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61 Only for Ads

Free Classified and Daily deals website

62 A Tenner A Job

This website allows you to post small jobs or minijobs for the world to see. Anything you can do or offer for 10 pounds.

63 AapkiBoli

Nicely done. Good site and working well.

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65 AdsGlobe is an advanced and easy to use website with web 2.0 features and allows to post or find ads or classifieds in most of the world cities and towns. Users can post or find ads in jobs, real estate, rentals, autos, items for sale... absolutely free of cost.

It is a good site in design. It provide user friendly to post adds and search adds. it provide high features to members. It is a free classified site

Adsglobe provides free classifieds services in more than 100 countries across the world...

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Very easy to use, I found it easy to find items within my location and sold my laptop on there straight away!

This website is great! I just sold my Lexus online for £12,000. Premium adverts are also cheap! Would highly recommend this website.

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It is really easy to use, and I loved map based search. I am really wondering why the other web sites doesn't think something like that.

The best classified website in Turkey! It's so practical and user friendly, The map search is so useful!

It is nice site. It is quick and lot of categories. lets you to post listings as English and Turkish for 190 countries. Real Estate, Vehicles, Shopping, Services, Career, Construction & Industrial, Animal World and other categories are ready for your listings.


99Local Search-A place to list your Business and Post free Ads, Search local business and classifieds ads along with their contact details, Real Estate, Hotels, Automobiles, Jobs, Matrimonial

I am fully satisfied with this website. have a very good features

This is a very good free classified website is a great website for the people who know how to work in ad posting field. - chritin111

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69 Foolads

It liked the way it simplifies posting and searching - manojkumar

I think it's a great site we missed in this list - manojkumar


I really like that shows things in relation to where I am located. When going to garage sales on the weekend, I like to know where they are located so that I can plan accordingly. ISell shows the garage sales on a map so I can plan ahead and maximize my time!

Buy, Sell, and Trade Online with Free Classified Ads
Welcome to iSell Classifieds where you can buy, sell and trade using free classifieds. Post your free ads for used cars, trucks, boats, furniture, homes, land, real estate, jobs and thousands of other "for sale" and announcement categories.

Super easy to navigate around the site. From changing layout of ads (map vs. Thumbnail vs. List), to category selection, and even location, it's really easy. I can even add ads to my 'Favorites' and check back on all the stuff I found whenever I want. I really like that.

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71 is a free classified website for free ad posting where users can post an ad on automobile, real estate, electronics & technologies, home & lifestyle, household products, education & jobs, pets & pets care, professional & personal services and many more, It's completely free to post an ad on is free classified ad portal in India. It is complete free site to browse, search or post ads.

72 Bulk SMS Services V 1 Comment
73 Ads Commercial

This website has the highest rank in search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Baidu, it is just amazing how I post an ad on this website and the next day I found it on Google wow, I wonder how did they optimize their SEO, I would love to make my website searchable on search engines that quick.. GoodList. Com. Au Thank you I always love advertising my stuff on your site because its FREE and quick plus no god damn registration laugh out loud..

GoodList is an online community service with a different approach. We are local and our aim is to provide our users with an easy-to-use localised service covering all their needs: housing, jobs, gigs, cooking classes, making friends and may be even romance - its all here. - crazimate

very interesting and great place to sale my stuff. Also, it doesn't require registration which I hate to do when I want to sale my items on a free classified website. So goodlist is my number 1 and it rocks.

not free

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75 Zubera Classifieds

World's One of the best business classifieds website - Zubera Classifieds. Post your free business ads and get it promoted with best response ever.

Our site details are as follows:
Zubera Classifieds
W. Zubera. Co. In
Think. Click. Achieve

Awesome business portal for business promotion.
I would recommend it to all business owners who want to promote their business in short span of time.
Thumbs up to the site!

The response is so fast that I couldn't stop myself purchasing their paid services of featured ads to increase the sales of my fabrics. Awesome Zubera Classifieds!

Only thing I would like to share for this AWESOME website is: Amazing Immediate Customer Response! I have a garment business in Mumbai and posting my ad on Zubera Classifieds helped me a lot to increase my customer list. Hats off to you guys!

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Speed and Quality are two words that I like about this site. Simple to use. It also has a running poll, which is really interesting. They got all the categories. That's pretty much what I need.

This site is pretty cool. Lots of options and category and no useless options while posing. I would like to recommend it to everybody.

It is nice site. It is quick and lot of categories like furniture, cars etc.
And what I like that is 100% free. So you do not have to pay anything to search or post your own ad.

Clean, simple and easy to use

77 E Page Classifieds

Awesome site, earns me some extra income posting my auctions and classifieds for free.

Easy to use and offers free classifieds and free auctions.

80 KeenList

I was able to list very quickly, and posted a YouTube video about our high end product that we have for sale. Impressive considering most sites that just let you post a picture want to charge for a high end listing.

I've listed twice on Keenlist in the last 2 weeks. Sold both items same day. I noticed the contents change all the time. It dawned on me the stuff for sale doesn't just sit there for weeks or months like on other sites. IT SALES! A site with a LOT of stuff on it simply means its not being sold.

Very simple and easy. Site was fast, ad free. It was free to post. It was nice to be able to list something in just a few clicks without having to go check email first or verify this and that, or make a whole account. Loved the fact you can post videos AND pics for free!

Keenlist is the snitzit! Was super fast and easy!

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