 lack plot (150 SQUARE YARD) free only 3 days conditions apply @ 6305381707

good site - Jobiba

Olx provides free classifieds services in more than 100 countries across the world...

Not in Canada?

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This is a very good site and easy to navigate without a lot of hassle.

Great site! Easy to use and lots of cool features!

I love the free auctions! No seller fees!

Great site! Easy to use and awesome features. I recommend them highly. Two thumbs up!

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4 kijiji

Free Local Kijiji Classifieds. Search and post classified ads in For Sale, Pets, Jobs, Apartments, Housing, and other categories.

Kijiji was the second most popular free online classified ad listing website of the USA. Kijiji was acquired by the auction monster eBay years back. Now eBay willing to use their popular brand name to make their free classified site more popular has changed name of their free classified site. Kijiji USA is now named as eBay Classifieds.

Really good website and has almost everything you need

For everything you have to post to this site, stay there if you want to earn money brows through the differents subjets

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Yeah, looks like they changed the name but still looks pretty cool. I just contacted a seller about some meet and greet One Direction tickets. Hopefully, the deal will pan out! - garytickifeds

Way better than Craigslist for tickets. Craigslist was the best 5 years ago but they got too big and can't keep up with the spam.

The #1 Event Ticket Classifieds site in the world. Post or Browse ticket listings for MLB, NHL, NCAA, NBA, NFL, Concert, Theater, and Motor Sport Tickets for FREE!

Nice selection of tickets. Also, easy to find what you are looking for with local categories as well as team specific.

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6 Locanto Free Classifieds

Free Classifieds site in every city, state, suburb, area in 40 countries. It's fast, easy to use, good SEO implementation and with many categories.

Locanto provides free classifieds services in more than 45 countries across the world...

Always get 70-150 "views", but seemingly never any clicks...

Free of charge with many categories.

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7 Yorpage

Great looking site! Has so many great features I love the flash games. It's still new, but has a lot of potential to be one of the premier free classified sites around.

Great site doesn't red flag and posting on the site is faster than the others. The Ads also look good once posted!

Great looking site so easy to post an item love all of the categories.

bad news

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8 WorldStuffer

The site is very clean and interface is intuitive, it has the most demanding features on the classifieds market supported by people's profiles, so everybody can easily post, find or review what they want with comments and discussions. It has some new features like trace Ads by request and the profiles are open for everyone.

I loved just for that fact!

I signed up for worldstuffer but the login is so confusing you can't figure it out. I quit and I'm going to another.

Very easy and user friendly with WorldStuffer site. Kudos!

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Great website to sell old stuffs and also buy..
Super website, fast selling.
Great to sell stuffs online.
Nice website

Site torn down. Sorry!

This site supports child trafficking. It should be shut down and the owners put in prison

Backpage provides free classifieds services in more than 65 countries across the world...

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The Newcomers


Posting ad is easy on Adolaa this is my first encounter but it was quiet smooth process. I listed 5-6 ads and there is no limit

Ya, although its new but posting on the website is easy enough, and I got my 2 service lead here,
Thanks adolaa.

Awesome Website to post free ads within few clicks - roneychadda

Very easy to post ads

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The Contenders


The largest site for classifieds in India with a lots of categories (almost everything). Also...the interface is simple and clean.

I had to buy a used car. It was so simple and easy! Great compared to other websites in India.


One of the best sites ever. The site is human monitored and edited. Good support. Great value. SEO on every page, high traffic, social networking link feature, do-follow (definitely a great deal here), options for Featured or just an Ordinary Paid Ads. All in all good deal. Being an advertiser, I can quote my product is proudly advertised at the highly reputable, long established Biggest Classifieds.

One of the best on the internet. Top ranking. High traffic rating by Alexa. Worth to advertise here. Permanent do-follow link.

This is supposed to be best FREE classified sites. some people say its good, but still I don't think this site belongs on this list. It even says it may not post your ad if you don't "donate" a certain amount and this is for a regular post.

World Biggest and Best Free Online Classifieds. - alexpaul

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13 Clickooz

Best site 4 classifieds

Clickooz is the best online classified website all over the world. Website loads very fast. Users have an option to post without registration. Great work.

Not for americans.

Post free classified advertisements here

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14 Sulekha Classifieds

Free for wanting but paid to offer in the USA, but it's best free website in India for wanted or offered.

Thank you for share classifieds site

Sulekha Is The Best

Sulekha is best

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15 Americanlisted

The best classified website out there! I've tried several different and AL just outranks the rest.

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The most local classifieds website in US - savvyTom

Very simply and fast!

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I have come across this site through Google and what I found that is unique ad published on this site. I just register and submit my ad. The more surprising thing was, my ad is reviewed withing 3 hrs and live on website. That was awesome experience for me on View My Classified.

Fast loading classified sites and 3 really simple steps to submit and approve your classified.

Submitted my ad in 3 simple steps, 1-register, 2-ad form fill-up, 3-got approved in approx 5 hrs. Recommend to all.

The web page offered by your website to promote or to convey your message to the every corner on the earth is really appreciable. The navigation moves smoothly to speed up the procedure. It could be an inspirational example for many other rubbish website existing just for nothing. We appreciate your services and thank you in anticipation.

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Excellent Free Classified Website - sibbusiness

Clean and Easy to Post your Ads

Fastest Free Classified Website


Post free classified ads without registration

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Does not exist anymore! is a best website to post free classified ads without registration.


Ebayclassifieds provides free classifieds services in more than 25 countries across the world...

EBay Classifieds covers over 272 areas in the U.S. and dozens of categories such as buy & sell, cars, pets, jobs, housing and more.

21 Virtual Classifieds
22 Free Classifieds Biz

Sell, buy, swap, offer, seek, advertise... Submit an unlimited number of various free ads that are valid for 40 days. After expiration you can renew them.


