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141 Razzza

RAZZZA.COM is The #1 Free Local Classifieds Site In the World -

142 WantedWants is a user-focused free online classified site dedicated to wanted ads, free advertising and free classified ads around the USA and the world. WantedWants is one of very few classified sites that allows you to post and search hundreds of colleges around America.

My go to site now w/ extremely high traffic and ability to post as many ads with links as I want. My conversion rate is also pretty dang high. Recommended highly.

Not sure why this site is so low on the list as it has the higher traffic than all these sites except for CL and a couple others. I use this site all the time


No. 1 Classified website in Pakistan


Great for students - Like the way it lists via university. Would highly recommend


NO Registration MEAN absolutely free and since the site is new they offer so much trial ads space for free. This site will be growing up and great

Best Quality classifieds website at Indonesia that over great service for local business to advertising and making their business more growing and strong

Publish your business and and service with no cost and will be viewed by a million person online

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148 Best Mall Classifieds
150 FreeClassifiedSites.Org

Advertise your site in FreeClassifiedSites. Org, a new internet media organization has just been launched.


Simple and Easy! New Free Classified Website!
Everyone is welcome. Promote your website, business, item, or any... thing... - passout


This website is Ranked #1 in Google, Yahoo and Bing for "USA Classifieds" type it in and see for yourself.

This website is easy to use and is for the United States.
They have both free and paid classifieds.

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153 Shining Stuff

Shining Stuff classified ads website is one of the most popular classified ads website. Any one can post and find classified ads, business offers, jobs and much more for free.

154 Nortad Classifieds

This site also offers permanent business listing and you can attach your website url in your ads that can run up to a year.Very helpful from an seo perspective.

Good design, user friendly and spam-free classifieds site.
I hope they add subdomains for other countries.

155 Pagelist Classifieds

Pagelist is easy to use and you can actually comment on the classified ads if you want to and like the ad on facebook. It doesn't hurt that they have a facebook app with all their feeds so you ad gets seen and more recognized. :)

Post free classified ads free without the pesky ads anywhere in the world. Very easy to use and more options then normal classified sites.


I found best classified ADs adleer website because they are new and offer all category are free posting ads and as per request they are posting my ADs Featured place free of cost.

Thank you
The top ten and Adleer

Very cool everithing is free for post classifieds ads this site.

157 VMOptions

I love this type of service... I highly recommended this website to use for Advertising Online... They are working very professionally for your Advertisement.

Free Indian local classified ad site... Get free instant quality advertise for your website easily... Visit : W. Vmoptions. In

Really very nice website to post free classifieds

Really good one classified website.

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158 Adsnity

It gives good number of page views to my posted ads within a single day after publishing an ad on Adsnity. Thanks

Adsnity is a good advertising site considering SEO. The moderators at Adsnity update all the meta data, tags, keywords well for each classified ad posted at Adsnity. Com
I have used this site and got really good results.

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159 Krrb

I'm for anything where I don't have to use crappy Craigslist!

Love how they've removed the spammers/scammers problem that Craigslist can't shake!

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160 BlurbIndia

Post Free Classifieds Ads to Buy, Sell anything very quickly. Very simple to use. Definitely must give it a try.

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