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AvidPost is one of the newest US classifies sites, with most of the categories. Free ad posting is available.

102 Porky Post

with you can post a FREE ad its names means it post and sell now for FREE. - sarahdaglos

104 Vendalism

Only free online auction site that I know of - if you want an online auction without paying eBay fees, this is the place to go!

Has cross-posting to craigslist, makes it easy to get 2 listings with 1 click

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Excellent for used item that need to sell.
Also good for advertising ads and all used things.
Great for me so that it allows post ad for 1 year period.

Good resource, paid ads help me very much

No registration.
Paid ads allow post to all locations (only $1.99 for 30 days).

Good for posting without registration. All categories that I need. Only for English visitors. Posting at others languages not allowed.

Good for posting without registration. All categories that I need. - vickey212

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Very nice website for classified. One should try it!

This site is very new with clean design but only available in India.

It's a nice website I heard they will start a US version also.

Response is good and user friendly design

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I have post my classified to sale my old car. I have got a lot of response. I am happy with the service of Briskom. Please bookmark this site.

Very good site to get instant approval without any registration.

WWW.BRISKOM.COM is an India base free classified website which approves classified ad instantly. Easy to post classified

Best site to post ads free.

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Very good classified you can upload pictures, video, provide links to your web site. Also, you can see location in every advertisement. All advertisements are free but if you want you can choose paid options.

This is new classified with free advertisement

Like this classified how it looks

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112 Localfind.Online

Map is missing for me on offers, would be better with it. I like the layout though - thezor

Clear, easy to use and fast. Whats not to like? - wojciech

113 is an easy to use website which allows users to post or find ads in most cities around the world. Users can post or find ads in jobs, real estate, rentals, autos, items for sale, etc. There is also a section where people can also view "HOT" deals in their local communities. - tfalig1

One of my favorite new free classifieds with free pc to cell phone text options, YouTube videos, 365days listing so I can take time to make my business ad, shows local discount ad like groupon. It's great if you want to post featured ad because it will show inside page on the rightside bar in the same subcategory section so targets customers who looks at same type of ads. One suggestion I would like to add is that I wish it had comment section in the ads.

114 friendsell
115 Classivox

The only 100% free online classifieds

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I absolutely love this site. I use it for selling my surplus materials from ongoing renovation projects as well as demolition jobs. We are able to recoup a significant dollar amount which helps us offset our costs on each project and return the savings on to our customers. It's a win win for everyone.
Thanks Renoback

Best building materials for sale site

I absolutely love, I always find amazing deals. Really unique and even antique building materials. Keep up the great job Renoback!

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118 offers free classified Ads in India. Search free classified ads for Sale, Real Estate, Jobs, Services, Education, Travel, Community, Matrimonial, Pets and other categories.


Awesome aggregator of different classified sites all in one. They have several categories such as: houses, cars, jobs, products and services.

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