Best Free Date Activities in Salt Lake

Things to do when your wallet is empty and you?ve got time to fill...

The Top Ten

1 Make out

It's fun and free!

2 Go for a hike

It's something different than just dinner and a movie. Utah has some of the most beautiful hikes in the country! Take advantage of the warm weather and go on a hike.

There are a million waterfalls and secluded canyon gullies. - Finch

3 Go to the park

I'd suggest Sugarhouse or Murray - Finch

4 Wander downtown

There are some really pretty areas of downtown nesstled between buildings - Finch

5 Watch a ball game

If it's the season, find a park with softball diamonds and cheer for players you will never know. - Finch

6 Play games

Board games like monopoly can always have a twist added to them for more excitement - Finch

7 Go to a bookstore

Sounds nerdy but there are some pretty weird and intersting books in them - Finch

8 Drive up the canyons

I'd recommend Little Cottonwood Canyon because there are great views of the valley and the sunset on the drive down. - Finch

We have the prettiest Canyon's in the world. Espescially in the fall when the leaves are all read and gold. I love Salt Lake.

9 Give blood

you'll learn way more about your date in this type of scenario. I wouldn't recommend pitching this idea on a first date however. Unless she's a freak.

10 Window shop

The Contenders

11 Go to a concert

Throughout the summer, there are free concerts scattered around various parks and venues in the city - Finch

12 Go sledding/tubing
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