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I used this classifieds to sell my car and it was sold within a week. The posting was easy and everything was done at no charge. I noticed they covered a whole variety of categories and this can be an extra plus for everyone.

What we liked about this site was the fact you will be given many options on how and where you want your free ad to show up. Number of images can be posted is more than enough unlike some other classifieds. You do have access to a classifieds forums through the site too. It was a pleasure to do business with this site.

We were looking to hire .NET and PHP developers and classifieds helped us to accomplish our target in short amount of time. We do recommend it to everyone as posting ads can and finding people can not be any easier.

This classified ads site allows you to post free ads. Free Classifieds can be posted under apartments for rent, pets, cars, jobs and other similar categories. The site is meant for local advertising.


The first classified social network

43 Europeslist

Great website for listing items to sell or buy. Free to list anywhere on the site.

This site is good in Europe, USA, and India. It is free to post in most categories and easy to post. Have not had any problems.

Good site. Has plenty of ads from all around Europe and it is easy to use.

Almost all ads are free, but a great site for Europe.

44 classifieds 360°

On this site users can post free video ad classifieds. Check it out!

Brand new website. Clean and well organized. No external adevertisment. Easy to use

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It's the best site to list anything that you want to sell. Items go like hotcakes on this site. I feel like all of Utah live on this online haven.

Everyone in Utah uses this, much easier to use than Craigslist, I wish news sites in other states used it as well.

47 Virtual Classifieds

Uniques design and unique features

Great website with free recharge - rakeshroy02

Great service of free recharge for ad posting.

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50 Online Classified Club

Post Free Classified Ads Online Anywhere in the world. Search and post anything you need to buy online and sell online

I got buy sells of my motorcycle really quick with 3 days. I am going to use their services for my regular needs

Thanks to Adhoards! I got my dream TVS bike at such a great price. Indeed a good deal. I am hooked to Adhoards...

Does not allow free ads

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52 Justdoondo
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55 FreeOnlineAds.Org V 1 Comment
56 Digg Classifieds

Post free classifieds and advertise in a series of other ways for free. - missedcrush

57 FreeClassifiedWebsites.Org

This website is AWESOME! It's easy, fast, no registration sign-up and most of all it posted my ads instantly. I give this website 2 THUMBS UP.

Advertise your URL, publicize your business, products, events in, a new internet media organization has just been launched.

58 Telists

Use free Telists Classifieds to buy & sell locally all over the United States.

Too many ads before you can get anywhere. Don't waste your time as people won't stay on this site long enough to find your ad.

I like this site, it's much better than craigslist and easy to use, it also has a web directory.


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59 Kingdom Classifieds

NOT worth the time only 3 ads... no more!


Post unlimited classified ads sell anything and grow up your business Post Ads Without Registration

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