OutLived is one of my favourite free classifieds sites. Clean and easy to use, should definitely be ranked higher.

One of the better companies around. Nice and easy to use, always pleased when I visit.

I big concern of mine with websites is reputability. I've been using this website for a while now and have been a repeat visitor ever since. It has helped my business substantially.

All real jobs with real companies. Visit us today and try our free job matching

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Best Online Classifieds which is also among the TOP 10 ranking websites, has been providing the competitive edge in paid and free online classifieds advertising.

This list will help me lot to know how to classified works - chritin111

Nice site. One of the most popular sites on the internet.

Providing competitive edge in online advertising - alexpaul

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Best Free Classifieds site, it contain all possible classifieds advertising includes properties, real estates, buy, rent, sell, car, company, listing, market place, personal ads, community, home based business opportunity, etc.

Thanks for team. good support

This classifieds site allows one to post free ads at no charge. The ads do get monitored and they can be placed under home rentals, properties, real estates, buy, rent, company, listing, market place, personal ads, community, jobs, cars, pets and other common categories.

This is great Classifieds site to advertise your business, products and more..

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27 Adoos

Adoos provides free classifieds services in more than 20 countries across the world...

Doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Just wants you to download an app

28 PostFreeAds.Org

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Terrible for esoteric folks, none of our ads allowed. So if you are one of Us, do not bother. People can report your ad. No concern for the folks who are trying to find one another in our field.

32 SellDude

Nice clean website. The redundancy of images, backgrounds and all the fancy stuff has been removed to allow faster loading and thus facilitating users ease of navigation.

Over 100,000 cities worldwide and multilinguala support (07/2011). No nonsense, regulated free classifieds website. - selldude

Been using this for a year now. Like it. Tries to keep away spam and scams as other websites do not.

Truly Global. Craigslist contender in simplicity. Wonder if it will turn into one of those Google Adsense Paid sites in the future.


Free classifieds all over world

Nice to post


Amazing website. Here I can post my ad in multiple locations.

Indeed a customer friendly website!

10dayds is a free classified website to post Ads worldwide with video or pictures.


Awesome site, earns me some extra income posting my auctions and classifieds for free.

Easy to use and offers free classifieds and free auctions.

36 is better than all the other classified sites here..

Advertise Anything For Free at: Did you know is on the first page of Google and (ALL) search engines over 700,000,000 other sites. See it for yourself go to (ANY) search engine and type "advertise anything for free". Your Ad will be on the first page of Google, and on (ALL) search engines for free just "POST AD".

Advertise Anything For Free at: Did you know is on the first page of Google and (ALL) search engines over 700,000,000 other sites. See it for yourself go to (ANY) search engine and type "advertise anything for free". Your Ad will be on the first page of Google, and on (ALL) search engines for free just "POST AD". is 100% FREE to advertise on.. Just post ad... PLUS they are on the first page of (ALL) search engines.. Try it for yourself type "advertise anything for free" on Google or (ANY) search engine.. And they are always first over 700,000,000 other sites... PLUS the offer paid banner Ads for $1.00 a day or less... If you buy those banner Ads your site will also be on the first page of all search engines.

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Wana buy/sale visit now, more and more products and services are available here. Classes, service, properties, for sale and much more things are available here

Good website its very useful I want to say that every one should visit this website here aprox all things are available here very nice

Achhi website hai, sab kuch milta hai ahan


Vivastreet provides free classifieds services in more than 15 countries across the world...


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39 Post Free Advertising

I found one other site free classified which even allow you to add business location by Google maps so visitor may find your business location all this are free so check here

Best classified because of ads are searchable in Google. - nik00726

It was easy to use and sounds good

True classified with free of charge! Yes I recommands

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40 Europeslist

Great website for listing items to sell or buy. Free to list anywhere on the site.

This site is good in Europe, USA, and India. It is free to post in most categories and easy to post. Have not had any problems.

Good site. Has plenty of ads from all around Europe and it is easy to use.

Almost all ads are free, but a great site for Europe.


I used this classifieds to sell my car and it was sold within a week. The posting was easy and everything was done at no charge. I noticed they covered a whole variety of categories and this can be an extra plus for everyone.

What we liked about this site was the fact you will be given many options on how and where you want your free ad to show up. Number of images can be posted is more than enough unlike some other classifieds. You do have access to a classifieds forums through the site too. It was a pleasure to do business with this site.

We were looking to hire .NET and PHP developers and classifieds helped us to accomplish our target in short amount of time. We do recommend it to everyone as posting ads can and finding people can not be any easier.

This classified ads site allows you to post free ads. Free Classifieds can be posted under apartments for rent, pets, cars, jobs and other similar categories. The site is meant for local advertising.

42 Justdoondo

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43 Foolads

It liked the way it simplifies posting and searching - manojkumar

I think it's a great site we missed in this list - manojkumar


The first classified social network


99Local Search-A place to list your Business and Post free Ads, Search local business and classifieds ads along with their contact details, Real Estate, Hotels, Automobiles, Jobs, Matrimonial

I am fully satisfied with this website. have a very good features

This is a very good free classified website

This is a very good website. I use it and 100% satisfied with it

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It's the best site to list anything that you want to sell. Items go like hotcakes on this site. I feel like all of Utah live on this online haven.

Everyone in Utah uses this, much easier to use than Craigslist, I wish news sites in other states used it as well.



This classifieds site allows one to post free ads at no charge. The ads do get monitored and they can be placed under home rentals, cars, pets, jobs and other common categories.

It's the best classifieds site I have come across. Free advertising can't be any easier.

48 Free Ads UK

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Post unlimited classified ads sell anything and grow up your business Post Ads Without Registration

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